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This is a description of Tony Almeida's actions on Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

8:00am-9:00am Edit


Tony in his workspace during Day 7

At 8:03am Tony, along with henchman Masters, kidnapped Michael Latham from his car in Washington, D.C. They took him back to their hideout and forced him to build a device that would be able to penetrate the Department of Homeland Security's CIP firewall. Masters tested the device by successfully hacking into an FAA traffic control system. The device malfunctioned, and Tony threatened Latham with death if he did not fix it. Latham was able to diagnose that the device was overheating and successfully created a workaround.

Tony used the device to hack into Air traffic control for Global Skies Airlines Flight 117. They cut off control from ATC and took over control of the 747 themselves. Tony also had Gabriel Schector assassinated just as he was about to tell Jack Bauer where Tony was. He then called Schector's apartment, where Jack was, and Jack answered the phone. Tony told Jack to stay away and hung up before Jack could ask any questions.

As Tony and Masters took control of GSA 117, Masters expressed surprise that they were finally going ahead with their plan. Tony told Masters "Just make sure you do exactly as I say".

9:00am-10:00am Edit

Tony worked with Masters to ensure that GSA 117 changed course according to a predetermined plan that they had. They locked the Air traffic control's screen so they could not monitor their actions, then sent Sunrise International Flight 35 in the same direction so the two would collide. Tony then called Sid Paulson at Northeast 3 ATC and said that he wanted them to "see what we can do". He told him to pull up the surveillance cameras at JFK then hung up. He did so and realized that the two planes were about to collide. Just before they did so, Tony told GSA 117 to pull up, preventing the collision from taking place. Tony called Paulson back and said it was a warning shot. Whatever happened next would be the real thing.


Emerson and Tony talk about Michael Latham

Emerson arrived at the shipping dock that Tony was working out of. Before he entered the ship Tony instructed a colleague to have Michael Latham cleaned up. Emerson arrived and Tony showed him the CIP device. Emerson saw Latham and Tony said that he would do whatever they wanted. Emerson inquired about how the FBI found out about Schector, and Tony told him about Jack. Tony said that he would not be a problem; he took care of Schector and he could take care of Jack. Emerson understood then alluded to a new job the two were undertaking, and said that Tony would learn more when Tanner arrived. Emerson left and took Latham.

Tony was contacted by Tanner who said he was trapped in the basement of the Columbia building, unable to get out due to an FBI sweep of the area. Tony sent Lennert, a mole in the FBI, to get Tanner out. Tanner called and told Tony that he was out and would be there in a few minutes. Tony instructed his team to start deletion mechanisms on their systems. He noticed a surveillance camera had been knocked out so sent Donnie Fox to check it out. He also sent Masters when Fox did not return. He then hid in the Pilot Room of the cargo ship. Jack found him but Tony knocked Jack over with the door and ran.

Jack chased him outside and yelled for him to stop, but he refused. The two had an intense fight but Jack managed to overpower Tony. FBI Agent Renee Walker arrived and told him that the CIP device was gone, not knowing that he had already passed the CIP device on to Colonel Iké Dubaku, who planned to use it to blackmail the President into taking her troops out of Sangala. At that moment, Larry Moss arrived in a helicopter after tracking Renee's phone. Jack asked Tony, "what happened to you? What the hell happened to you?"

10:00am-11:00am Edit

Tony was taken to a holding room at the FBI Washington Field Office. He was strapped to a device to read and monitor his heart rate by Janis Gold.


Jack interrogates Tony, at which point Tony gives Jack the old CTU passcode; Deep Sky

Jack entered the interrogation room and asked a guard standing by to leave. Tony looked up at Jack, nervously. Jack asked Tony how he was still alive, but he did not respond. "Didn't think so," Jack quipped. He said that he knew Tony was working for the Juma regime and that he would never let Dubaku use the CIP device to attack America. He told Tony to save himself some time and pain by telling him what he knew. He told Tony he would get the death penalty for aiding a genocide. Tony said that Juma was willing to pay for the CIP device and Tony had the means of getting it. He said that he had nothing to live for besides money thanks to the government, and that Charles Logan wasn't responsible for Michelle's death because the government poisons everything in its path. Tony then questioned why Jack was helping the same government that was putting him on trial for saving the country a countless number of times. He reminded Jack of all he has lost because of the government, which angered Jack into pushing Tony against the wall and strangling him. He demanded that Tony tell him where the device was, but he refused. Just before Tony could die from suffocation, he whispered into Jack's ear "Deep Sky". Before he could say any more, Larry stormed in and forced Jack to let him go. He did so and Larry demanded that he left. He then called for a medic to come and check on Tony.

