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Do you have what it takes to bear witness to my outstanding contributions, while simultaneously hold back your disdain for my shameless arrogance? Are you able to admire my excellent showcase or does the admiration become drowned out by your greater pity for my raging, self-congratulatory narcissism? Only you can know that answer. To find it, read on and judge for yourself.

My house... some day...

Efforts I have spearheaded

Main namespace & Main Page content

  1. Creating articles for any character from the show who is named (read: minor characters), and linking to them everywhere appropriate (most or all of these pages are listed below, underneath the episode guides area)
  2. Continually creating entries and uploading pics for any qualifying Unnamed characters, and linking to them as above
  3. Implemented the browser banner across the front page and its subsidiary portals, using the idea from Proudhug and with critical help from SignorSimon (who created a selection of mini-images for each link), and thanks to Memory Alpha, which I copied nearly wholesale
  4. Categorized actor pages with season-specific and credit-specific categs (done, it seems, until more actor pages are created; for this task, I created Category:Uncredited actors and filled it)
  5. Hashed together the {{Day2}} through {{Day6}} templates using an original from Proudhug, and replaced virtually all of the episode guides' old banners with them
  6. Created, maintained, then completely overhauled the Unnamed Day # characters‎ list articles
  7. Maintaining / expanding the Day # antagonist list pages as necessary
  8. Overhauled all of the valid disambiguation pages to include the disambig category, template, and title tag; deleted the invalid ones
  9. More than 570 maintenance and disambig-policy page moves
  10. Collected and moved the major Recurring antagonist distinctions to one place
  11. Created Category:OTD templates and Category:QOTD templates for better organization of the "On This Day" and "Quote of the Day" templates, and to clean them out of Special:UncategorizedTemplates
  12. Got help to fix the Situation Room thread-creator
  13. Got some smart people to fix the Appearances template so it links to subheadings in article TOCs
  14. Tagged the unlinked 73 character image categories [Category:Images (character name)] by including the image gallery templates at the bottom of the appropriate pages


  1. Tagged almost all of the images from the show with {{Fairuse}} Yes check.pngY
  2. Categorizing images with character- and episode-specific categs where appropriate (in progress)
    1. ... done now for hundreds of the files in Category:Images (Previously on 24)
  3. Uploading images for every minor character's info-box sidebar that I possibly can: the image placeholder is my enemy Yes check.pngY Virtually complete.
  4. Rummaging through Special:Unusedimages to insert or personally store good images Yes check.pngY Done!

Project pages

  1. Gave all the PNA notices a facelift (see the Wiki 24:Bullpen for the list)
  2. Completely phased out the three "Insufficient information" templates and categories, replacing them with specific PNAs or simply fixing their linked pages (the only evidence non-admins can see of their existence is deep in page histories)
  3. Updating the Wiki 24 namespace / policy pages to reflect new standards
  4. Handling a number of the Monthly FA switches
  5. Wrote the Wiki 24:Featured article documentation, the seminal source for updating the FA ;)
  6. Created {{Defunct}} to preserve unused content from deletion for historical reference and for related page histories
  7. Created convenient policy shortcuts, and hashed together Template:Shortcut for project pages to broadcast their use
  8. Collected and updated all recent status policy developments and created Wiki 24:Status policy to codify everything
  9. Same as #9, but with the inclusion policy too
  10. Cleaned out Category:Wiki 24 by creating and filling Category:Forum archives


  • Housekeeping: using my Sacred Cudgel of Admin'ry, I have swatted more than 4260 vandal-droppings, AFD-nominated content, blurry/unused/duplicate images, emptied categories, useless redirects, obsolete project pages (those which wouldn't be appropriate for {{Defunct}}), orphaned discussions, auto-welcomes for vandals & spammers, and busted templates into the wretched, dusty crypt known as the Deletion Log. In each instance, I worked — and will continue to work — to find a new home for anything remotely useful found in them.
  • The deletions have, as of mid 2011, ranged into the realm of those invalid images that have been floating around in Category:Images (cast) for years (many of them uploaded by yours truly, before such non-24 images were prohibited by the image policy).

