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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.

Trask was a henchman working for Ronnie Stark, then Raymond O'Hara during Day 2. He was hired to retrieve the evidence that proved the Cyprus recording was false.

Day 2[]

Trask, Raymond O'Hara, and Davis entered the emergency clinic in Los Angeles where their target Jonathan Wallace died. Trask operated a device which was tracking the computer chip that Wallace had originally hidden in his body, but which Jack Bauer had removed.

Jack led Davis, O'Hara, and Trask on a wild goose chase with only the tracker in his possession, as Yusuf Auda and Kate Warner fled with the actual evidence. Outside, Jack killed one of two drivers, but the second, Ronnie Stark, tasered him. Trask and Davis carried Jack back inside. Stark induced vomiting to see if Jack swallowed the evidence, and Trask used a device to scan Jack's stomach contents.

Trask had to use smelling salts at least twice to wake up Jack after he passed out, due to Stark's unwise torture techniques. When Jack's heart stopped, Trask used shock paddles to revive him while Davis went to steal epinephrine. With Dr. Spire, they resuscitated Jack. O'Hara then killed Stark and took over with the interrogation.

Dr. Spire partially untied Jack, and then stabbed O'Hara with a lethal beroglide injection. Jack then killed both Trask and Davis with two bullets each from O'Hara's pistol.

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