Larry then tried to interrogate Tony, but to no avail. Despite trying to guilt him into telling him where the CIP device was by showing him pictures of the Sangalans killed by Juma, Tony refused to talk. Suddenly Jack - who had got in contact with Buchanan and learn of Tony's undercover operation - broke into the interrogation room and forced the agent guarding Tony to put his weapon down, as well as Larry Moss. He told the guard to uncuff Tony, then knocked out Larry as Tony knocked out the guard. Tony understood that Jack had got in contact with Buchanan, and Jack explained that he was going to get him out. Whilst hiding from some guards Tony apologized for bringing up Teri earlier, and Jack apologized for almost breaking his neck.


Tony provides support for Jack while he escapes the FBI agents

Just as they were about to get to the stairwell and get out, Janis Gold cut Chloe's surveillance feed preventing her from being able to walk Jack and Tony out. They managed to get to the stairwell by the time Chloe regained the feed and warned them of a team heading their way. Using a fire extinguisher they smashed a window out and got to the parking lot. Tony managed to escape out of the parking lot as Jack gave him cover fire. As agents began to flood the parking lot Jack managed to break into a vehicle and hotwired it. He set it going, lying down on the gas pedals. The vehicle drove off the edge of the second-story parking garage onto another car, seriously injuring Jack but securing their escape from the agents. Buchanan arrived and Tony and Jack got in his van. Jack reminded Buchanan that he had done everything he had asked, and wanted to know what was going on. Buchanan said he would tell him as soon as they arrived.

11:00am-12:00pm Edit


Tony, Buchanan and Chloe explain their deep cover operation to Jack at their underground version of CTU

When back at their headquarters, which Buchanan nostalgically referred to as "CTU, or at least what's left of it," they explained that Tony had been revived by men hoping that he would turn against the government and become an asset, which he did. However, when the crew's plans changed to steal the CIP firewall and work for Ike Dubaku, Tony felt they had gone too far and turned to Buchanan and Chloe for help in bringing them down and discovering who the moles within the government were. Jack pointed out that to put Tony back undercover as Buchanan suggested needed to happen to get to Dubaku, they had to have a plan of how Tony got out of FBI custody. Jack realized that they wanted him to help get Tony back undercover, saying that he wanted to be part of the crew. He agreed to help them because they were the only people that he trusted.

Tony called the head of his crew, David Emerson, and said that Jack had broken him out and now wanted to be part of the crew so he could disappear to escape the Senate hearings. Emerson agreed and Tony and Jack went to meet him at a house on 2211 Chesterfield. However, when they got there Emerson changed his mind and decided to kill Jack as he was too much of an unknown. Jack overpowered Emerson's two guards and Emerson, impressed by the scene, decided to allow Jack to be part of the team.

Emerson told the crew their plan; to kidnap former Prime Minister Ule Motobo from his house in DC and deliver him to Dubaku. They arrived at the house and killed many of Matobo's men. They found a safe room where Matobo was hiding but realized it was reinforced with concrete and could not be opened from the outside. Tony reminded Jack that without Matobo they had no chance of getting to Dubaku.

12:00pm-1:00pm Edit

While taking Matobo and his wife out, Litvak captured Renee Walker and on their way to Northwoods Airfield, Emerson asked Jack to kill her. After he faked doing it, Tony helped Jack to bury her in a ditch. Sometime after this, Tony contacted Bill and told him about Renee's location.