Mysteries solved with OOU investigation

Occasionally, I grudgingly watch other shows besides 24 (ug, how horrid) but often with the express purpose of finally solving some mystery about ambiguous 24 actor and character identities and credits.

  1. The quest to identify Laurence Todd Rosenthal. See here. I made the set up, Simon made the slam-dunk.
  2. Using a copy of the film Love Stinks (after a long search), I confirmed that Greg Hartigan is the guy who played Berkin, one of 24's most frequently recurring background extras. That film, by the way, stinks.
  3. Using simple persistence on various IMDB stunt actor pages, I determined that the uncredited stuntman Chris Gann was the actor for Phillip Bauer's henchman.
  4. Using the process of elimination and my familiarity with images and characters, I identified the ubiquitous "The Man Behind Tony" of Season 1 as Kevin, played by Ryan Moore.
  5. Using a copy of an "ER" episode, I determined for certain that Terrence Wayne, credited only as "The Man", portrayed the character who identified himself as Alpha 7.
  6. Using episodes of "The West Wing" and "Desperate Housewives", I figured out that Dorman was "Saunders' Man", and matched him to Eamon Hunt; did the same for Gavin Glennon, who played the unnamed "Saunders' Operative" in the same episode. Originally, which actor played which character was totally ambiguous as IMDB and the internets in general had no photos of these men.
  7. Discovered that the picture and everything written about Steve (Day 5) was horribly wrong, rewrote the character article from the ground up, and corrected the actor page (Matt Huhn) appropriately.
  8. Found out that two different actors played Hasan (see here).
  9. Using a hard-to-find episode of the series "Medical Investigation", I determined for certain that Season 1 co-star Ray Hale played this deleted character.

Miscellany exploits

  • Stamped out with disturbing prejudice the web of deceit and half-truths crapped out by this wiki's worst troll.
  • Stumbled upon a mind-numbing online treasure trove of 24 actors, which is somehow packed with uncredited background extras whose work in 24 cannot even be found on IMDB. Taking no chances, I verified a handful of the unfamiliar gems and discovered that at least the following character/actor matches were accurate (bold articles/entries were created by me):
  • Performed history mergers (a rather annoying process) from deleted vandal moves on the Jack Bauer and David Palmer articles and Talk pages, as well as a few others, to restore a bunch of needlessly lost contribution history. Also, to repair improperly cut-&-pasted redirects, I performed history mergers of the pages Specter (my own early mistake, actually) and Bridgit.
  • Changed all the permanent IP blocks to finite. Permanently blocking IPs is risky because those numbers apparently get shuffled over time, and a prospective new contributor might get dealt a blocked IP unfairly (however unlikely). Re-blocks are always possible if necessary (also unlikely). The 72 I changed were recorded in Special:BlockList. Then, there was a false alarm: I discovered that BlockList did not seem to be fully comprehensive, and seemed to be missing the 137 permanent IP blocks prior to a date in mid May 2007 which do still appear in the Block Log. Quite interestingly, all those blocks did not seem to "stick"... when I try to unblock them, it says they aren't actually blocked, and when I double checked a few of them individually in BlockList, this is confirmed.

Episode guides written

Writing a competent episode guide has proven to be the sign of a truly dedicated Wiki 24 contributor. It takes more than two hours to get these right and to be as thorough and professional as possible. I couldn't help but post these with at tiny bit of fanfare: most of my episode guide post summaries are capitalized, so that my fellow recent changes patrollers can know that something momentous and wonderful just happened. ;)

Fully-loaded, main namespace articles (from scratch)

I've created a metric shit-ton of articles from scratch for all of the characters below, and uploaded pics for all of them who were not unseen. A large number of them haven't been touched by other editors, and many others were left alone for months afterward or have had absolutely no significant content changes since I created them... this is a point of pride for me. I never start articles as haggard stubs for other editors to slog through and make a billion content, style, and layout fixes. I always create my pages with as much info and proper formatting as possible before I even think of saving the page for the first time.

