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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Trell was a Delta Force soldier who provided Chase Edmunds with a surveillance package.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Agent Chase Edmunds asked Capt. Reiss if he could assist the Delta Force. Reiss resisted, and as Chase convinced him Trell carried a metal case out of the station behind them. Reiss then ordered Trell to outfit Edmunds with a surveillance package, and he and another man started to fit him out. ("11:00pm-12:00am")

Later, Trell was part of the team that converged on the mine outside of Posta Mita in order to gain control of the Cordilla Virus. He was part of a team led by Chase that met Jack Bauer in the pursuit of Ramon Salazar. Jack briefed the men, telling them that their priority was the virus, then Trell followed him towards the river where they found Ramon behind a rock. Trell watched as what they thought was the virus detonated, killing Ramon. ("12:00am-1:00am")

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Region 1 subtitles give his name as "Cottrell"; however, Reiss omitted the first syllable when he vocalized the character's name.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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