1:00pm-2:00pm Edit

During their drive, Jack asked how was Tony alive. Emerson explained that Christopher Henderson had purposely missed Tony's artery when injecting him. This allowed Emerson to take care of Tony and recruit him in his group. Tony confessed that he thought there was no "honor left" in the government after what they did to his wife, Michelle Dessler.

7x07 9

Tony watches as Bill and Jack leave for the White House.

After arriving at the airfield, Emerson threatened to kill Jack. Tony drew his gun, and after a brief standoff, Tony ended up shooting Emerson in the neck. While agonizing, Emerson refused to forgive Tony for his betrayal and then died. Tony was very distraught by his death, but Jack convinced him to get over it. As Nichols arrived to pick up Matobo, he signaled one of his men to kill Tony, but Jack was on standby with a sniper rifle and saved him. Tony then told Nichols to leave.

2:00pm-3:00pm Edit

Since Chloe had put a transmitter on Matobo, they tracked him at the Ritter Building. Tony then took part in a raid against Dubaku's hideout with Jack, Bill, and Renee Walker. Following the raid and the successful extraction of Matobo, he declined to go with Bill and Jack to the White House as he would be arrested on site. Jack agreed to his staying on the condition that he turn himself in to the authorities as soon as the crisis was over. Tony then departed, allegedly to follow up on a lead from one of Emerson's crew.

5:00pm-6:00pm Edit


Tony informs Jack of an impending attack on Washington

After Tony left, he found the men he wanted to interrogate and forced him to reveal that General Benjamin Juma was planning an attack on Washington, D.C. sometime after 6:00pm.

Shortly before 6:00pm, Tony met with Jack at the Capitol Reflecting Pool to inform him of the attack from Juma. All Tony could reveal was that the target was high impact and of significant value.

6:00pm-7:00pm Edit

Tony drove Jack to the White House, but he wouldn't let him come in so he wouldn't be arrested. Tony stayed outside and also informed Bill about the attack. Tony also confessed to Bill that he had killed his informant.

9:00pm-10:00pm Edit

Shortly before 10:00pm, Jack called Tony and told him he needed his help. Tony told him he had been monitoring FBI communication and heard about what he allegedly did. Jack then asked to meet him at the Port of Alexandria.

10:00pm-11:00pm Edit


Jack and Tony meet at the Port of Alexandria

As they drove towards the Port, Jack briefed him on what had happened. They met at the entrance at 10:10pm and after surveying the area took the sole guard, Carl Gadsen, hostage. They asked to see the port manifest and went to the office to find information about the shipments.

When Stokes and his men arrived at 10:25pm to pick up the container with the bioweapon, Tony put a surveillance microphone on Carl so they could hear the terrorists talking. After they took him to the container area and identified the container, Tony told Jack that they should go to the car to be ready to follow the truck. However, Jack had promised Carl he'd protect him and against Tony's will, shot a terrorist that was about to execute him. When the rest of the terrorists found out, a firefight breaks out. As the truck carrying the container attempts to escape, Jack goes after it while Tony stays behind to lay down covering fire. While Jack manages to board and take control of the truck, Tony is captured by Stokes and taken hostage.

11:00pm-12:00am Edit


Tony and Seaton wait outside the complex

At 11:00pm, Jonas Hodges met with Tony as he was being tortured, and told Tony that he could walk if he would tell them what the FBI knows about Starkwood's involvement with Juma. However, Tony told Hodges that he did not know anything, so he was sent to a holding room with Stokes. He did not speak, so Stokes prepared to kill him. As Stokes was about to pull the trigger, Greg Seaton suddenly shot Stokes, presumably killing him. Apparently, he did not want to be incarcerated for the rest of his life. Tony and Greg Seaton called Larry Moss at FBI, and Seaton requested immunity in exchange for the information that could lead them to the bioweapon. Larry agreed, and he and his team went to the said location. They rescued Tony and Seaton, and went in the mentioned facility. However, the warehouse was empty. Seaton tricked them, so he was taken into custody, but suddenly Stokes arrived with armed men, and threatened to shoot them if they carried on with their search.

12:00am-1:00am Edit


Tom Chapman and Tony in the Starkwood elevator.

