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I'm Phillip and I enjoy adding images of Jack's weapons, as well as American military, CTU, FBI, Customs, and Secret Service personnel. Check out the videos at the bottom. They're hilarious.

About me Edit

Massive 24 fan and love this wiki. Most of my edits are including pics on military/CTU/FBI personnel and Jack's weapons. I live in a Mobile Underground Detention and Detainment facility in Saugus, a secure, undisclosed(well, it's at 21911 Kipling Avenue) location guarded by La Bamba. I'm a native German, but live in America; it may interest you to know that "Bauer" means "farmer" in German.

Stuff I do Edit

  • Consume news sites:The Jerusalem Post, Stratfor, Fox News, New York Times, Washington Post, International Herald-Tribune.
  • Read up on military/espionage nonfiction and fiction.

Music I enjoy Edit

Mainly Ambient/Electronica/Neoclassical

Me and 24(The Bauer Power Hour) Edit

I had seen 24 on commercials and stuff, but I thought it was just another TV show. Due to my reputation as a military history buff and special operations forces enthusiast, my eighth-grade history teacher recommended it.I first saw 24 as the last couple of episodes of Season 8 on Hulu, but it was annoying as hell, since it was only the last six episodes and I had NO idea what was going on. That was in summer 2010, when I was 15.Since then, I've seen the first two seasons. I decided to skip Season 3 and watched all four episodes of Season 4 in one day on Feb. 10, 2012 from Netflix. Starts off pretty good,eh? Best show ever.A military history buff and special operations forces enthusiast, I was disappointed by the quality and quantity of pics on my favorite pages,as seen below. I don't know how to get screenshots, so most of my pics are from I didn't know crap about posting pics and the image policy, so I annoyed lots of professional editors(Acer4666, Blue Rook, and Thief12, a.k.a. the Category Police) and they annoyed me. Eventually, however, I learned the ropes and hope to make some meaningful contributions.

Other series I enjoy

  • XIII
  • Once upon A Time
  • The Unit
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • The Agency
  • Homeland
  • Alias
  • Burn Notice
  • The Company
  • Covert Affairs
  • E Ring
  • Human Target
  • My Own Worst Enemy
  • Band of Brothers
  • The Pacific
  • Occupation
  • Over There
  • The West Wing
  • The American Embassy
  • Commander in Chief
  • The Border
  • Sleeper Cell
  • JAG
  • Missing

My favorite pages on Wiki 24 Edit

I am fascinated by special operations forces and their operations. Thank you for creating this category:

Favorite Characters on 24 Edit


Max gets his hands dirty

He sure got a lot done from a yacht.


Very cinematic, Marwan.

He and Crimson Jihad sure got lots of stuff done in 24 hours.


Mike yells at Palmer, venting his infamous temper.

Pretty sharp guy, convincing arguments that put him at odds with David Palmer's rhetorical idealism. Unbeknownst to Palmer, his evil Cabinet is plotting to depose him, and in an instant the quiet guy we keep confusing with the Turtle Guy from The Master of Disguise shoves Lynne Kresge down a stairwell.


Jack goes crazy...

Oh, yeah, that's what that guy's name was. All-around badass. Seems to be a conservative to most liberal critics of 24, but the show cleverly portrays him as a sort of gray area in that respect. Also, he has a badass voice, and plays Kiefer Sutherland in real life.Imagine, if you will, that Jack is easily over-powered by a single bad guy, thrown down the stairs and cracks a rib. Sure, and a bears sh*ts in the bathroom and the ocean holds back New Orleans. Jack might be immune to Kryptonyte, but he is a lame duck for 24's dumb-as* screen writers, who love to trip up his best-laid plans.


“MR. PRESIDENT! THE BOMB IS HEADED TO BALTIMORE RIGHT NOW!” “Oh. Thank God, Jack. I thought it would be at a city I care about.” “I KNOW, RIGHT?”


Palmer tries a "Jack Bauer" on Roger Stanton.

Very sharp guy, excellent job defusing the Ferralgamo scandal as well as the "warmongers" in his Cabinet.


Mason the badass. In his dreams.

He's just funny. Seemed like an obstructive, humorless bureaucrat in the beginning of Season 1, but that's not really true.


Pierce is a professional at protecting the president.

Sharp, serious guy. Always in time to save someone's ass.


Almeida the desk jockey gets some action.

Whispers "Yeah" and "Allright" a lot.

Least Favorite characters on 24 Edit


Sherry Palmer

She's just annoying, and always scheming...


He looks like a monster...

While field agents were running around LA having gun battles with terrorists, Edgar sat around CTU being bald, fat, and talking with a stupid lisp. Good thing in Season 4, when he prevents 103 nuclear reactors from melting down...EXCEPT ONE, IDIOT!But then he overdosed on nerve gas. He wrote Chloe a 24-page love poem every day but always ate them because he was too shy.


"Yo, motherf*cker, this is my parking garage."

  • The dude bashing cars with a baseball bat in Season 1.

  • Peter Kingsley. What oil tycoon tries to blow up LA to quadruple his income?


Bert strolls down Sesame Street to kill Teri and Kim Bauer.


