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Below you will find an obnoxiously large gallery of images I've uploaded here. It has been divided arbitrarily into two pages for easier loading.

It should be noted that although I've been uploading images since 2007 April 12 (my first day on this wiki), there is another contributor and fellow admin, SignorSimon, who is definitely our resident image expert. My sum of image uploads will never come close to quantity of his hard work.

My original image uploads Edit

Below is one of the galleries of all the original images I've uploaded for our premier wiki. I got this list from the Upload Log and used simple spreadsheet commands to wikify it in one fell swoop. I also screened out stuff from the log that isn't my original work, namely, image moves and those images of mine which were later uploaded over by other contributors. Images like those are listed in their own separate subsections at the bottom.

Please note that, given the porous nature of images on a wiki, someone might come along and upload a new version of any one of these. I will keep this gallery as accurate as possible should improved or alternate versions of my uploads from other users come along.

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Page 1Page 2

I have excluded File:Tempsig.jpg for obvious reasons as well as the placeholders File:Unident4gallery.jpg, File:Unseen4gallery.jpg.

Re-upload "moves" & others Edit

Some of the images in the short list below are merely re-uploads of others' images which I performed before Wikia implemented the Move function for files. Others are altered versions of pre-existing images. In the Upload Log, it says I created most of these, so I'm listing these here to discriminate these from the actual screenshots I took (listed above).

Images that others have replaced Edit

As with any wiki, sometimes other contributors come along with better or alternative versions of an image, and upload over your original image. This has occurred in the cases below for me. You can see my versions in the File History of the images linked here.

Blue Rook's userspace index Edit

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