Full character pages

Remember, these are all from scratch.

This list does not include the very large number of content-free stubs that I've adopted and resurrected up to fully-loaded articles. I'd like to add them to a separate sub-list, but sorting through my contribs to track them down over the months since I joined this wiki would be an absurd undertaking.

Season 8

  1. Abby
  2. Amiri
  3. Andre (Day 8)
  4. Anton
  5. Chiarella
  6. Andrew Gecelovsky
  7. Paul Gecelovsky
  8. Jason (Day 8)
  9. Jim (Day 8)
  10. Marcos Al-Zacar, Sr.
  11. Mikhail (Day 8)
  12. Owen
  13. Roman

Season 7 (and Redemption)

  1. Kevin Aldridge
  2. Alves
  3. Andrews
  4. Ari
  5. Geoff Aull (character)
  6. Kim Barnhart
  7. Olivier Benamou (character)
  8. Maren Brown (character)
  9. Elisa Cohen (character)
  10. Bob Cornell
  11. Cimbe (hall guard)
  12. Cimbe (torch operator)
  13. Teo Dell'Amico (character)
  14. Adam DaSilva
  15. Dolen
  16. Laurent Dubaku
  17. Elemu
  18. David Emerson
  19. Paul Gadd (character)
  20. Alexandra Gaines (character)
  21. James Gilbert
  22. Janis Gold
  23. Gonzalez
  24. Greer (Day 7)
  25. Eric Guerin (character)
  26. Sean Hillinger
  27. Amanda Howell (character)
  28. Richard Horton
  29. Ted Hovis
  30. James (Day 7)
  31. James (Redemption)
  32. John (Redemption)
  33. Benjamin Juma
  34. Bob Justman
  35. Kilner
  36. Marci Lamont
  37. David Latham (character)
  38. Lydia
  39. Masden

Seasons 1-6

  1. Abat

    Alpha 7: "so, wouldn't it be creepy if some, like, terrorist snuck right into my office, walked directly next to me, and shot me to death? And I never saw him enter through the door that's no more than a few meters from my face?"

  2. Abdullah
  3. Achmed
  4. Adam (Secret Service)
  5. Adamson
  6. Ahmet
  7. Al (Day 4)
  8. Ali (Day 4)
  9. Alpha 7
  10. Andrew (Day 2)
  11. Anwar
  12. Appell
  13. Ari Consul
  14. Atef El-Khabir
  15. Barb
  16. Barbara Maccabee
  17. Barnes (Day 1)
  18. Barnes (Day 5)
  19. Beatriz
  20. Benson (guard)
  21. Benson (senator)
  22. Beth (Day 5)‎
  23. Bill (Day 3)

    Dr. Martinez is one of the few people who has ever been allowed to borrow Steven Colbert's actual, trademark right ear.

  24. Bob Amis
  25. Boorman
  26. Brahim Mohammed
  27. Brandon
  28. Brett
  29. Brian (Day 2)
  30. Brian (Day 3)
  31. Bruce Gluck
  32. Bryce
  33. Cale
  34. Carl
  35. Carlos Corretja
  36. Chris Porterfield (character)
  37. Clark
  38. Cobb
  39. Colette
  40. Collier (Day 6)
  41. Cori
  42. CTU SWAT agent Altieri
  43. CTU SWAT agent Hutchison
  44. CTU SWAT agent Jones
  45. CTU SWAT agent Smith (CTU)
  46. D. Davis
  47. D.J. Graves

    "Agent Dalton to base: my partner was just disintegrated in a fireball. Sooo... could I, like... get his built-in overtime and benefits?"

