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Since a few other guys have started day-to-day bad guy pages detailing all of the various baddies, from mastermind to moron, I thought I'd get in on the action with what is my favourite season, Day 2. So put on some Rammstein, and let's get into it.

Joseph Wald's Gang of "Patriots"[edit | edit source]

Joseph Wald[edit | edit source]


Wald was the boss of the bunch. A man who self styled himself as a "true American patriot", he was thrown in jail after Jack went undercover in his gang, without Wald knowing. After getting out, Nina got him involved in the oil consortium's kooky and twisted plan, which involved bombing the CTU building. Wald had his boys led by Eddie Grant bomb the HQ in what Wald believed was "giving power back to the people". Unfortunately, Wald was too forgiving of Jack, who killed Eddie and his boys and tracked Wald to his pad in the Simi Valley. Wald locked himself in a panic room in his shed, but after realizing that he was conned by Nina, he told Jack all he knew, before turning the gun on himself.

Eddie Grant[edit | edit source]


Grant was Joe Wald's right-hand man. Operating out of a garage, he and his men planned for the bombing of CTU that day, when Jack "Roush" walked in, looking like a million bucks. Eddie was understandably distrustful of Jack, whom he believed (rightfully so) was responsible for getting Wald locked up. But Eddie was proved wrong when Jack procured the severed head of one Marshall Goren, and it was like old times. Hoping that Jack was on their side, he defended Jack from the accusations of Chris and Dave, and didn't even seem to care when Jack broke Dave's ankle (though who would?). After he, Chris, and Scott were successful in blowing away CTU, he realized his griveous series of errors when Jack pulled a gun on him. He met his end when, trying to run Jack down, he was shot multiple times in the head by Jack, who then proceeded to steal his car. Classy.

Chris[edit | edit source]

This guy looks more like he should be in a post-grunge band than playing terrorist.

Chris was Eddie's own #2 man. He was working at the garage's desk when Jack confronted him, and sensed immediately that Jack wasn't some faux Klansman. But his complaining to Eddie went unanswered, and the bombing of CTU went according to schedule. After the gang found that Cam Strocker had escaped Jack's care, Chris and his usual paranoid self got into a fight with Jack before Eddie broke it up. When Jack tried to arrest Eddie afterwards, Chris was the first who noticed, and took a shot at Jack, whom promptly returned fire and shot Chris several times when the latter tried to run off.

Dave[edit | edit source]

Just keep looking Dave, you big dumbass.

Man, I hate this guy. Anyone played by Gregory Sporleder is someone I'm bound to dislike. First it was bitching to Ed Harris in The Rock, and now it's trying to be another tough guy. Adolf, as I like to call this guy because of his crappy haircut, is the gang's technical expert. He's also the loudest critic of Jack, whom he believes is a fed and not someone who likes to go around, taking down the Zionest conspiracy. Eddie finally gives into Dave's bitching and has him check up on Jack, and it turns out that Dave is just another naysayer when the results come back in Jack's favour. The last straw for Dave is when Jack hangs around afterwards despite Eddie telling him there's nothing to do that day. Dave admirably takes a swing at Jack, who then, tired of Dave's whining, breaks his ankle. Eddie doesn't seem to care that much, nor does anyone else. As a result, Jack takes Dave's place on the bombing team.

Scott[edit | edit source]

"Ah shucks, I forgot my Walkman."

Ah, my personal favourite of Wald's crew. Why is he my favourite? Because he doesn't do a damn thing. I don't even recall this guy saying a word. The only other member of Eddie's team who comes close to being as stoic is Frank. So, Scott is clearly the heavy of Eddie's team. He, along with Chris, helps Eddie rig CTU HQ to blow, and then accompanies the team back to the hills outside of town. When Jack pulls a gun on Eddie, Chris is the one who takes the initative and fires at Jack, while Scott looks more like a deer lost in the headlights, and proceeds to fumble around. Jack puts two in Scott's chest, and he keeps that same dopey look on his face as he goes down.

Frank[edit | edit source]

Taking a break from being Steve Wilkos's replacement bodyguard.

