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What is a "Forbidden Character"? ... Simply put, it is any character who is not permitted to have a specific place in the encyclopedia proper of Wiki 24.

More technically, because they have no names, no lines, and no on-screen actor credits at all, they are not eligible for articles (which require a name) or entries in one of the unnamed characters pages (which require spoken lines or a co-star credit at minimum). This is strictly a matter of policy and practicality. Each season has dozens of such characters: most are just background extras in the blur. But sometimes, they are unmistakably important to a scene or stand out to me for various reasons. Here is my homage to these Forbidden characters, the most memorable of the silent, unnamed rabble.


Example 1: the nearly-invisible giant assassin

Help me amplify this list. If you know of or find a character that you believe to be noteworthy enough, drop me a note on the Talk page for this essay and I'll take a look. If I agree that the character is memorable and/or important to the drama, and can grab a reasonably clear image of character, I'll add him/her with a nice big note that you were the suggester.

  • Readers will also be interested that fellow administrator and seasoned Wiki 24 veteran Acer4666 has also created a similar list—the Amusing Extras—to point out some of the most droll background performers who, upon closer inspection, simply don't pass muster. It's got just a few characters highlighted, but certainly packs a humor punch, and hopefully Acer turns out to be better at updating his list than I have been at updating this one!
2x24 crackshot

Example 2: saving Jack Bauer's life

So, without further ado, below is roughly half of these characters of the 24 universe, who I find notable enough, that are nevertheless forbidden to have their own entries in this project. See Page 2 for the other half.


Example 3: 24 has its own Cigarette Smoking Man

4x20 FML chinese

Example 4: "Uhhhhhh... that wasn't me."

Day 1 Edit

Suspicious bar guy Edit

1x15 bar guy

Giving Robert Ellis the spooks

A large man with a beard entered the New Orleans bar where Robert Ellis was on the phone with Jack, took a look around, and suspiciously departed without grabbing a drink. Ellis got spooked and even prepared his pistol. Soon, Ellis let his guard down and was garroted by a different man (see directly below).

In much the same manner as the "red-shirt guy" from Season 3, we really cannot know if this guy was allied with the terrorists or just a red herring. But whatever his intentions, he played an important role in the Ellis scenes.

Appeared in Day 1: 2:00pm-3:00pm

Robert Ellis garroter Edit


Leaving no evidence

A white male with a small mustache, this black-gloved and boat-sized man was large enough to lift Robert Ellis directly off the ground with a garrote. And Robert Ellis was no featherweight himself. This garroter sent by Andre Drazen then took all of Ellis' belongings, leaving Jack Bauer himself in a near panic. Better yet, someone in a later scene reported that no evidence of the killer was found. Guy was like a ninja. Definitely awesome.

Appeared in Day 1: 2:00pm-3:00pm and Day 1: 3:00pm-4:00pm

Agent with Daniels Edit

1x16 driver

Forced to take a dirt nap

This hard-hat wearing undercover CTU agent appeared in two scenes. The first was when the five agents (Jeff Breeher, Ted Paulson, and the undercover Daniels) were all checking in. The second was after he had been slain off-screen by Jovan Myovic, in a genuinely creepy scene where Jovan chatted quite nicely on the phone, seated next to this man's freshly murdered body. Jovan then casually placed the agent's hard-hat back on his head, posing him as if he were dozing off.

Appeared in Day 1: 3:00pm-4:00pm

Craig's accomplice Edit


Nameless goon; notable actor

The nameless thug who worked with Frank Allard and Craig is interesting because he was portrayed by Henry M. Kingi, Jr., one of 24s most prolific stunt performers. This character was killed by the police in the shootout at 1804 Glade, but that didn't stop his actor from playing roles all the way into Season 8.

Appeared in Day 1: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Portrayed by Henry M. Kingi, Jr.

Deleted character: FBI agent Edit

S1ep19 FBI

The game's up

In one of the more satisfying deleted scenes from Season 1, we see Carl Webb and the vile Latham Group confronted with... justice, finally! An unassuming FBI agent and his partner calmly walk in, he flashes his badge, and it's game over for the conspirators. Such a pity the scene wasn't aired.

Deleted scenes of Day 1: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Woman in red dress Edit


One of Palmer's many supporters

As David Palmer marched past a stream of campaign supporters, he greeted the wife or girlfriend of a guy named Michael. Like most women in red dresses on television, she was rather attractive. With more screen time than her male counterpart and others like John, this woman is a shoo-in for this list. It's too bad her silent "thank you" wasn't audible, otherwise she would be over in unnamed civilians.

