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Who Is This Man ?

Mystery solved on 2010 Aug 9! Thanks User:SignorSimon!

S1ep16 Mishko Suba


This isn't a joke or gag, or a quiz to which I already know the answer. I genuinely want to know the name of the stunt performer/action actor who seems to have portrayed all the roles listed below. This fellow's identity remains one of my biggest 24 mysteries. Michael Hilow might be the closest match but I'm not satisfied this is the same man. Jump on the talk page to help me or solve this if you can.

Established roles Edit

Solved! Edit

... he is Laurence Todd Rosenthal !

Key project contributor Simon determined who this actor was by actually taking the time and asking Michael Hilow, another of 24's stunt performers. Wish I thought of that! Huge thanks to Simon!

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