This guy is my second favourite, after Scott. Look at the guy, he just looks like a big badass. That is, until Eddie asks him to check the bag Jack was carrying and proceeds to nearly pass out when he finds Marshall Goren's severed head. I think this is why he's not seen afterwards, because Eddie probably fired him for not showing any strength. He and his muscle-bound friend are the only two of Wald's guys to not feel the pain, but I doubt Frank would've have gone far before being pulled over and arrested for his clear lack of intellect.

Garage Thug[edit | edit source]

Look at him, you can just feel the raw emotion.

Remember the thug who Frank would be a sidekick to, mentioned by Blue Rook over in the forbidden characters page? This chap is that thug. He's a real mean SOB. After Jack follows Chris into Atlas Auto Wreckers, this guy clocks Jack from behind and proceeds to hit him again on Eddie's orders. Like Scott and Frank, he doesn't say much. Unlike either of those two clowns, this guy actually does something. After Jack breaks Dave's ankle and heads off with the rest of the boys to bomb CTU, Frank and this guy presumably run off somewhere in the hopes that a real criminal mastermind will hire them.

Second Wave[edit | edit source]

Syed Ali[edit | edit source]

2x11 Syed Ali.jpg

Ah yes, Mr. Ali. Syed is the first in a long line of Islamic terrorists who turn up as mere pawns in the twisted games of caucasian dudes in burgoise suits. The leader of Second Wave, Ali is first introduced in a brutal scene where his man Mohsen tortures Paul Koplin, Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon style. Ali isn't to be trifled with either, as he gently cuts at Kate Warner's face in the hopes that he'll get her to divulge what she knows. When this fails, he heads out to a mosque for prayer, where Jack promptly tracks him down. At this point, Ali realizes that setting fire to an innocent man to cover your tracks isn't a match for Jack, who finds Ali hiding in the basement and proceeds to try to beat the location of the nuke out of him. Of course, Ali is one of those "I believe in my cause so firmly that I won't talk" type of terrorists, and so he has to witness the "execution" of his youngest son before finally breaking and telling all. After that, he's about to be thrown in jail for his dirty deeds when he takes a sniper rifle slug in the back of his head from Jonathan Wallace.

Marko Khatami[edit | edit source]


Marko was Ali's right-hand man. He's a rare breed alright, a sympathetic terrorist. When he, Basheer, and Omar are driving the truck to the airport, chance has it that one of their tires blows out. After being helped by a friendly pool repair man named Rick and seeing children playing nearby, Marko seems at a loss that the people he's trying to kill aren't just stereotypical bullies. He ultimately completes his face turn by refusing to go on with the plan. Unfortunately, Basheer doesn't share Marko's sentiments and promptly shoots him three times in the chest. In his last moments, Marko puts two of his own in Basheer.

Mamud Rasheed Faheen[edit | edit source]


Faheen was a crafty guy. He faked his own death sometime before Day 2, this way no one would think he was still around to help develop a nuclear bomb. Working out of a thrift store in Visalia, Faheen was tracked down by Jack through Nina, and then got himself knocked out by the latter. On the plane trip back to LA, Faheen spilled what he knew to Nina. But he spilled more than that, when Nina slashed his throat with a gift card she had picked up earlier. Such a wasted presence.

Of note, I'm picking up how several Arabic surnames sound so similar to Irish surnames. In this instance, Faheen sounds similar to the Irish Feehan (much as Shaheen sounds a lot like Sheehan). This obviously is not important and has no bearing to the topic at hand, but I just found that interesting.

Marie Warner[edit | edit source]


Ah Daisy, what have ye got yourself into this time? I don't know how such a girl got mixed up with terrorists, but that Ali must be one hell of a charmer to pull it off. Oddly enough, I find the other terrorists here a tinge more sympathetic, if only because they don't come off as complete sociopaths. Marie is the definition of a spoiled child. An affluent, well off girl, wanting to rebel agaisnt "the man" and join Ali's crazy plan, while her sister Kate handles things with maturity. For some reason, this reminds me of the Michael Douglas/Robert Duvall polar opposites in Falling Down. Where Douglas's Bill Foster was a man who felt like he was owed something and chose to rebel against society, Duvall's Martin Predergrast realized that things weren't always fair, but he would make the most of life. As it stands, Marie's blonde, All-American persona is merely a facade, a means to get what she wants. I somehow want to excuse it all simply on the basis that Laura Harris is ah, well, let's call her gorgeous. But willing to kill one's own sister for petty reasons eliminated all sympathy I had for her up to that point (which is to say very little). Evil may be sexy, but it feels wrong. She's probably still in jail, preaching to whoever will listen. Good for her.