  48. Dalton (Day 4)
  49. Daniel
  50. Danny (Day 2)
  51. Danny (CTU)‎
  52. Davis (mercenary)
  53. Davis (Day 3)
  54. Deborah
  55. Deng
  56. Dennis
  57. Donna
  58. Dorman
  59. Doug Sloan
  60. Dr. Joyner
  61. Dr. Linzer
  62. Dr. Martinez
  63. Dr. Sanford
  64. Ed (Day 3)
  65. Elyse
  66. Emily
  67. Frank (Day 1)
  68. Frank (Day 2)
  69. Frank Cassar
  70. Frank Wells
  71. Fred Laughton

    Officer Horter to his wife: "you know, honey, I had this nightmare last night that I was responsible for the most horrifying security fuck-up in all of modern military history. Ah, whatever, I'm off to the night shift!"

  72. G. Harding
  73. Gary (Felsted employee)‎
  74. General Blaye
  75. General Gratz
  76. General Stone (general)
  77. General Thomas (Day 4)
  78. Gregor (Day 6)
  79. Gus
  80. Harris (Day 2)
  81. Hart
  82. Heather
  83. Heinrich
  84. Hikmat Palpatine
  85. Holtzman
  86. Horter
  87. Ian (Day 3)
  88. Irv
  89. James (McLennen-Forster)
  90. Jane (reporter)
  91. Jason Carasone
  92. Jay (Day 1)
  93. Jeannie
  94. Jeff

    "Hey, I'm Jimmy, and like all other 24 convenience store owners, such as Frank Davies and Doug, I am a unique character with a distinct appearance who is neither stereotypically portly nor evinces the flat disposition of blue-collar, salt-of-the-earth America."

  95. Jesper Isberg
  96. Jim
  97. Jimmy
  98. John (Day 1)
  99. John (Secret Service)
  100. Johnson (Day 3)
  101. Karris
  102. Ken Williams
  103. Kevin (CTU)
  104. Kohler
  105. Kurt Huieg
  106. Kurtzman
  107. Lamb
  108. Larry Hertzog
  109. Lerma
  110. Li
  111. Liles
  112. Luis (Day 3)
  113. M. Dunley
  114. Mae
  115. Maggie (Day 2)
  116. Marcy (Day 3)
  117. Mark Wexler
  118. Mary
  119. Matt (Day 3)
  120. Maurice Landstrass
  121. Max (Day 4)
  122. Michael
  123. Michaels
  124. Mike Redmond
  125. Mitchell (Day 4)

    Mark Wexler. The number of times you peek through the window at the people you're supposed to be closely guarding is inversely proportional to how much you suck at being a guard.

  126. Moreno (Day 5)
  127. Myra Mawk
  128. Ned
  129. Nelson
  130. North
  131. Norton
  132. Partners Bryan Chasin and Darrell Maines
  133. Partners Bergen and White
  134. Partners Graves and Martinez (Day 3)
  135. Partners Adam (Forbes bodyguard) and Jason (Day 4)
  136. Partners Craig Erwich and Rick (CTU)
  137. Partners Aaron and Sean
  138. Partners Duman and Faress
  139. Partners Pach and Young
  140. Partners Ivan (Day 5) and Ishmael
  141. Partners Marcus (Day 2) and Cole (Day 2) (somebody beat me to their partner Rouse)
  142. Partners Davies and Matthews (Day 5)
  143. Partners Patrick Priest (character) and Sterling Rush (Day 5)
  144. Partners Phil Stone (character) and Greg Nelson
  145. Partner Bronson (somebody beat me to his partner Brian Pierson)
  146. Partner Hasan‎ (somebody beat me to his partner Hasim)
  147. Parker (Day 2)
  148. Peter (Day 5)
  149. Peter Iannone
  150. Phil (Day 3)
  151. Phillips (Day 4)

    Try as he might, Steve Hillenburg could not tap his way out of his two-dimensional prison using only a paper folder. Okay, I know... this one wasn't as funny as the others.

