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Tony Almeida tracks down one of the bombs.

Summary Edit

Michelle reminds Tony that, whilst there are 10 bombs, there are only 8 teams in the field. Jack opts to take one, and Tony agrees to take another. They set off, and Michelle arranges teams for each of them. She says that a bomb squad will also accompany them. They head out to the parking lot, and Jack watches Tony drive away.

Back in Madsen's compound, Madsen angrily asks Joseph Sin-Chung why he has not decrypted the harddrive yet. Chase approaches and listens from the outside, unseen by the two men. Sin-Chung says that it will take at least a few more hours, and Madsen shoots a pane of glass in anger. Sin-Chung tells him to keep his temper calm, and that he should remember who he works for. Madsen says that he does not work for him. Sin-Chung walks out of the room and Chase runs away.

Tony pulls up at his bomb site and addresses an agent there, Grant. He says that they should get in, there is not a lot of time. Grant agrees, and they run off into the construction site. Tony tells agents Reed and Parker to stay and cover the entrance, and for Grant to follow him. They go up some stairs and go into a half-completed room where several armed guards stand by. The two agents take them out and advance down a flight of stairs into the main room of construction.

They are intercepted by a squadron of guards, but together the two agents kill all the terrorists.


Tony and Grant reach the drilling department of the site. One terrorist yells that they need to stop him getting to the bomb, confirming CTU's suspicions. He shoots that terrorist, as well as many others. He heads to the lower level of the room and wipes it of all the mercenaries, successfully securing the location.

Mission targets Edit

  • Enemies Killed: 30
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Head Shots: 5

Background information and notes Edit

  • A health pack can be found in the right hand temporary office space in the construction site.


  • Tony's primary weapon in this mission is the M5K Deutsche.
  • Each of the first hostiles Tony comes into contact with carries different weapons: one has a Tag-17 Pistol. Another has an M16, another has an M4 Carbine and the final one has an RF Micro. All enemies after this carry either Tag-17s or M4 Carbines which Tony uses to top up his ammo.

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