Appeared in Day 1: 9:00pm-10:00pm

The Drazen boatmen Edit

S1ep24 boatmen

Speeding along to rescue the Drazens

Though the two men of Andre and Victor Drazen's final extraction team were barely visible inside their boat, their presence was an important part of Victor's death scene. First, of course, they provided the necessary "running out of time" element for Jack: either stop the Drazens now and avenge the apparent murder of Kim or they'll escape for good. After Jack killed the two terrorist ringleaders, the boatmen just float past him, helpless in the knowledge that their bosses were dead. They could have shot Jack (who was standing on the pier in a daze, pulling the trigger of an empty gun) but their impotence powerfully drove home the fact that the threat was finally over. ...Until, of course, the Nina Myers twist.

These two characters are among those in my unpublished Villains At Large list, and also play a significant role in my unfinished 24 fan fiction writing.

Appeared in Day 1: 11:00pm-12:00am

Day 2 Edit

Kidnappers of Kate and Paul Edit


They were hired at Kidnaps R'Us, a popular terrorist stop in LA

The two goons that kidnapped Kate Warner and Paul Koplin for Syed Ali were particularly memorable to me for some reason. They got good screen time and were involved in a cool action scene.

Appeared in Day 2: 3:00pm-4:00pm

Trepkos' co-conspirator Edit


The prototype for the Day 5 unnamed Bluetooth cabalist

So it was just Max and Alexander Trepkos who were Peter Kingsley's bosses in Season 2, right? Nope. In each of the two scenes where we saw Trepkos, he was always with a third man. This man was an equal of Trepkos, as evidenced by the glance they shared when Kingsley tried to persuade them that everything was all right with their unraveling plot. His body language was not an unimportant part of the scene of Trepkos' personal visit to Peter Kingsley. Of course, though, he didn't have any lines, or he'd have his own page. It is implied in the premiere of Season 3 that this fellow was arrested.

I consider this character the prototype for the unnamed Day 5 Bluetooth cabalist (down here). They're both at the top of their season's conspiracies and were never explicitly seen to face justice.

Appeared in Day 2: 3:00am-4:00am and Day 2: 7:00am-8:00am

Penultimate boss Edit

S2ep24 Kingsleyfinal

Kingsley's last henchman

If you've ever played a video game that was marketed for males, you'll probably recall the "penultimate boss", that enemy you had to defeat before facing off with the big, bad, final boss. Season 2 of 24 had such a character: the guy seen here. The brutal encounter that Jack fought with this goon was the best hand-to-hand combat of the series until — in my opinion — the John Quinn brawl. (No, the fight with Abu Fayed didn't eclipse this.) Also, this guy's right up there with Pedro as one of the finest neck-snappings that Jack ever pulled! Special thanks goes out to for tracking down the stuntman.

The stuntman, J. J. Perry, can be seen working with Kiefer Sutherland in part 2 of 24: Exposed, one of the DVD special features. This was a treat to watch. The work that went into his and Kiefer's stunts is amazing. At one point, Kief clobbers him in the face accidentally, but then a prop pistol flies into Kief's own face.

Appeared (and had his weak-ass neck snapped) in Day 2: 7:00am-8:00am
Portrayed by J. J. Perry

CTU deadeye Edit

2x24 crackshot

Pilot: Sup back there?
Sniper: Nothin'. Just saving Jack Bauer's life.

... Before Renee saved Jack from Mehran's terrorists in Season 8...
... before Chloe walked Jack through disarming a nuke in Season 6...
... even before Tony ever rescued Jack from Powell's gunmen in Season 4...
This guy saved Jack's life by blowing away Peter Kingsley at the last possible instant. Few people have the distinction of saving our beloved hero. But this dude set the standard. Kudos to you, chief.

User:Acer4666 pointed out to me that this fellow appears in 24: Exposed... it's quite an enjoyable featurette to watch. This guy identifies himself as a cook at a Hermosa Beach restaurant in a brief interview. You get to see Jon Cassar flip out when the chopper pilot speeds away too soon, apparently forgetting Cassar's directions earlier in the day to linger overhead after the shots are fired. It seems they needed more than one take to do the scene.

Additionally, as a general commentary: this fellow is demonstrative of one of Season 2's stronger points. And by that, I mean how uniquely well represented was the broader apparatus of the US government during this season. This is in contrast to most of the following seasons, in which Jack has to do pretty much everything from start to finish, and nearly everyone on Earth stands in his way. But in Season 2, Jack didn't even find the actual bomb. Nameless government agents confronted the real terrorist at the airport and seized the weapon. Sure, Jack played the key role; but it wasn't his direct action which saved the day. The point I make is that in Season 2, Jack is much closer to a real-life hero, and less of the outrageously fictional superhero he became later, especially during Season 5.

