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Welcome 24 fans!

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Blue Rook and Wiki 24

This wiki was founded on 2005 September 29. Later, on 2007 April 10, I arrived and made my first edit (to the now-deleted "Characters by groups" article) under the IP Once I got knee deep here at Wiki 24, I looked through the older history of many of the articles, and was conveniently able to peruse, armchair-style, just how much this wiki had grown, without having done any of the hard work of the wiki's first year-and-a-half myself. I came to this place after most of the sloppy kinks had been worked out, and still regret that I completely missed out on a gritty mini-epoch of pioneering in the 24 microcosm. I am thankful for all the persistence of the dedicated contributors whose sweat and countless clicks of Show preview have made this wiki a store of knowledge that towers above the myriad of embarrassingly disorganized (and downright ugly) wikis out there. My tenure here has seen incredible growth at this wiki, and with the indispensable work of a fantastic cadre of faithful contributors and anonymous users throughout the years, this place has become the premier source for 24 information!

I continually attempt to make up for my 2007 arrival by doing my best to make only quality contributions. I pay careful attention to detail, and work to have my edits as concise and formatted as possible before hitting that all-important Save page button. I practice diligence in my efforts to be as objective as possible without stepping on any toes.

On 2007 June 5, I was appointed an administrator here at Wiki 24. I am always eager and proud to be available as a resource to any 24 fan and user here who has legitimate concerns and questions. After looking around a bit to see if your concern has already been addressed, you should never hesitate to drop your question (and sign it with four tildes!) at the bottom of my talk page.

24 events that someone should count:
  • total number of times Jack says "... we're running out of time..."
  • total number of times Chloe risked losing her job for Jack
  • total number of times innocent women get interrogated
  • total number of times someone demands a pardon / immunity
  • total number of captured villains that Jack personally tortures
  • total number of times a seductress is seen leaving a man's bed
  • total number of times Jack gets captured and escapes
  • total number of times Jack almost gets killed and escapes

Editing focuses

View my personal contributions page, which orders my work here by priority and with a dose of humor, or check out the (boring) automatic list of my edits here. In the past, I blustered about how user contribution exhibitionism was stupid and vain. Well, in the meantime I would still always link to the automated list of my contribs in my signature, which is essentially the same behavior, but perhaps even more aggressively vain. So I realized the double standard and took a moment to wikify the text file I keep of my original contributions. I added some pics to break up the monotony of the huge lists, and posted it here. Enjoy folks! Oh, and I promise not to update it every damn time I add something; updates will be kept strictly periodical.

In summary I enjoy:

  • Watchdogging the latest intel
  • Creating and maintaining minor character pages
    • Scum and villainy: minor terrorists, hostiles, and antagonists of all kinds. You may hate to admit it... but without masterminds and murderers, radicals and religious fanatics, professional assassins and mercenaries, traitors and moles, conspirators, bomb-makers, saboteurs, hitmen, and muscle-for-hire... there would be no 24. If each of the latter took their respective days off, our favorite show would be a stale character drama free from explosions, gunplay, car wrecks... and any need for a digital countdown clock at all. My first primary focus was to ensure that each one of the qualifying villains (from the aimless goons to the self-serving geniuses) gets his or her own page or unnamed entry and whatever recognition is available... just so I have some leverage in case I'm held hostage by one of them some day.
  • Making grammatical and sentence fixes
  • Maintaining character lists such as categories and the Day # antagonists pages

Jack's women

Jack, a brilliant, loyal alpha male with a vulnerable side, has been close with a small entourage of various beautiful women. But, given his dangerous lifestyle, the odds of surviving a relationship with Jack are, to use a term frequently employed by statisticians, shitty. In terms of the survivability of his love interests, Jack ranks worse than Henry VIII.

Name Thoughts
Marilyn Bauer - Alive In my opinion, it is an open secret that Jack fathered Josh Bauer with Marilyn. Josh was nothing like Graem(e?), his "father", whereas his appreciation for "Uncle" Jack was palpable.
Teri Bauer - Killed (by Nina) The true love of Jack's life, and mother of Kim. Her murder closed Season 1 on a surprising and tragic note. Of all the women who followed Teri, I believe that only Audrey, below, seems to have gotten somewhat as close to Jack’s heart as Teri was.
Nina Myers - Killed (by Jack) Jack had a fling with CTU coworker Nina during a separation from Teri. Nina, however, was the show’s archetypical mole, and also certainly Jack’s worse love interest. She later murdered Teri… but some years later, Jack got his revenge.
Kate Warner - Alive Jack and Kate were sittin' in a tree following Season 2, but broke up before Season 3. Not counting how they met (the chaos of Season 2), I suspect Kate was Jack’s most "normal" relationship, if only because nothing crazy enough happened to make it onto the show. Kate got a nice little cameo in the Season 3 premier, and what I consider a dignified send-off.
Claudia Hernandez - Killed (in Mexico) While deep undercover in the Salazar cartel, Jack messed around with a drug-lord's girlfriend. Oh, the balls! She was cut down by crossfire from Hector's thugs.
Audrey Raines - Killed (by Cheng's men) Jack started dating Audrey while she was separated from Paul. A fairy-tale story, really: Jack is forced to let Paul die in front of everyone, and Audrey is later kidnapped in China, drugged into a near-permanent stupor, and nearly killed. Years later and within a few hours of reentering Jack's violent world, she is shot to death.
Diane Huxley - Alive While Audrey thought that Jack was dead, Jack became the man of the house for Diane and her son Derek Huxley. Jack was in hiding this whole time, but the colossal events of Season 5 tore them apart. Diane is memorable for the fact that she clearly knew Jack was hiding from his past, but did not care one bit and loved him anyway.
Renee Walker - Killed (by Russians) I think Jack and Renee only had 1 intimate encounter, but she worked our hero’s Washington Monument well enough for him to utter the only line in ’’24’’ history that made be do a spit-take: "I am ‘’so’’ thirsty." CTU NY, not Jack, brought Renee in to the events of Season 8, but her murder caused Jack to go on an offscreen, yet still epic, killing spree.