As the Starkwood men were waiting for Moss and his men to retreat, Jack contacted Tony to his comm and told him were they thought the weapons really were. Using Blaine Mayer's files, Jack found information about Doug Knowles and told Tony he had agreed to help. After telling Larry and Tony about this, they told them they needed to create a diversion for the Starkwood men so Tony could be left inside the compound without Stokes and his men noticing. Larry then agreed to retreat his men but as he was doing so, punched Greg Seaton in the face. As the mercenaries approached him, Tony slipped into a warehouse as the men left.

Tony then met with Knowles beside one of the compound buildings and he told Tony where he thought the weapons might be. As they went into the building, Janis helped Tony breach the security access code, while Knowles diverted a security patrol that passed nearby. After Tony went inside, he knocked two approaching guards and took the uniform from one of them. As he went into one of the elevators, Tom Chapman went in as well, but didn't recognize Tony. As he approached the area where Chapman was working, Tony told Jack he had a visual of the canisters and sent them a picture for Jack to corroborate. After he did, Jack told Tony to get out of there because the President would order the air strike. As he was walking out, he saw the canisters being transferred into missile silos.

1:00am-2:00am Edit


Tony fights with Stokes when the missiles are about to be launched.

When the air strike was called back, Tony called Jack to see what had happened. Jack told him about the President, and Tony told him he just saw two Starkwood commandos loading RP-7 rocket fuel into some missile tanks. Assuming that Starkwood had used missiles to threaten the President to abort the air strike, Jack asked Tony to rig the tanks with C-4 charges to destroy them. Tony took Stokes hostage and planted the C-4, but when they were walking out, a Starkwood guard tried to knock him down and a fight ensued. Tony lost the detonator under a curb rail while fighting with Stokes. At this moment, Tom Chapman had activated the launch sequence for the missiles. After knocking Stokes down, Tony reached for the detonator and managed to blow the missiles before they were launched.

When the FBI managed to secure the Starkwood compound, Larry Moss told Tony he was ordered to escort him back to FBI headquarters as a federal fugitive. He told Tony that he didn't deserve that treatment after destroying the bioweapon missiles, and ordered Tony's handcuffs removed. As the FBI forces withdrew from the compound, an agent named Davis reported that a man had shot and killed another agent, and was in possession of a small canister of the bioagent. That man then killed Davis and stole his SUV. Larry and Tony pursued the man by helicopter, and eventually confronted him. Larry was wounded from a shotgun blast, and as Galvez advanced, Tony waved him off, looked at Larry and told him he was sorry. He then murdered Moss by suffocating him. He told the man to lay low and wait for an opportunity to escape from the impending FBI dragnet that was trailing the helicopter.



Tony talks with Galvez after shooting himself.

Before the FBI arrived at the scene, Tony shot himself in the abdomen to pretend Galvez had hit him. He then called Galvez and told him that the FBI had his picture so he had to stay put until he could get a read on their search protocol to lead him out. Galvez complained but Tony assured him that the money he had guaranteed him was good. Agent Park then arrived at the scene and a team of paramedics treated him for his gunshot wound. One of the paramedics told him that if the shot had come inside another inch it would've ruptured his spleen.

When Renee Walker and Jack Bauer arrived at the scene, they questioned what had happened. He told them that Galvez had ambushed them and that he blacked out at some point. As Jack noted discrepancies in what he said, he assumed there had to be a second man working with Galvez. As the FBI swept the perimeter, Tony stayed in contact with Galvez to help him escape the search. He then told him to find a building and rig him with the C-4 explosives he gave him, and then lure as many agents as he could inside to kill them.


Tony faces Jack as he collapses from the symptoms.

As he and Jack supervised the sweep, Tony saw Jack suffering the symptoms of the prion variant pathogen and injecting himself to suppress the symptoms. Tony approached him and told him he was sorry for him being infected.

When Galvez blew the building, Tony entered and rendezvoused with him inside. After taking the canister, he helped Galvez to an ambulance faking he was hurt. Jack then arrived to confront him since he had realized that Tony had lied to him about his previous source. Jack pulled a gun on him and told him he found out about Cardiff, but Tony tried to deviate his attention telling him that he wasn't thinking clearly. As he faced Tony, Jack started suffering the symptoms of the pathogen again and collapsed in front of him. As he looked for his syringe pack, Tony pulled it out of his pocket and told him he didn't want to get him involved. He then called the paramedics to treat Jack and walked away on him.