Appeared in Day 2: 7:00am-8:00am

Day 3 Edit

Heroin girl Edit

3x2 addict

Excellent living standards

When Jack and Chase go to arrest Zach Parker in a slum, a rather attractive woman is centrally featured for a few moments, seated atop a pile of rags, injecting heroin into her foot. The look on her face is nowhere near as priceless as the look on Jack's. There is a very obvious moral to be gleaned from this scene... keep the door closed when you shoot up, folks!

Appeared in Day 3: 2:00pm-3:00pm

Virus courier 0 Edit

3x11 courier

Courier Zero

Think that Marcus Alvers was the first Cordilla virus courier? Pshaw. That fool was the first courier for Saunders. Hours before Alvers got his grubby mitts on the virus—hell, even before Michael Amador himself got ahold of it—the guy pictured here was entrusted with it. Working directly for Yuri and the other Ukrainians who created the virus, he rolled over at top speed with a handful of others in a vehicle to deliver it for Amador's staged auction, giving Amador the chance to pose for this now-famous photo. Impressively, Courier Zero seemed to vanish with the rest of Amador's crew in Mexico.

Appeared in Day 3: 11:00pm-12:00am

Motorcycle red herring Edit

3x20 biker trainstop

Dramatic tension

In one of several red herring situations during Season 3, the 24 creators had the audience believe that Stephen Saunders was going to kidnap his own daughter Jane as well as Kim Bauer. And so, a dude on a motorcycle takes a look at Kim while the ladies are stopped for a train crossing. As it turns out, he was merely checking out the hot blonde: Saunders plan had nothing to do with Jane or Kim... his scheme was to kidnap Michelle Dessler.

Thanks to anonymous editor for bringing this character to my attention

Appeared in Day 3: 8:00am-9:00am

Day 4 Prequel Edit

Mexican coyote pair Edit

Preq4 smugglers

Human smugglers

The heavy-hitting terrorist Tomas Sherek got a pair of Mexicans to ferry him illegally across the border into the US. Known as coyotes in real life, these poor criminals had no idea who they were dealing with. Sherek repaid them for their illicit services with an exploding bomb beneath their suitcase of money. It was a silly scene, because a terrorist trying to sneak into the country would never draw that much attention to himself.

One of the two men had lines, but these were spoken in Spanish (English lines would have made them eligible for an unnamed characters entry).

Appeared in Season 4 Prequel
Portrayed by stunt performers Eddie J. Fernandez and Robert Alonzo

Mexican coyote Edit

Preq4 smuggler

Receiving an unexpected form of payment

Right after Sherek was transferred across the border out of Mexico, he murdered the coyote on the American side with a sound-suppressed pistol, and tossed his body into the trunk before the man even fell over. Like his pair of friends on the other side of the border, this guy didn't see the danger coming until it was too late. He had some lines, but as they were spoken in a language other than English, he is not eligible for an unnamed characters entry.

Appeared in Season 4 Prequel

Day 4 Edit

Brody's bodyguard Edit


Brody's bodyguard, eyeing a suspicious man

Brody had a bodyguard who had good screen time, and whose facial expressions were critical to the drama of the opening scene of this season's premiere. He's also one of the first characters we see.

Special thanks to William.Y.Fremont for somehow discovering the stuntman who played this role!

Appeared in Day 4: 7:00am-8:00am
Portrayed by stunt performer Norman Howell

Train passenger Edit


A regular Joe being suspected of terrorism

An unsuspecting fellow on the train was eyed by the bodyguard in the entry above, and Brody. Again, an important character establishing the tension from the first moments of the Season 4 opener.

Appeared in Day 4: 7:00am-8:00am

Compound guard Edit

S4ep6 guard

You try withholding information from Jack

Jack single-handedly infiltrated a massive terrorist hive to save his lover Audrey Raines and her father, SecDef James Heller. After wasting a few villains, Jack immobilized this guy here and extracted Heller's location from him. He then knocked the man out. Given that later it was reported that all the terrorists were killed, I assume this guy woke up in time to fire at the Marines only to get permanently laid out.

Thanks to William.Y.Fremont for reminding me to update my list with this character.

Appeared in Day 4: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Portrayed by stunt performer Michael Hilow

Marwan's cigarette man Edit


The chain smoking terrorist

Habib Marwan almost went through more second-in-commands than the USA went through 2nd lieutenants in Vietnam. Navi Araz, Omar, Yosik Khatami (whose work was mostly done before the day), Ali, Rafique, Hikmat Palpatine, and Yassir all ran separate sub-cells or operations in Los Angeles. He even had Sabir Ardakani and Abat in other states entirely. But the first person seen at Marwan's right hand, seconds before we even see Marwan himself, is this fellow (that's where I got this great image of him).

In addition to that scene, at 1:40pm this man specifically is ordered by Marwan to give Navi Araz anything he needs to clean up his family "mess", and he gets even more lingering camera time then, too.

