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24 Administration AKA DanEdit

I'm Co-Founder of Wiki 24 and obviously an avid 24 fan. I live near Nottingham in the UK. Find out more about me and all the stuff I'm doing here and in the real world in my Report below.

The returnEdit

After some time away from Wiki 24, I've returned! I'm ready to take on the new challenges and I can't wait to help improve this place. :D



And Besides from them:

All in a Day's Work...Edit

  • Favourite Day: Can't Pick.
  • Favourite Episode: Day 4 6:00am-7:00am
  • Favourite Moment: When they realise the Nerve Gas is being released into CTU.
  • Favourite Quotes: Miles: "What were you doing?" Chloe (whilst leaving the bathroom): "Are you kidding? If you want details I'll write you a full report."

The World (i.e. Real Life)Edit


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