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  • I used to be extremely frequent here but left and joined and became admin on the Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Wiki. 24 is my second favourite programme (behind GA) and although I've said it before, hopefully I can become active here again and be of some use!

Background information Edit

I joined wiki 24 on the 5th of June 2008 (and made my first edit on Carrie Bendis‎' page) and I created my first page on the 18th (Oxford University). I have been making frequent edits since then usually creating actor pages or editing my user page (sometimes more than necessary). I live in Ireland and when I'm nowhere near my 24 boxsets I watch Grey's Anatomy. I created a 24 group on bebo called 24's Tony and Michelle Almeida but thats the closest thing to a great 24 achievement (other than buying any 24 merchandise no matter what the price). The rest of this page is more trivial infomation I've added for anybody who wants to know !

Did anyone else notice?Edit

In the last five minutes of every final, a series regular/main character is ling down!


My top 21 favourite characters Edit

1.Michelle Dessler
2.Kim Bauer
3.Tony Almeida
4.Jack Bauer
5.David Palmer
6.Chloe O'Brian
7.Bill Buchanan
9.Nina Myers
10.Aaron Pierce
11.Renee Walker
12.Audrey Raines
13.Martha Logan
14.Mike Novick
15.Morris O'Brian
16.George Mason
17.Jamey Farrell
18.Allison Taylor
19.Ethan Kanin
20.Rick Allen

My least favourite characters Edit

1. Charles Logan
2. James Heller
3. Sherry Palmer
4. Ryan Chapelle
5. Barry Landes
6. Inessa Kovalevsky
7. Janis Gold

My top 10 favourite quotes Edit

  • Mandy: I see your men, Michelle; you lied to me, you bitch! You...are not gonna take me alive, got it?
  • Michelle Dessler: I'm his wife. He did what he did to save my life!
  • Stephen Saunders: You don't negotiate with terrorists. Well, I don't negotiate with heads of state, so just do as your told.
  • Tony Almeida: (To Jack Bauer) Just because you were willing to sacrifice your wife, for this job, doesn't mean i'm gonna sacrifice mine.
  • 'Tony Almeida: She's gone, Jack. (last words, to Jack Bauer, about Michelle)
  • Kim Bauer: Shut up. I have been listening to this crap all day, about how I get everything I want, how my life is so great, and everybody else's life sucks. Well you wanna know something? You don't know anything about me! Last night, I was kidnapped, tied up in the back of a trunk, and then I got to see your friend Dan get shot in the head. You take all the bad luck you've had in your entire life; it wouldn't fit into half of what's happened to me in the past 24 hours. So messing me up may not be as easy as you think. But if you wanna try, bring it on. Here, outside, anyplace you like.
  • Sherry Palmer: David. David, you just don't walk away from me! David, you can't do this without me!
  • Jack Bauer: RUN SHERRY!
  • Audrey Raines:Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop Talking!

  • Audrey Raines: You son of a bitch, Jack, you son of a bitch! You killed him! He saved your life! How could you?! You've killed him! I hate you Jack, you killed him, how could you do this?? You killed him, Jack. You killed him!!

My wiki 24 goals Edit

  • Get in the list of top 20 users Yes checkY
  • Get two of my friends to join this wiki Yes checkY
  • Create 100 pages
  • Make one image gallery Yes checkY

My 24 collection Edit

2Anthony4 collection

My growing 24 collection.

  • Season DVD's 1-6
  • Card game
  • Ps2 game
  • Voice keyring
  • 2 of the declassified novels
  • my own notebook
  • Comics
  • DVD game
  • CTU Manual
  • 1 issue of magazine
  • Ultimate guide for seasons 1-6
  • Season 6 official guide
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