Hobo Loganberry

  • Charles "Chuck" Logan, who looks suspiciosly like Richard Nixon.
  • Curtis Manning. When he tries to kill Hamri al-Assad. "I can't let this animal live." What? i would have thought he was a bit more professional than that.

  • The odds that someone as inept as Kim Bauer sprang from the loins of someone as bad-assy as Jack are the same as the odds of Britney Spears getting a MacArthur Genius grant. While Jack tracks,kills, and interrogates terrorists and saves countless innocent lives while making unbelievable sacrifices, his perky daughter is equally talented at creating situations so impossibly stupid, the viewer is forced to dream of a perfect world where Jack is after her. How did she get a job at CTU? Drop out of high-school?

Day 2:4:00-5:00am Edit

Jack Bauer, federal agent and ex-Delta Force operator.He has killed 22 people in the last eight hours, including four highly trained NSA special-operations commandos.


Jack Bauer, ex-Delta Force operator.

vs. Marcus, a hapless hillbilly.


Hapless hillbilly.

This is so funny. I love this scene for its hilariously anticlimactic nature.

How to live like Jack Bauer Edit

  • Forget having emotions. Never smile. Be willing to do whatever it takes for the sake of national security. This includes threatening, torturing, maiming and killing anyone who gets in your way, even if it is a close friend or the president of the United States. If you do have to shed a tear, such as when you chop your partner's arm off with a fire ax, you can hide your red eyes with your aviator sunglasses.
  • Know every trick in the book when it comes to fighting. If you are captured, know that you can withstand any type and amount of torture. It's only a matter of time until you suddenly gain a burst of strength and adrenaline, even after your heart stops, giving you a chance to kill the enemy by ripping out his jugular vein with your teeth.
  • Avoid intimate relationships with women. Your wives and lovers will all be kidnapped, tortured or shot, because for some reason, terrorists always know every detail of your personal life. Or your lovers will just get tired of your intense secrecy, devotion to your job and country, and 24-hour work days (but occasionally, you get a year off, either at home after your wife dies or in a Chinese labor camp).
  • Convince your cell phone provider to give you a "smart-phone" that has the ability to know when to keep quiet, runs on nuclear batteries, and can get you in touch with CTU, LAPD, FBI, CIA, NSA,Defense Department, and the President and his staff by pressing one button.
  • Equip your house and car with thousands of fresh clips for your gun. Make sure they are always stocked with first-aid kits and bulletproof vests.Install a touch screen in the dashboard and customize it so CTU can instantly call you or send you schematics or imagery.
  • Condition yourself so you can go through 24 hours every day without consuming any food or drink. An upside of this is that you never have to go to the bathroom.

What the? Edit

Where the hell is...

Funny Quotes from 24

Stephen Saunders(to President Palmer):"No.You don't negotiate with terrorists.I don't negotiate with heads of state, so just do as you're told."

  • Jack Bauer:"I'm a federal agent!"

Dana White:"So what? You're in my house."

Jack Bauer: You have no idea how far I'm willing to go to acquire your cooperation."

Bill Buchanan to Chloe O'Brian:"We're in an active code, Chloe. We don't have time for your personality disorder."

James Heller on his son's anti-war beliefs: "Spare me your sixth-grade Michael Moore logic."

Jack Bauer to Charles Logan:"the only reason you're still conscious is because i don't want to carry you."


LA Counter Terrorist Unit

.CTU Los Angeles Hidden by an amazing feat of camouflage, the building also houses an underground parking garage as well as elevators, for some reason.

"Huh.It looks suspiciously like an unconscious man."


"Sh*t, David Palmer, can you afford not to be in good hands?"


"Dammit,Jack, we're running out of time! What are we going to do to find Audrey?!"


I don't know, it's just too funny...


"Man, I need a shave..."


Jack takes a two-second nap, which recharges him for the rest of the day.


Jack is arrested for trespassing and causing mayhem on Gaines' property.


"I gotta tell you, Jack, it never gets dull with you."


This time, though it is getting dull, so Mason amuses himself by making shadow animals at Jack's expense.


Apparently, playing with shadow animals is a popular pastime at CTU.

S1ep20 drazen transfer

Janitors,bored guards, and maintenence workers get to play badass commandos, what a story to tell their kids and grandkids if only they were to live through.


Victor the Ethnic Cleanser and War Criminal instructs Andre to make sure Jack does not die so that he can die 5 minutes later.

8x22 main

"I said, take your f*cking antenna down before you come into the car wash,A*SHOLE!"


"Who the hell put metal in the microwave?!"


Jack's morning exercise routine is a pain to clean up...


How the hell does Jack aim without sights?!


Oh, I don't know...


Don't tell me what they're doing to Jack's ass.


"Ugggghhh...I think I ate too much..."

8x19 main

"Jack! Put down the caulk gun!"


“And now, Jack and Chase will demonstrate for the class how surgery was performed during the Civil War.”

"My knee-cap!"-everyone on jack Bauer after meeting him for the first time.

"This guy's killed a sh*tload of people"-Captain Understatement on Jack Bauer.

More Stuff Edit

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