Jason Park[edit | edit source]


One word may describe this bloke. Useless. That's what he is. Why? Well, because he's introduced bring tortured in such a gruesome way that it's likely to make those with weaker stomaches throw up. Park seems to be a Korean associate of Faheen's, and as such, is interrogated by a few of his own countrymen. After telling all to Mina and Deng, he presumably was thrown in jail and repeatedley picked on for being so weak as a member of a terrorist outfit. For shame.

Mohsen[edit | edit source]


One of Ali's top guys, Mohsen is first seen brutally interrogating Paul Koplin in a way that reminds me of how Al Leong tortured Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. After Ali kills Koplin, he orders Mohsen to take care of Kate before heading out. Before Mohsen can act on this, Jack busts in to save the day. But before Jack can beat the information out of Mohsen, he kills himself with a cyanide pill rather than give in. Unfortunately, he was unaware that Kate could understand what he was saying.

Basheer[edit | edit source]


One of Marko's closest companions, Basheer didn't have the same sympathies that Marko had for the LA populace. During the drive to the airport, it's Marko who has second feelings about it, while Basheer seems at best indifferent. When Marko finally snaps and refuses to go on, Basheer puts three slugs in his friend's chest. Unfortunately for Basheer, Marko had the strength to return two into his own friend's chest.

Omar[edit | edit source]


Another of Marko's accomplices, Omar was really only in the job for the money, a quality rarely seen in fundamentalist terrorists. Thanks to Marko and Basheer killing each other over who wanted to kill the most people, Omar pressed on to the airport, where he helped Marie install the nuke's trigger and then got into the Cessna he thought was holding the bomb. After being apprehended by Jack on the runway, Omar told all he knew with little prodding.

Wachoski[edit | edit source]


I didn't really know where to put this guy, since he's not really a member of Second Wave, but he is mentioned by Nina as a mutual friend, so he fits here better than anywhere else. Not much is known about this blokey, other than he shares a similar last name with the creators of The Matrix.

Bomb Technician #1[edit | edit source]

Busy at work, just trying to blow up a few million people.

When you want a nuclear bomb made right, you call the duo of Baldy & Dumbass. This chappy was the principle scientist working on the nuke, while his friend just stared. For his hard work, he was brutally murdered by the terrorists after they had done the dirty deeds.

Bomb Technician #2[edit | edit source]

Man, that green neon lighting sure is awe-inspiring...

I guess they didn't escape from LA.

Unlike baldy, dumbass just stood here looking at the pretty colours. I'm guessing he wasn't an Oxford graduate. The best I can tell, he looks kind of like John Cho. Fitting that Harold ends up killed by those naughty terrorists for his effo...excuse me, lack of effort. He should've gone to White Castle that day.

Warehouse Guard[edit | edit source]

Just enjoying the view.

Quick and easy plastic surgery.

This guy enjoyed the view of the brilliantly exhilarating bomb making process from a catwalk above. After murdering the two scientists working there, chappy hung around the entrance in case anyone else decided to show up that day. In the hours that passed, this guy somehow got a completely different look, shaving his beard, trimming his hair, getting a bit paler, changing his clothes, and ditching his Uzi. He finally got some action when George Mason, Sergeant Arroyo, and Officer Barber all walked in to find out what all the hubub was about. Barber got it the worst when this guy plugged him in the back with his Kalashnikov before being gunned down by Arroyo. During the chaos, he stupidly shot out the glass to the bomb-making booth, releasing radiation into the air and poisoning poor Georgie. Thanks a lot, guy!

The best I can tell, the first guy kind of looks like Michael Hilow, but I'll let someone with better judgment discern that.

Store Clerk[edit | edit source]

Die, Allied pigs!

