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Udo was a rebel commander in the capital city of Sangala loyal to General Benjamin Juma and his People's Freedom Army during Redemption. During the events of Day 7, he joined Juma's invasion squad in the raid on the White House.

Redemption Edit

When Colonel Ike Dubaku became fixated on avenging the death of his brother Youssou, he led a group of rebels to hunt down Jack Bauer and Carl Benton. During the pursuit, a sergeant in Dubaku's group told him that it would be best to cut off the chase, because Udo could easily find and kill the targets in their destination, the city. Dubaku was furious and wanted to get vengeance personally. Later, some of Udo's men attacked Bauer in the city in an effort to kill him and the boys, but they were killed.

Day 7 Edit

Udo worked directly under General Juma in the United States. He was sent to the hospital to kill Iké Dubaku to prevent him from revealing Juma's next move: an attack on the White House. His unauthorized presence was noted by Renee Walker, who followed him to 44543 Lambourne Marina, the staging point where he joined the tactical group that was preparing to invade the White House. He, Juma, and the others left Laurent Dubaku at their ship in the Potomac, and successfully infiltrated the White House.

During the siege, Ngozi informed them that President Allison Taylor's tracking device indicated she was fleeing in a certain direction. Juma sent Udo and his team to cut her off. Udo and his men were attacked by a large number of Secret Service agents led by Ted Hovis, and radioed that he would not be able to hold out much longer. Meanwhile, Taylor was locked in the safe room. As the agents were called off, Udo reported that they were safe for the moment and Ngozi confirmed with footage of the retreat.

When Juma found out that the President's daughter was still in the building, he sent his men to look for her. Just when she was about to send a signal outside, Udo found her and brought her to Benjamin Juma. After Bill Buchanan sacrificed himself by igniting some natural gas, Udo was killed by the explosion. Juma called out to Udo after he had died, shortly before Juma himself was killed.

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