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Torres was an agent working for CTU NY active during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

At 4:21pm, Cole Ortiz returned to CTU NY, and Torres approached him with the patrol protocols for the United Nations asking him if he wanted to revise them. After they did, Ortiz told Torres he would use his men to pick up informant Victor Aruz.

At around 4:40pm, Torres was at the CTU helipad and came looking for Cole. As they headed to the helicopter, Torres joked with him that Dana was getting "cold feet" about their wedding. They then boarded the helicopter and took off.

Torres and his men landed on a parking structure on West 21st. As they boarded off, Torres took Victor Aruz to the helicopter. As they were about to board, Davros blew the helicopter with a Stinger missile from a nearby building, killing Torres, Aruz, and Agent Johnson. Cole tried to give Torres CPR, but was unsuccessful.

Cole later asked an intelligence agent to give him the home numbers of Torres and Johnson and demanded that nobody speak to their wives before he did.

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