Don't be fooled. The clerk at Crescent Collectibles may just seem like a friendly employee, but she's secretly a loyal member of Second Wave. After frisking Nina to make sure she's clean, she sends her down to talk with Faheen. During the ensuing gunfight between her guys and the FBI agents, she produces an Uzi and starts firing at the agents, even managing to take one down, before being pegged herself.

Store Terrorist #1[edit | edit source]

The Muslim Chris Benoit.

The Rabid Wolverine unfortunately couldn't take the time off to have a cameo in this episode, but his Muslim lookalike was able to. Unfortunately it was a brief one, as while he did take down an FBI agent from the stairwell, he was immediately shot several times by Jack.

Store Terrorist #2[edit | edit source]

The perfect facial expression when getting shot repeatedley.

Michael Hilow makes his cameo here as one of the terrorists who gets shot by the FBI agents in the store's entrance.

Store Terrorist #3[edit | edit source]

George Lopez was also busy that day.

Much like Benoit, George Lopez just couldn't fit the time into his schedule to film a terrorist cameo, so his Muslim stand in did just as well. He was Hilow's buddy, and was shot alongside him in the entrance by the FBI agents.

Faheen's Bodyguard[edit | edit source]

"Must try not to stare at hot American woman's behind..."

That's what you get for looking, perv!

This dude let Nina into the basement where Faheen was chilling. But he let his perviness get the best of him, and wound up with a bullet in his head for paying too much attention to Nina's rear.

Kate and Paul's Kidnappers[edit | edit source]

Beavis and Butt-Head in their later days as terrorists for hire.

These two goons beat up Kate and Paul before throwing them in the back of a van to be driven straight to Syed Ali's pad.

Truck Driver[edit | edit source]

Unlike that opportunist Omar, this man is in it for the mission.

You work so hard only to get unceremoniously shot at the end of the day.

Thought Omar was the man who's destiny it was to take out greater LA? Think again. This guy was the real man. After helping Marie and Omar put the finishing touches on the nuke so dutifully completed by Baldy & Dumbass, this guy got in a truck with the bomb and made a run for it. Just when he thought he was in the clear, CTU pulled him over and when he attempted to return fire, he was quickly gunned down by a crack agent. Give him a medal, folks.

U.S. Government Hawks[edit | edit source]

Roger Stanton[edit | edit source]


You thought Harris Yulin was an annoying prick in Scarface? Well, he's no better here. Unfortunately, Al Pacino doesn't show up to kill this corrupt bureaucrat. The shady NSA director, Stanton worked hand in hand with Colonel Samuels and Senator Gluck to deceive Palmer into forcing his hand and go along with their hawkish policies. After having the Middle Eastern ambassador and his personal aide killed in a helicopter crash, he tipped off Samuels about Jackie's discovery, allowing the Coral Snake team to try to take out Jack while he was plane bound back to LA with Mamud Faheen. When Palmer found this out, he ordered Ted Simmons to interrogate Stanton, all Bauer style. When Stanton broke the plan to Palmer, his lackey Johnny Wallace showed Stanton who the real trickster was, and turned on his team at the airport to ensure that Second Wave's nuke took LA off the map. Lucky for Stanton, ol' Georgie took the bomb down with him and he didn't get the chair.

Later in the day, he testified against Palmer, allowing his Cabinet to invoke the 25th. Unluckily for Rog, Kingsley unwittingly reveals on tape that Stanton was neck deep involved. D'oh!

Ron Samuels[edit | edit source]


The man with the plan! Colonel Samuels was in charge of the Coral Snake team, and despite never being actually seen, he played a major role that day. Working with Stanton and Gluck, Samuels kept tabs on the terrorists all day with no intention of letting the bomb go off. However, he didn't totally mind collateral damage, as witnessed when he ordered Coral Snake to shoot down Jack's plane in the wilderness and try to kill him in retaliation for Jack turning down Ron's offer to join the team years back. But Jack is nothing if not a savvy guy, and he showed Samuels who's boss when he mowed down half of the team on his own. Samuels was further embarrassed when his subordinate Wallace turned on the remaining members of the team at the airport in an effort to let the bomb go off. Thanks to the colonel, his inability to deal with a rogue captain almost killed millions of innocents. He was probably court martialed tossed in the brig after all was said and done.