  152. Pollock
  153. Randall Sikes
  154. Rasheed (Day 4)
  155. Raynes
  156. Rick (LAPD)
  157. Rick Garcia (character)
  158. Robert Joseph
  159. Robert Morrison
  160. Roger Taylor
  161. Rogers
  162. Rosser (Day 2)
  163. Sam Tyler
  164. Sarah (Day 3)
  165. Sayid Kolobe
  166. Scott (Peter Kingsley sniper)
  167. Scott Borman
  168. Secretary Alex
  169. Secretary Dawes
  170. Secretary Durant
  171. Secretary Jennie
  172. Sergei Voronov
  173. Shipler

    This is just an image I uploaded for the page I created for Stipes. There was room here so I inserted it because it's cool. Sorry, no jokes or anything. Really... move along please... you're creeping me out :(

  174. Simon Cullens
  175. Skeet
  176. Steve (Day 3)
  177. Steve Hillenburg
  178. Stevens (Day 3)
  179. Stevens (Day 4)
  180. Stipes
  181. Stokes (CTU)
  182. Tabitha Cofell
  183. Taylor Pascal
  184. Ted (Day 2)
  185. Theodore Cofell
  186. Tim Felson
  187. Tuers
  188. Trask
  189. Vlad
  190. Wilson (CTU security)
  191. Witt
  192. Wu San
  193. Wycoff
  194. Yuri (Day 3)
  195. Conspiracy character Matthews (Conspiracy)
  196. Conspiracy character Oliver Krakowski
  197. Deleted character Arnold
  198. Deleted character Barry (deleted)‎
  199. Deleted character Frank (deleted)‎
  200. Deleted character Hessa Marwan
  201. Deleted character Badar Marwan
  202. Deleted character Azara Nasir
  203. Deleted character Reed (deleted)
  204. Deleted character Steve (deleted)‎
  205. Deleted character Steven Wiseman

Other full articles

  1. 12451 Saticoy Boulevard
  2. 21904 Collins
  3. Al-Tahireen‎
  4. Ammonium dysterate
  5. Bella Noche Hotel
  6. Blind Justice
  7. Colonel
  8. Dawn Brigade
  9. Day 6 antagonists
  10. Dog
  11. Downey Holding Facility
  12. Factory on 6th and Alameda
  13. FB subcircuit board
  14. General
  15. IDS Data Systems
  16. People's Freedom Army
  17. Prion variant
  18. Redemption antagonists
  19. RP-7
  20. Sangala
  21. SIM card
  22. Single-episode characters (compiled using list from ASHPD24)
  23. United States Marshals Service
  24. Unnamed Day 1 characters‎
  25. Unnamed Day 2 characters‎
  26. Unnamed Day 3 characters‎
  27. Unnamed Day 4 characters‎
  28. Unnamed Day 5 characters‎
  29. Unnamed Day 6 characters‎
  30. Unnamed Day 7 characters‎
  31. Unnamed deleted characters
  32. Unnamed government officials
  33. Unnamed Redemption characters

Full actor (and crew) pages

Remember, these were all from scratch. This list does not include the large number of content-free actor and production member stubs that I've raised up to fully-loaded articles.

  1. Bernard K. Addison
  2. George Alan
  3. Kevin Scott Allen
  4. Eugene Alper‎
  5. Carmen Argenziano
  6. John Beard
  7. John Billingsley
  8. Boyuen
  9. Ike Bram
  10. Mark Bramhall
  11. Jeff Brockton
  12. Bruce Gerard Brown
  13. Eric Bruskotter
  14. Dana Bunch
  15. Matt Bushell
  16. Hector Luis Bustamante
  17. Herman Chaves
  18. Peter Chen
  19. Charles Chun
  20. Josh Clark
  21. Paul Terrell Clayton
  22. Addie Daddio
  23. John Dalton
  24. Alex Daniels
  25. Matt DeCaro
  26. Roberto DeCastro
  27. Brett DeLuca
  28. Dale Dickey
  29. Tracie Dominguez
  30. D. C. Douglas
  31. Eddie Driscoll
  32. Micheal T. Dube
  33. Brian Durkin
  34. Vince Duvall
  35. Margaret Easley
  36. Van Epperson
  37. David Fabrizio
  38. Chaz Fatur
  39. Demitri Fields
  40. V.J. Foster
  41. Jack Galle
  42. Rey Gallegos
  43. Chris Gann
  44. Gavin Glennon
  45. Peter Gregory
  46. Kelly Gullett
  47. Joseph Hacker
  48. Greg Hartigan
  49. Pat Healy
  50. Lyn Alicia Henderson
  51. Joseph Hodge
  52. Richard Holden
  53. Eamon Hunt
  54. Muttalib Ibrahim
  55. Ravil Isyanov
  56. Kris Iyer
  57. Taneka Johnson
  58. Khalil Joseph
  59. Darius Kashani
  60. Michael Khmurov
  61. Henry M. Kingi, Jr.
  62. Martin Kintu
  63. Jim Klock
  64. John Lacy
  65. Ray Laska

