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Jack HKG362 Blue Rook's Dead-On Award!

What it is

The Dead-On Award is my personal take on Wikipedia's "barnstar" (a small token which one user may give to another in appreciation for particularly good contributions). This award is a "thank you" to fairly established users who make edits that stand out to me personally.

What it is not

This note of appreciation implies nothing more than my gratitude to the recipient for his or her hard work. The award itself, and my act of giving it, are not official statements of any kind. In a genuine effort to be unbiased, I give it without regard to any outside practices of the recipient which I may find personally disagreeable, and the only criteria I use are the quality and consistency of the contributions.


21) Pyramidhead (November, 2016)user's third award
For spearheading numerous ambitious and wide-ranging efforts
For years of overwhelmingly consistent editing quality
For great communication and community involvement
20) Thief12 (December, 2011)user's third award
For years of overwhelmingly consistent editing quality
For great communication and community involvement
For demonstrated trustworthiness with pagemove & rollback
19) Thief12 (August, 2011)user's second award
For arduous and ongoing Season 5 work, the breadth and volume of which has been simply groundbreaking, and the quality of which is impossible to encapsulate in brief
18) Acer4666 (May, 2011)user's second award
For continued engagement with both the project and this community in a very large variety of ways
For numerous instances of taking the time to leave helpful, friendly pointers on the Talk pages of new contributors
17) Acer4666 (January, 2011)
For frequently taking the time and having the consideration to address the community and inquire about editing standards & policies before undertaking changes
For amazing work overhauling and expanding the large article Kim Bauer on Day 1‎
For reverting vandalism, adding many missing Previously on 24 segments to Season 1 episodes,
categorizing difficult images into episode categories, & several other great contributions
16) Lizardo (July, 2010)
For careful work chronologically sorting and then citing many quotes throughout the wiki
For detailed attention updating the episode guide content related to the split screen
15) Pyramidhead (January, 2010)user's second award
For creating and using the Movebot, the colossal contributions of which speak for themselves
For a truly long-term commitment to the project
For being bold, one of Wikipedia's own slogans, when it comes to proposing and making improvements in this project
14) Mastererik95 (June 2009)
For continual, untiring work updating hundreds of files with the appropriate episode categories
13) Thief12 (February 2009)
For the creation of great quality, all new season 7 (and Wanted pages) articles
For improving pre-existing articles and completing many with new images
12) Ggjk (November 2008)
For a weeks-long effort in updating the Deaths on 24 list with verified content and new images
For taking the time to finally create a personal user page
11) OneWeirdDude (September 2008)
For continued work in tirelessly correcting grammar, spelling, and other sentence errors (starting back in March 2007)
For recent original episode guide contributions
For a major effort in bringing the Deaths on 24 page up-to-date
10) Matthew R Dunn (August 2008)
For relatively quickly creating a history full of genuinely useful and informative edits
For using careful eye for details and attention to completeness and format consistency
9) 2Anthony4 (July 2008)
For reducing the number of red-linked actors by creating increasingly polished articles for them
For taking the time to inquire about and pick up on this wiki's standards and style conventions
8) SignorSimon (May, 2008)user's third award
For spearheading an expansive project to finally update The Game missions articles
For loading image-less episode guides with screens
For finding character and episode spots for many of my GhostGallery selections
7) SignorSimon (April, 2008)user's second award
For continued, excellent contributions on The Rookie, The Official Magazine‎, and the DVD extras pages
For sustained community engagement
For the occasional reversion of vandalism
6) Comp25 (April, 2008)
For observant detail corrections and expansions of character appearances
For even finding and properly listing a multi-role actor that everyone else missed
For taking the time to pretty much nail down our editing conventions
5) SignorSimon (January, 2008)
For very quickly establishing a presence as a valued contributor and community member
For outstanding work on the Nightfall comics articles, as well as great effort on The Rookie, DVDs, and numerous other pages
4) BauerJ24 (December, 2007)
For establishing a strong overall history of all manner of major and minor contributions
For long term dedication to the wiki
For his project to remove non sequitur data from articles
3) (3) Livonia Ave. Local (September, 2007)
For careful scrutiny of minute, yet important, details such as clock countdown consistency
For spelling and capitalization fixes
2) Protocol Red (July, 2007)
For sticking around to learn the ropes
For great work updating the appearance of episode headings, and many other contributions
For obvious admiration of my Villain Ranking ;)
1) Pyramidhead (June, 2007)
For many impressive months of dedicated contributions of all sizes
For not caving in to peer pressure! ;)


It came to me that great contributors should continue to be eligible for this little token after the first award, but that it would be lame if the subsequent awards were all the same. So I did what any respectable person would do in this situation: I resorted to a palette swap! Color makes all the difference, as you surely know from your first exposure to Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Reptile.
I also determined that this process might as well serve as the user-evaluation system by which I make certain important votes of confidence. So, as far as I'm concerned, a person who is determined and dedicated enough to this wiki to earn this barnstar three times has merited my nomination for their appointment to the adminship.
Jack HKG362 The 1st Dead-On degree

Jack HKG362 The 2nd Dead-On degree

Jack HKG362 The 3rd: Admin nomination

Like it?

I hope other users are inspired by this kind of gesture, and make similar gestures to fellow users here on the wiki. As you probably know, hearing honest words of appreciation is something no normal person gets tired of, and as such, it's a great way to build a community.

Miscellany & sysops

Because they are numbered, I can't possibly hand out awards to everyone who makes great edits all the time, so if you don't get one, please do not take it personally. Admins are not eligible to receive the award for fairly obvious reasons; instead, however, I give out a similar token, the Owned! Award, for my fellow sysops. Those awards are not numbered since admins do a great job at being awesome by default. ;)
Jack HKG362 The Owned! Award (II)
Jack HKG362 The Owned! Award (I)

Honorable mentions

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