There's also the possibility that Samuels was among those killed by Wallace at the airfield, but who knows?

Bruce Gluck[edit | edit source]


Another unseen conspirator, another important customer. Senator Gluck was one of the "big three" along with Stanton and Samuels in trying to get Palmer to stop being such a damn commie pinko liberal on foreign policy. After Mike found this juicy bit out, Sherry was enlisted to help take down the Senator.

Coral Snake Commander[edit | edit source]

"Huh? Uh huh huh, hey Beavis, I think that chick over there wants me. Come to Butt-Head..."

Every second rate terrorist militia needs a calm and competent leader to guide them, and precisely none get them. When the Coral Snake militia gets sent into the wilderness to kill all the witnesses privy to any juicy knowledge of the bomb, the commander of the wild bunch takes it upon himself to murder FBI Agent Rick Phillips. The biggest smarts he shows is when he takes a moment to gaze at Jack and Nina while his lackeys simply stand around waiting for Christmas. He's unceremoniously killed during the following fight, without even a cool death scene.

Coral Snake Soldier #1[edit | edit source]

Try as you might, those tree leaves aren't going to protect you from any stray bullets.

After Jack and Nina give away their positions, this guy takes it upon himself to find some cover. For his troubles, he takes a few rounds afterwards.

Coral Snake Soldier #2[edit | edit source]

Get back to Dunder-Mifflin, Andy! You know that Michael doesn't like a slacker!

This chap takes a flying run towards the plane wreckage after Jack and Nina give away their positions. He's shot afterwards, blah blah blah. The biggest thing that sets him apart from his cohorts is that he looks a hell of a lot like Ed Helms. Did Andy Bernard choose to take the day off from Dunder-Mifflin, fly to LA from Scranton, and masquerade as a terrorist?

Coral Snake Soldier #3[edit | edit source]

"I'm burnin', I'm burnin', I'm burnin' for you..."

This old fart gets what's possibly the coolest of Jack's kill score in the entire series. After running down a hill, Jack shoots this guy with a flare gun procured from the plane, causing him to burn, scream, and roll around in agony until the fire kills him. He should've paid attention in school when they were teaching about these things.

Coral Snake Soldier #4[edit | edit source]

"Hey, a naked lady poster!"

One of the more intuitive members of Coral Snake, this bro takes a few shots at Jack while running away after Jack burns his friend with a flare gun. Like all of his buddies, he's gunned down in the ensuing carnage.

Coral Snake Soldier #5[edit | edit source]

When you pick cover, you're supposed to actually hide behind it, not off to the side of it!

Jack's third kill during the gunfight in the great outdoors, this man hides behind a fallen tree branch, but is no match for the sweetness of Jack's M4. It's been brought to my attention that this fellow bears a resemblance to Gregory Barnett, but that is unconfirmed at this time.

Coral Snake Soldier #6[edit | edit source]

As you reel from the several dozen rounds you just took, you wonder to yourself why you even bothered getting out of bed this morning.

Also killed by Jack, he hides himself a bit better than the others in some tree leaves, but gets executed by Jack. Also looks like Greg Barnett.

Coral Snake Soldier #7[edit | edit source]

Try as he might, the soldier could not fend off Jack with his trusty flashlight.

While Jack is busy running out of rounds, this guy seizes the opportunity and takes a few potshots at Jack from the creek. Unfortunately, it's a wasted opportunity, as he finds out moments later when he's cut down by gunfire from a CTU helicopter.

Slain Commandos[edit | edit source]

Dead coral snake 1.jpg
Dead coral snake 2.jpg
Dead coral snake 3.jpg
Dead coral snake 4.jpg
Dead coral snake 5.jpg

These 6 blokes were all instructed (and possibly led) by Colonel Samuels to track the bomb at the airfield. Unfortunately, as they were about to make their move, they were all turned on by their traitorous commander, Captain Jonathan Wallace. Jack and co found the bodies later on while looking for Marie and the bomb.