My image work

See my newer upload gallery and the older one.

Warning: may crash slow computers/old browsers.

My category work

I hadn't kept tabs on my category work in the past. But, going back through my automatically-generated list of contribs and doing a simple text search for keywords to compile the list of what categories I have created was a far simpler process than I initially thought, especially with a competent word processor. So here it is:

Original categories created

  1. Category:24: Conspiracy actors
  2. Category:Animals
  3. Category:Bill Buchanan
  4. Category:Charles Logan‎
  5. Category:Corrections & parole officers
  6. Category:David Palmer campaign supporters
  7. Category:Dawn Brigade separatists
  8. All twenty-four episode image categs (e.g. Category:Images (Day 4: 7:00am-8:00am)) for Seasons 2, 3, 4, 6; these have since been replaced by the Movebot
  9. Category:Day 1 antagonists
  10. Category:Day 2 antagonists
  11. Category:Day 3 antagonists
  12. Category:Day 4 antagonists
  13. Category:Day 5 antagonists
  14. Category:Day 6 antagonists
  15. Category:Day 7 characters
  16. Category:Day 8 antagonists
  17. Category:Department of Defense staff
  18. Category:Department of Justice staff
  19. Category:Defunct material
  20. Category:Drazen syndicate
  21. Category:Dubaku mole network
  22. Category:FBI agents (relabeled Category:FBI personnel)
  23. Category:Flight personnel
  24. Category:Forum archives
  25. Category:Government officials‎
  26. Category:Hours‎
  27. Category:Images (24: Conspiracy)
  28. Category:Images (24: Day Zero)
  29. Category:Images (24 Indian cast)
  30. Category:Images (24 Indian crew)
  31. Category:Images (24 Indian series)
  32. Category:Images (24: The Official Magazine)
  33. Category:Images (Allison Taylor)
  34. Category:Images (Andre Drazen)‎
  35. Category:Images (Anton Beresch)‎
  36. Category:Images (Bob Warner)‎
  37. Category:Images (Cheng Zhi)‎
  38. Category:Images (Christopher Henderson)‎
  39. Category:Images (comics)
  40. Category:Images (Day 8 promotional) & several by-day image categories for S8
  41. Category:Images (demonstrations)
  42. Category:Images (Dalia Hassan)
  43. Category:Images (Davros)
  44. Category:Images (Evelyn Martin)
  45. Category:Images (Graem Bauer)‎
  46. Category:Images (Habib Marwan)‎
  47. Category:Images (Hector Salazar)‎
  48. Category:Images (Iké Dubaku)‎
  49. Category:Images (Ira Gaines)
  50. Category:Images (James Nathanson)
  51. Category:Images (Jane Saunders)
  52. Category:Images (Jim Ricker)
  53. Category:Images (Josh Bauer)‎
  54. Category:Images (Kate Morgan)‎
  55. Category:Images (Kate Warner)‎
  56. Category:Images (Kayla Hassan)‎
  57. Category:Images (Keith Palmer)‎
  58. Category:Images (Kevin Carroll)‎
  59. Category:Images (Lisa Miller)‎
  60. Category:Images (Lynne Kresge)‎
  61. Category:Images (Mandy)‎
  62. Category:Images (Marcus Alvers)‎
  63. Category:Images (Margot Al-Harazi)
  64. Category:Images (Marilyn Bauer)‎
  65. Category:Images (media merchandise)
  66. Category:Images (Michael Amador)‎
  67. Category:Images (Miguel)‎
  68. Category:Images (Mikhail Novakovich)‎
  69. Category:Images (Mitch Anderson)‎
  70. Category:Images (Noah Daniels)‎
  71. Category:Images (Patty Brooks)
  72. Category:Images (Paul Raines)
  73. Category:Images (Pavel Tokarev)
  74. Category:Images (Peter Kingsley)
  75. Category:Images (Ramon Salazar)‎
  76. Category:Images (Reza Naiyeer)‎
  77. Category:Images (Robert Galvez)
  78. Category:Images (Rick Allen)‎
  79. Category:Images (Rob Weiss)
  80. Category:Images (Roger Stanton)
  81. Category:Images (Sarah Gavin)
  82. Category:Images (Samir Mehran)
  83. Category:Images (Stephen Saunders)
  84. Category:Images (Steve Navarro)
  85. Category:Images (Syed Ali)‎
  86. Category:Images (Tarin Faroush)‎
  87. Category:Images (Vladimir Bierko)‎
  88. Category:Images (news reports)
  89. Category:Images (special features)
  90. Category:Images (unknown-status characters)
  91. Category:Images (wiki project)
  92. Category:Images (wiki users)
  93. Category:Kamistan splinter cell
  94. Category:Kim Bauer
  95. Category:Lawyers & judges
  96. Category:Masterminds (EU)
  97. Category:News media staff
  98. Category:OTD templates
  99. Category:Police officers‎
  100. Category:Prion variant conspirators
  101. Category:QOTD templates
  102. Category:Red Square
  103. Category:Salazar drug cartel
  104. Category:Saunders bio-terrorists
  105. Category:Season 8 actors
  106. Category:Security guards‎
  107. Category:Sentox conspirators
  108. Category:Special guest appearance stars
  109. Category:Starkwood conspirators
  110. Category:The Game antagonists
  111. Category:The Game voice actors
  112. Category:Uncredited actors
  113. Category:U.S. military personnel