Character favorites

Favorite heroes (besides Jack)
Chloe shares with Jack that clear view of the common good, a certain sense that nearly every other character seems to miss. While others in CTU and elsewhere have misaligned personal loyalties to themselves and third parties, Chloe has put Jack and the common good before her own career so many times that it would be tedious to count.
Everyone agrees with me on this one. If you don't, jump from the nearest skyscraper or cliff, and stab yourself the whole way down.
With a character as solid as his voice is monotone, this CTU special agent in charge follows orders so long as they don't conflict with his ultimate sense of duty to the country. I felt that things were safest for Jack when Bill was in charge, more so than during the tenure of any of Bill's predecessors.
My opinion of Heller has changed over time. I formerly perceived him to be a hero of colossal proportions, but I was being blinded by my enjoyment of William Devane's acting style. Heller made a number of mistakes which I had simply overlooked. Worst among them was his failure to even try to get Jack out of China after Day 5. Heller was trying to protect his own daughter, but look how poorly that turned out?
After some screw ups, Novick got his act together and did his best to steer America despite President Logan's horrible lack of leadership. He is also the master of that stare... the stare that simultaneously says "you're a prick" as clear as day, but somehow retains enough ambiguity to force you to ignore it every time. Logan got it about 35 times per hour in Day 5.
Favorite criminal masterminds
I've updated this list to reflect my changing opinions about the villains of 24. Sometimes they don't actually seek to maliciously harm Americans. They only brought terror to America to serve their bizarre, treasonous view of a larger common good that is irreconcilable with the common good of... well, the television audience. Season 5 had such a surplus of these excellent villains that I've grown to see them as the best rogues gallery thus far. And, hats off to Paul McCrane for outstanding performances in both seasons.
The insouciant ease with which Saunders ordered the release of the outrageously lethal Cordilla virus makes him the most dangerous of all the show's villains: that virus could have spread throughout the continent, as his right-hand man Osterlind noted, and conceivably have spread globally, killing billions. He was once a good guy, too. He gets second place because his motivation was barely explained and he left his colossal Achilles' heel completely unguarded.
Max simply orchestrated so much outrageous carnage in Day 2 (and apparently the Game) from the comfort of his own yacht that it stuns me. He combined malicious planning and coordination with straight up sloth. I sure wish I could get as much done from a chaise lounge and a cell phone as Max.
Marwan was an exceptional terrorist leader, but despite nearly endless resources, years of planning, and a freakishly huge collection of subordinates, most of his schemes failed. If all his plans worked without a hitch, America would have become a nuclear wasteland, because if the Dobson Override had not been recaptured, the 48 contiguous would be a smoking, steaming, radioactive ruin. This is notwithstanding his successful attack on Air Force One itself, nor his backup plan of using the nuclear football to steal and fire our own warheads at U.S. soil. Also, wasn't Vosloo's acting a little stale and flat?
Foreshadowing the irresponsible intrigue of the Day 5 conspirators, these Americans similarly aided terrorists back in Day 2 with the intention of increasing American security down the line. But they were more dupes than anything.

Character least favorites

In no particular order:

  • Carrie Turner – a character who was somehow as brutally annoying as she was forgettable. I don’t recall having any problems with the actress’s performance, but the “disruptive staffer” thing has been done so much on 24 that I can’t help myself but despise this prototype from Season 2.
  • Vladimir Bierko – a billionaire with a Russian-separatist philosophy. Good in theory, but as a villain he was competing way too much for our attention with Christopher Henderson, Charles Logan, and later, Graem. Due to Julian Sands rather flat performance, Bierko didn’t cut it as “mastermind”, and the show naturally gravitated toward the more interesting American conspirators. And I’m supposed to believe that lame escape from the CTU prison convoy? Worst, it was simply painful to watch this character kill off a character who was played by the superior actor Mark Sheppard. Sheppard was seriously underemployed here. Just look at his performance as Romo Lampkin in “Battlestar Galactica”.