Hours later, at 7:10pm, he's at the same table chatting away (in Turkish?) with three other mysterious Marwan supporters, including one portrayed by actor Jay Harik (who strangely received a co-star credit).

Appeared in Day 4: 1:00pm-2:00pm, Day 4: 7:00pm-8:00pm, possibly others

Agent McFireball Edit

S4ep8 exploded

The star of the CTU BBQ

"Impound the car, strip and search it," Curtis ordered, throwing this young fellow the key belonging to Marianne Taylor. Moments later, the young fellow—father of two gorgeous newborn twins, husband to a beautiful bride, fervent patriot, and promising young career-minded CTU staffer—ignored his orders and instead enjoyed an impromptu lunch of spicy Slim Jims and Four Loko. Well, at least that's how it should have happened...

Very special thanks to William.Y.Fremont for bringing this guy to my attention for addition here.

Charbroiled in Day 4: 2:00pm-3:00pm

Powell's killer Edit


And that's how you close a 24 episode!

The sniper working for Marwan that brought down Henry Powell earned a spot in my "Villains @ Large" ranking system quite awhile back. I've created such a mythos in my head about this guy that I just needed to add him here. His expertise with the cross hairs made for a major setback for Jack Bauer, as well as one hell of an ending for an episode.

Appeared in Day 4: 2:00pm-3:00pm

False Marwan Edit

S4ep11 tricked

A little racial profiling, perchance?

As Jack and Curtis carefully scanned through the IDS Data Systems office, looking for terrorist ringleader Habib Marwan, Jack zeroed in on this man. Possibly Middle Eastern, this fellow was looking over his shoulder warily... but because he was playing a computer card game, not because he was screwing with the Dobson Override. Jack alerted Curtis and they got close, but quickly reversed the stalk.

Very special thanks to William.Y.Fremont for bringing this guy to my attention for addition here.

Appeared in Day 4: 5:00pm-6:00pm

Prado's federal marshal Edit


Don't tase me, Jack!

Barely seen was the federal marshal assigned by the unseen Judge Norton to protect Joe Prado. He is memorable only because he gets tasered by Jack for a good long shock and passes out like any oblivious agent who gets in Jack's way should.

Appeared in Day 4: 12:00am-1:00am

Misfortune cookie Edit

4x20 FML chinese

What's the abbreviation of FML in Chinese?

In the heat of a one-sided shootout at the Chinese consulate, this guard turns out to be a wild success at blowing away his own boss. The look of shock is priceless. And, any good 24 fan knows the disastrous chain of events started by this fool's awful shooting. To summarize: it caused Cheng Zhi to become Jack's nemesis. Very, very bad news for Jack.

Special thanks to Nfl392 for recommending this character.

Appeared in Day 4: 2:00am-3:00am

Volunteer driver Edit

4x21 driver

Cool enough to ride with Jack and Curtis

After the raid became known, everyone at CTU during Day 4 wished they were awesome enough to ride with Jack Bauer, Curtis Manning, Howard Bern, and Melissa Raab during the off-book raid of the Chinese consulate. It seems only this guy had the guts to volunteer with them. He was the driver for the operation and one of the select few entrusted with the secrecy... before, of course, everything went haywire when Koo Yin was killed, and tons of other CTU persons had to get involved in the cover-up.

Okay, I know he isn't terribly important to the plot. But hey, look at the good picture I got.

Appeared in Day 4: 3:00am-4:00am

Shifty CTU impostor Edit

S4ep23 kidnapBern

A shifty-eyed goon if there ever was one

When Howard Bern was transferred from CTU LA to another location, this fellow stood in for the real CTU agents that Cheng Zhi had murdered. The cagey mannerisms of this guy absolutely gave away the nature of Bern's predicament for astute viewers. Textbook "dramatic irony" from high school literature class.

Appeared in Day 4: 5:00am-6:00am

(Day 4: Conspiracy) Edit

Blond-haired assailant Edit


Holding Susan's contact at gunpoint.

A blond-haired terrorist located and held captive an ex-Department of Defense contact of Susan Walker. The terrorist coerced the contact to lure Walker and Martin Kail into a trap, so that Kelly could sell top-secret missile launch codes to Navi Araz without interference. Kail and Walker found the corpse of the contact, but avoided the trap and killed the assailant.

An entry for this goon remained, unmolested, on the Unnamed terrorists page from 2008 July 3 through 2011 April 24. That's almost three years for a Forbidden character to be in the Main namespace, breaking all our rules! flaunting all our policies! What a bastard! Since I added the guy, I take all the blame.

Another thanks goes to William.Y.Fremont for discovering this character's performer!

Appeared in 24: Conspiracy
Portrayed by David Orth

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