Tony walks out of the shower to see the results on Cara's meeting

After 3:00am, Tony met with Galvez at a motel room and asked him for the canister. Galvez asked for the money first and Tony showed him that it had been transferred already. When Galvez handed him a duffel bag that allegedly contained the canister, Tony found only a phone book. Galvez then pulled a gun on him and asked him about the buyers. Tony refused to give him any information and quickly disarmed him. As they scuffled into the bathroom, Galvez tripped and Tony pulled out the shower curtain and started suffocating him.

Some minutes later, Cara Bowden arrived and saw Galvez dead in the bathroom and Tony with the canister. Tony then convinced her that their employers' plan of using the pathogen six months later would be a waste of an opportunity. Considering the crisis in which the country was in now, they should attack immediately while their ability to respond is weakened. Cara was reluctant at first, but then agreed and started preparing an online meeting with the group. Tony then went to take a shower. As he walked out, Cara showed him that they had voted unanimously on her updated timetable.

At around 3:55am, Tony and Cara arrived at an apartment complex. When other two accomplices arrived, they went inside the apartment of Jibraan Al-Zarian, a Muslim citizen they planned to use as a patsy for their attacks. As they took his brother hostage, Tony pointed a gun at Jibraan and threatened to kill him if he didn't comply.


After tying Hamid, Tony forced Jibraan to record a statement where he would condemn US actions on Muslim countries. His plan was to frame him for the attack they had planned. Although Jibraan refused to do it, Tony used Hamid as leverage to force him to. While Jibraan recorded the statement, Cara Bowden planted incriminating evidence on Jibraan's computer, including bank deposits and visits to extremist websites. At 4:09, a police officer arrived to check on a disturbance call on Jibraan's apartment. Tony told Jibraan to make up an excuse to dismiss the officer and Jibraan did. After they left, Jibraan continued recording the statement.

While Cara uploaded the video, someone called Tony to inform him the staging area was ready. He convinced Jibraan that he had to talk to his brother and make him believe that he indeed a terrorist. After they woke up, Hamid, Jibraan told him that the men at the apartment were friends of his. He also told him that the Americans were responsible for the death of their parents and that they needed to pay. When he was finished, Tony left the apartment with him while leaving Harbinson to take care of Hamid. At almost 5:00am, Tony and Jibraan arrived at a street where one of Tony's operatives was waiting for them. After they got inside the van, he informed Tony that he had already breached the subway system and that they were almost ready. When Jibraan asked Tony what he had to do, he only told him he'd find out soon enough.


Tony gave Jibraan an earpiece so they could stay in contact. He then gave him orders to get in the subway and reach the Washington Center Station. While he watched Jibraan get into the subway station, Harbinson called him. Harbinson, who was under duress from Jack Bauer, told Tony about a call from one of the banks where they had deposited money, giving Chloe O'Brian enough time to track the call.

As Jibraan went into the subway, he attempted to warn an officer of the threat, but the officer was working for Tony and instructed Jibraan to put the earpiece back in. After Jibraan did so, Tony told him that he knew he had to try but suggested him not to do it again if he wants his brother to live.


"Do you think I have anything left to lose?"

Cara called Tony to inform him that the canister is ready, and Tony prepared to move to the next station. However, Jack and Renee intercepted him and repeatedly crashed into his van. As they are about to arrest him, Tony smashed the handheld computer where he had intelligence regarding the target of the attack. Jack subdued Tony with a chokehold.

After he woke up, Jack interrogated him punching him repeatedly in the face. Jack pulled a gun on him and told Tony he has nothing to lose and will kill him. Tony told Jack that he also has nothing to lose. Jack, shaken, puts down the gun.

