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The United Nations (UN) building was the headquarters of the United Nations in New York during Day 8.

The 24th floor of the building was where President Hassan and his family stayed during their time in the United States.

Day 8Edit

Presidents Allison Taylor and Omar Hassan met there with delegates from countries around the world to discuss, amongst other things, the disarmament of Kamistan.

Just before 7:00pm the building was evacuated after Jack Bauer discovered a threat against President Hassan (which turned out to originate from his own brother and Chief of Staff, Farhad Hassan). However, it turned out that the evacuation was all part of Farhad's plan. Jack worked this out before Farhad's operative could act, and directed Cole Ortiz to intercept the explosion.

Discussions continued between the Presidents throughout the night, until terrorists gained control of some nuclear rods. Tim Woods presented the idea that they may try to use the rods at the UN building to assassinate the Presidents, and advised for them to leave to a safer location. President Taylor agreed, but Hassan refused to leave as his daughter had run away and he wanted to stay there in case she came back.

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Suvarov arrives at the UN

Later Yuri Suvarov arrived at the UN building to sign the treaty. However, Taylor cancelled the signing at the last minute.

Background information and notesEdit

  • Building of the set took 4 weeks.


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