It's unconfirmed if Samuels was among those killed by Wallace, as Mason alludes to the possibility earlier on.

European Oil Consortium[edit | edit source]

Max[edit | edit source]

The dumbass says "what?" What? Oh...

Max was the man behind this bunch. A German arms dealer who felt the need to strike back at those imperialist pigs, Max devised a hearty scheme that would allow him to reap millions while also murdering an entire metropolitan area. Frame a Muslim terrorist group for blowing up LA, start a war with the Middle East, watch oil profits quadruple. And if that failed, just make it look like the terrorist leader got permission from a few Presidents of said nations. Right out of the page of Dick Cheney's book. Unfortunately, Max's plan was undone by a single disgruntled employee, and this resulted in the complete humiliation of the oil barons. Max ran off on his expensive luxury yacht while his American co-conspirators took the fall, hoping to live to fight another day.

A few months later, Max comes up with yet another twisted, kooky, and convoluted scheme. This time, it's to blow up greater LA and cause mass panic. All these carefully laid plans just fell apart after he took Kate Warner hostage on his yacht. Jack caught up with him and put a few slugs in him. The last thing that went through Max's head was presumably, why did he let Jack Bauer out Batman him?

Alexander Trepkos[edit | edit source]

Look, I don't know where your panties are, Willem.

Alex was Max's good buddy and fellow oil baron. Not much is known about this guy, but he seems to like cheap suits and cellphones. He's certainly the go-between of Max and Kingsley, and the enmity with the latter can be easily felt. However, despite wanting to seem like he's in charge of it all, he's quick to tell Kingsley that Max runs the show. After Kingsley gets blown away by a CTU sniper, Alex and his buddy are last seen enjoying a finely cooked meal while Max again cuts them out of the loop. After this, I can only guess that Alex & friend were found and thrown in jail if what Wayne said is true.

Peter Kingsley[edit | edit source]


Tobin Bell took a break from his serial killer ways in Saw and chose to become an oil baron in the meantime. A guy who's past is kind of in question, all we know is that he's got some major connections to the intelligence community and the President's ex. But he does have a thing for sweet brown jackets. He's the man in the field, responsible for making the sure Operation: Blow Away L.A. is successful. When it all comes crumbling down on him however, Kingsley wants to tie up all loose ends by any means. His last mistake is hoping that Sherry delivers him Alex Hewitt, one of those loose ends. Unfortunately, he's quickly outwitted and after seeing his henchmen gunned down by Jack, he himself takes a few sniper rounds to the chest, courtesty of this guy before he can murder Jack.

Jonathan Wallace[edit | edit source]


After unsuccessfully trying to swindle Mel Gibson in Payback, Gregg took Tobin Bell's lead and chose to become a mercenary for hire. The leader of the Coral Snake group, Wallace thought he was the crafty one when he outsmarted Roger Stanton by turning on his comrades. But unfortunately, Wallace was outwitted himself by Kingsley. He's not entirely a social guy, since his way of getting Jack's attention was to pop Syed Ali in the back of his head. But it does bring Jack to Wallace's, and the two share a mutual bond in blowing away Kingsley's hitmen. But Wallace ends up taking a slug to the throat, and he expires in the medical clinic. But he did take a page from Christopher Walken's book by hiding the MacGuffin where no sensible person would look.

Ronnie Stark[edit | edit source]

Anti-socialness must run in Kingsley's lackeys.

You'd think a guy who was introduced tasering Jack Bauer would be some stone cold badass. But alas, Ronnie is not. While he seems to be competent enough to lead a band of four mercs, as witnessed moments later, Ronnie is horribly inept at the simple art of making the mark squeal. However, he is quite good at nearly killing the man he's interrogating. His clusterfuck isn't tolerated by Kingsley, who orders O'Hara to pop Ronnie in the head. Afterwards, Peter Outerbridge teams up with Tobin Bell to join the Saw franchise.

