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The UCLA Medical Center was a hospital and research center on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles in Westwood, a short drive from the original office of CTU Los Angeles.

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Ryan Chappelle poisoning[edit | edit source]

After collapsing and suffering cardiac arrest during a threat assessment briefing at CTU Los Angeles, Ryan Chappelle was rushed to the Center for treatment. Dr. Kris Czikowlis, initially unable to determine the cause of his condition, ordered a full blood test. While the test was running, Christopher Henderson used a diversion to draw away the attending technician, Megan Wallen, and replaced Chappelle's blood sample with a fake. As a result, the doctor was unable to diagnose Chappelle's illness, leaving him comatose for the entire night.

Early the next morning, Jack Bauer, who had broken out of federal custody as part of his mission to locate Zapata, arrived at the center to speak to Chappelle personally. Overpowering the guard outside his room, Jack held Dr. Czikowlis at gunpoint and ordered her to revive him immediately. Czikowlis, operating under her original theory of a barbiturate overdose, prepared the treatment and managed to resuscitate Chappelle. Jack stayed long enough to learn from Chappelle the name of his resource on Zapata's activities: Talia Gerwehr, at the RAND Corporation.

Nina Myers and Deputy Marshal Dan Pascal arrived at the Center soon thereafter to question Dr. Czikowlis about Jack's visit. (Chaos Theory)

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