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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Turner's was a department store located in New York City where Pavel Tokarev attempted to ambush Jack Bauer during Day 8.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Jack Bauer convinced Meredith Reed to meet with him after 12:00pm by the coffee shop stand on Turner's. When the authorities intercepted the call, Pavel Tokarev deployed a team of four operatives inside the store to watch for Bauer. Pavel himself hid inside an air duct with a rifle, while Jason Pillar monitored the search from CTU. However, Jack managed to sneak past most of the security by using a civilian named Jason as a visual shield. As he approached Reed, Jason unexpectedly moved, and Jack was spotted. The operatives made their move but he avoided their attacks, shot the four to death, and took Reed away. Meanwhile, Jim Ricker captured Pavel in the ventilation shaft before he could shoot Jack with his Springfield M1A.

Ricker and Tokarev in Turner's ventilation shaft

Bauer and Ricker took Reed and the assassin to a different building. There, Jack tortured Pavel in an attempt to force him to reveal who ordered the murder of Renee Walker. Jack had very limited time, and knew that Pavel was expertly trained in counter-interrogation, so he disemboweled Pavel to retrieve the SIM card for Pavel's cell phone, which he had swallowed. After the shoot-out, Pillar went to Turner's store himself with law enforcement personnel and ordered the police officers there to scour the place for Bauer. Security camera footage of the shoot-out was viewed shortly afterward by Chloe O'Brian at CTU New York.

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