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The United Nations was an intergovernmental organization which aimed to promote cooperation between the world's nations. Its headquarters was located in Manhattan, New York City.

Before Redemption Edit

The UN was appointed to keep tabs on General Benjamin Juma after his attempted coup d'etat in Sangala resulted in a tribal war which killed tens of thousands of civilians.

Redemption Edit

One of Carl Benton's helpers at the Okavango School in Sangala was UN relief officer Charles Solenz. According to him, the UN was neutral toward the current political upheaval in the region.

Day 7 Edit

In response to General Juma's continued ethnic cleansing campaigns in Sangala, the UN was issuing economic sanctions on the country. ("8:00am-9:00am")

Day 8 Edit

During Day 8, the United Nations was overseeing the signing of a peace treaty between the United States, Russia, and the IRK. The event took place at the UN building, where the delegations of all countries involved met. During a brief press conference at the signing of the treaty, the UN Secretary General gave a speech.

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