Raymond O'Hara[edit | edit source]


O'Hara seems to be Ronnie's #2 man. But clearly, he's the more competent of the two, and it's a wonder why Kingsley didn't put him in charge. While Ronnie just sits on his ass in his luxury car, Raymond, Trask, and Davis head off into the clinic to find Jack. Afterwards, Raymond assists in the woefully unsuccessful interrogation by Ronnie of Jack. Looking for any opportunity to climb the terrorist structure like any good mercenary should aspire to, Raymond pops Ronnie after Kingsley shares everyone else's annoyance with Ronnie's prima donnaism. Afterwards, Raymond takes over without much success. After Doc Spire injects him with a painful looking substance, he's quick to roll over on his boss to Jack before the latter mercy kills him.

Trask[edit | edit source]


The smart guy of Ronnie's motley bunch. He and Davis are certainly "those two bad guys", as they're rarely seen apart. He's mostly notably for the complex procedure of operating a GPS and later using defibrilators on Jack after Ronnie's dumbass stops his heart. I think when O'Hara put one in Ronnie's head, Trask was jumping for joy during the break. Trask is last seen taking a round to the chest from Jack.

Davis[edit | edit source]


Screw Michael Wincott, his brother Jeff is the man! He and Trask are the two typical bad guys who hang around with Raymond and mostly do bad guy stuff. But Davis isn't the typical dumb goon who does does dumb goon things. For instance, he shows concern when Ronnie (supposedley put in charge for his smarts) makes a bunch of rookie mistakes during his torture session. Of course, Ronnie being the dumb jock that he is, ignores this and is popped by Raymond for his lack of empathy. Later, Davis heads up to steal some epinephrine and murders a patient in the process, which is typical dumb goon behaviour. Afterwards, we learn that Davis isn't just a typical goon, as Kingsley entrusts him with his most important phone number. Like his friend Trask, Davis is unceremoniously shot by Jack during his escape from the clinic.

Alex Hewitt[edit | edit source]

Sorry I couldn't get a better photo, Mr. Hewitt is known to like looking dramatically off to the side.

What does every terrorist leader need? A computer programmer. Alex Hewitt fits the bill perfectly. He's the guy who fabricated the Cyprus recording, but like every programmer, he's also just another loose end for Kingsley to have to tie up. And Hewitt must have a lot of fans, since both the parties of Jack and Sherry come looking for him in his swanky pad. Alex however, is like Chris and Dave -- an incredibly suspicious guy of Jack. He also reacts with violence by pulling his piece out, which forces Jack to put a slug in Alex's leg, making him fall off his roof and hit his head on the pavement. If it weren't for Ryan Chappelle, Alex just might have lived through that, but Chappelle's an ass, so Hewitt bled out.

Eve[edit | edit source]

Such a wasted presence that day.

With her charm and good looks, you'd think that Kingsley would've found a better use for Eve beyond making her play errand girl, but that's not the case. Obviously, Eve knew a bit more than she let on, but she didn't get to behave like any other femme fatale, and was stabbed multiple times by Kingsley for her troubles. Why did he even hire someone who did absolutely nothing and who he was going to murder anyway? Maybe Kingsley was just in a bloodthirsty mood that day after he was unable to blow up a few million earlier.

Mae[edit | edit source]

Why always the good girls ending up involved in terrorist schemes?

I hesitated to even include Mae here, since she doesn't really do anything particularly villianous. Apart from being Kingsley's secretary, she seems to be more or less completely out of the loop. But alas, she does play party to her boss's half-baked plans, even if she didn't know what they were. For her sake, I can only hope that she got a legitimate job after her boss's clusterfuck that day.

Scott[edit | edit source]

C'mon, turn around for the camera.

Scott would like to think himself as a professional sniper. But he's as professional as Scott from earlier in the day was at being intimidating. He's best known for showing his dirty blonde hair to the camera and packing a sweet Heckler & Koch SR9T. Before he can follow his boss Kingsley's orders to murder Sherry, he himself is ninja killed by Jack from behind.

Wallace's Accomplice[edit | edit source]

A deer caught in the headlights.

Wallace and his buddy aren't the smartest terrorist duo in the world. This guy thought he could fool Jack by covertly kidnapping Kate from her car, but he was apprehended by Yusuf, who proceeded to knock him out cold. In a funny moment later on, Yusuf wakes him up to ask if he's alone before proceeding to cold cock him again.

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