Thanks to Chloe, Jack managed to intercept the canister and stop the prion variant threat. When he learned of Jonas Hodges' murder, he ordered a full security detail to transport Tony the men Tony was working for would want him dead too. After Tony was loaded onto a prisoner transport vehicle, Renee told him he will pay for killing Larry Moss. Jack was then contacted by Cara Bowden, who tells Jack that Kim is in company of their operatives and that he must help Tony escape if he wants her to live. Jack then boards the transport with Tony and Renee.


While being transported by the FBI, Tony was freed by Jack Bauer, who was forced to do so by Cara Bowden. After forcing Renee and the agent with them to handcuff themselves to the transport, Tony took Jack and left with Cara. He explained to Cara that the prion variant is still in Jack's blood and they can extract it from him. Tony told Cara to have one of his bio-chemists ready for the procedure. They arrived at a warehouse where a makeshift medical center had been prepared. After two operatives hauled Jack out of the vehicle and onto the table, Tony asked Dr. Levinson if the pathogen could be extracted from Jack's body. Levinson told him he would have to perform tests which would take fifteen minutes. While he did so, Tony told Cara that he wanted to play a larger role within the cabal of conspirators. Cara warned him that he could not simply ask to get in, but had to be invited. Tony, knowing that Cara had a close relationship with Alan Wilson, the most influential member of the group, convinced her to arrange a meeting with him.

After the doctor finished the tests, he told Tony that the pathogen was indeed in good state for extraction. Cara called Wilson and informed him, and she vouched for Tony's integration to the group. Although reluctant at first, Wilson agreed to meet with him. At around 6:58, Tony heard the alarm and as he and Cara ran to the warehouse, they found Jack had escaped. They then split up to find him.


As Jack ran away, Tony found him in a cab depot. Jack was a moment away from immolating himself with gasoline to destroy the prions in his body, but Tony kicked the flare from Jack's hand, and recaptured him. After Tony took him back to the warehouse, Jack tried to convince him that what he was doing was wrong, and begged him as someone who was once his friend to prevent the domestic terrorists from using his own body to recreate the bioweapon. Tony stated Jack that he didn't plan to use him for any such purpose. He then revealed that he had been working all these years simply to track Alan Wilson, the "man behind Charles Logan" and the architect of Michelle's murder. He told him that he enlisted Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian to help, and that he was the one who had saved lives today: by finding the CIP device, exposing the attack on the White House, and blowing up Hodges' Python missiles. Jack countered this by telling him he would have killed thousands in the biological attack on Washington Center Station, but Tony stated he merely did what was necessary to get Wilson to meet him face-to-face. Jack responded by shouting that Tony was dishonoring Michelle's memory by doing all this. Tony then strapped a bomb-vest to Jack and gagged him with tape. Tony's plan was to detonate the bomb when Jack was brought near Wilson, wiping out everyone and getting his revenge in one last bloodbath.


Tony sees the FBI arrive.

When Alan Wilson's motorcade arrived, Tony prepared to meet him. After a group of bodyguards checked out the place, Wilson got out of his limousine. As Tony approached him, Wilson's chief bodyguard stopped him while Cara advanced. Wilson asked for Jack, and Tony told his men where they could find him. They brought him out while Wilson checked out his medical record. As Tony prepared the detonator for Jack's bomb-vest, an FBI helicopter with Renee Walker arrived, interrupting the meeting. The chief bodyguard ordered the group to open fire, and a shootout ensued. Wilson and Cara fled into a warehouse; observing them, Tony caused a large explosion for cover and charged after them.


Tony is taken into custody.

When Tony found them, Cara was relieved and approached him. Tony simply shot her to death, staring past her at Wilson as she dropped to the ground. He revealed to Wilson that he had been looking for him for years, beating him as he explained the personal tragedies Wilson had caused. Although Wilson feigned ignorance, Tony told him that he was the one who had ordered Michelle's death, and then screamed at him that she had been carrying their son. Just when he was about to shoot Wilson, Jack and Renee burst in and shot him in the shoulder. Tony fell to the ground but still tried to reach for his gun, so Jack shot him in the hand. As he was being dragged away by FBI agents, he screamed in fury at his old partner, outraged that Jack foiled his attempt at vengeance.

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