Re-created categories

When fellow editors can't, I take the time to completely replace categories that were created by others but could not remain in use (many on account of stuff like the capitalization policy). I did all, or almost all, of the work tagging articles to fill up these categs, but they generally weren't my brainchildren. Heh... "brainchildren".

  1. Category:Female antagonists
  2. Category:Images (cast)
  3. Category:Images (crew)
  4. Category:Images (Redemption)
  5. Category:Images (vehicles)‎
  6. Category:Non-canon characters
  7. Category:Retired U.S. military personnel
  8. Category:Secret Service agents
  9. Category:The Game
  10. Category:The Game characters‎
  11. Category:The Game missions

Other category work

I've also had my hands in almost every category on the wiki, whether I created them or not, generally to make the situation of parent- and sub-categories consistent across the board (and sometimes, to tailor what is and is not appropriate to be categorized in each respective categ). People often ignore or fail to comprehend sloppiness in categories because - let's face it - they aren't really as interesting as articles. But I strongly believe that a clean, orderly system of categories says much about how respectable a wiki really is.

Other namespace work

Pages I "started"

These are some of the pages I can claim that I started. But, as any veteran editor will immediately recognize, "started" often means the content was not originally written by the contributor, but instead just copied or hashed together from pre-existing articles. Because I am constantly dripping with awesomeness, I actually take the time to cull these out from the other pages I handcrafted instead of listing them together like a wiener. I didn't actually create all the contents of these below... I just pasted from various sources, formatted, added to, and/or altered them into a new article page.

Pulled from Unnamed characters

First is the list of those instances where I discovered a name tag on a character who was previously living on one of the unnamed characters pages:

The rest

Blue Rook's userspace index

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