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Tony Donno (born August 8) is a stunt performer who has appeared on 24. He is the son of stunt co-ordinator Eddy Donno.

  • In "Day 4: 12:00pm-1:00pm," he played the third compound sentry that Jack kills, getting shot in the leg and then chest. He reappeared later in the episode as another sentry, getting shot by the marines. He claimed this role was his 31st death on the series.
  • In "Day 7: 6:00am-7:00am,", he played an airport security guard who engaged in a shootout with Bob Peluso. He and his partner came to apprehend Bob and Sarah but his partner was shot and killed by Bob by surprise. His character held Sarah at gunpoint as Sarah took Kim Bauer hostage, and killed Sarah when Kim stabbed a pen into Sarah's thigh, distracting her. His character was killed by Peluso as the latter was fleeing the terminal. He was the last of the security guards to be killed in the shootout.

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