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Trinetta Anderson was an eco-terrorist responsible for various acts of vandalism. After meeting Jack Bauer at a protest at USC, she recruited him into Global Peace for a Cleaner Environment and later Morningside Dawn.

Midnight Sun Edit

Around 4:15pm, Trinetta introduced Jack to Morningside Dawn and invited him on his first vandalism mission. After Jack destroyed a bulldozer with Trinetta and Jim Kuhoric, she was completely convinced that he could be trusted, and vouched for him with Kristen Doehring and Chuck Fitzsimmons. Dropping Jack off at his hotel after the meeting, Trinetta stayed to sleep with him.

Around 4:00am, Trinetta and Jack went on a second assignment, to destroy expensive equipment at a rail yard. There, Jack and Chase Edmunds staged a scene for her benefit - Chase played a rail yard worker who "caught" them, and Jack shot him in the back.

Trinetta was part of the team going to sabotage McGuckin Petroleum's experimental drilling rig. When Jack revealed that he was a federal agent and placed her under arrest, she pulled a gun, and he shot her.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Trinetta Anderson: Do you remember the protest last fall at USC that turned ugly?
  • Jim Kuhoric: It sure did - thanks to you. Now that was some great work.
  • Trinetta Anderson: Not so great. I didn't plan my escape well. When it came down to it, the cops had me cornered. I would have been pinched for sure if Jack hadn't distracted them.

  • Jack Bauer: Hey, Trinetta...
  • Trinetta Anderson: Relax, lover, I'm not back for more...yet.

  • Trinetta Anderson: I think it's unfair that men get ready so quickly, but we'll save that discussion for later.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Despite her apparent passion for environmental causes and her congratulations to Jack for a "job" he did on an SUV dealer, Trinetta drives an SUV herself.
  • Trinetta apparently slept with Jim Kuhoric before getting involved with Jack Bauer. Regarding Jim's hostility toward Jack, she explains, "I did him a favor once, and he keeps thinking it's going to happen again. It's not going to, by the way. He probably found out about you and me somehow."

Live appearancesEdit