The Villains @ Large ranking

"I really should've stayed in bed this morning..."

Any good action-drama series leaves some antagonists on the run, and 24 is no exception. But for every 24 maleficent who still breathes free air, there seems to be something like 30 who get killed or captured, making these a precious cesspool of only the best and most dangerous. I've collected all of my favorites from a larger list of at-large antagonists and placed them here.

Again, to be a villain at large, you need to be A) not dead, and B) not in custody.

"Dead or alive, you're coming with... damn!"

Villain Factor 0: It's game over man, game over!

From mastermind to moron, VF0 is where all the dead and arrested goons wind up in my scale. Make no mistake: this is very much a race to see who gets removed from the list, and who stays in its higher echelons on that wretched day when the 24 microcosm closes shop and goes off the air.

Villain Factor 1: Dumb luck

Here we have unexceptional villains who happened to be blessed by the capricious wink of Lady Luck. Last time we saw each of these, they were forehead deep in a quagmire of trouble. They were probably captured given the circumstances of their respective situations, but they are on this list because they were all last seen on-screen or heard of as still active.

1.1: Frank

On a good day, Frank may aspire to be a low-level thug's sidekick.

1.2: Sabir Ardakani

It's only a matter of time before this pawn is caught: CTU pulled up his dossier, got his girlfriend on their side, and raided his house. C'mon... lying persuasively to your girlfriend/boyfriend about your not-so-Kosher activities is a basic skill that any villain should have already mastered before the big day.

"What? The loser says wha... oh."

1.3: Andrei

Adept with technology but barely above a basic goon, it's a miracle Jack didn't shoot this guy. I really think he was written off because of contractual issues between the show and the actor. Why else didn't we see him get killed, like all the other sidekicks? (see right)

1.4: Sergei Voronov

The name of this East European Dawn Brigade terrorist was dropped in a recorded confession of Jacob Rossler. It's only a matter of time before he's tied up in a dismal industrial sub-basement in Turkmenistan, covered in soap-bar welts and missing his fingernails while he waits for the next boat to Guantanamo Bay.

1.5: Co-conspirators of Reed Pollock

At around 2:25pm on Day 6, Assad prophesied to Wayne Palmer that Americans close to him were as big a threat to him as foreign Muslim extremists (one of the better moments of that season). The scene cuts away to Reed Pollock; later we see Bruce Carson. These two assassinate-y conspirators get arrested, but the audience is made aware that a number of unseen others were definitely involved too. These WASPy shkotzim were no doubt revealed to the government in Reed's long winded and desperate confession to Peter Hock.

1.6: FBI Agent Lennert

In a tense scene, Lennert helps Alan Tanner escape. He then slips into the shadows, one of nearly one-hundred people in federal US law enforcement getting diamonds or blood money from Dubaku. Though he was never mentioned again, the events of Season 7 very strongly imply that his was among all those names that Dubaku had secretly stored on the flash drive that was seized and turned over to the authorities. When Sean Hillinger was arrested, it represented to my satisfaction the arrest of Lennert and all the other unnamed blood diamond conspirators as well.

Villain Factor 2: Ridiculous

This is where I've placed all the characters who take exceptional risks in the field. One misstep and any of these guys could have been demoted to factor 0.

Just a glimpse... and then he's gone

2.1: The dude who shot Henry Powell

Sure, Marwan probably picked this guy up at Snipers "R" Us, but no doubt he cost a little more than Marwan's other sniper, likely hired on the same day. This mystery dude took a single rooftop shot and picked off Henry Powell from a considerable distance and then faded out faster than Matthew Modine's career after the Full Metal Jacket. Jack may have gotten a quick glimpse of him, but, unlike Janet Jackson's nipple in the real world, in-universe characters didn't get to stop events and take a screencap for perusal afterward. This dude was as slick as the cartilage in a runner's knee joint, a mile-high and mile-away heavy hitter who foiled even the Great Agent Bauer, and then got away. I originally had him in Factor 4, but that was a bad call: he's not diabolical... just a really sick sniper.

2.2: Dubaku's subcommander

In a scene from Season 7, a car with two Secret Service agents was blown up by a group of heavily armed men working for Colonel Dubaku. Even though the President herself had the location of these terrorists, there was no mention of law enforcement being sent to apprehend these men if I remember correctly. So, in the world of 24, there's a good chance they got off scot-free and faded into the background, just like Emerson and his group did during Season 5.

"The sunglasses helmet was a bad idea tonight..."

2.3: Dar

Dar was one smooth operator. He wrecked a train, retrieved secret cargo, and delivered it in no time. Plus we only get to see his face for a matter of seconds, and that's it. Poof. (see right)

2.4: Jonathan Matijevich

You know you're hard core when you get plastic surgery to look like a guy who may or may not be successfully dispatched on the same day you have to carry out an assassination that may or may not go to hell in a hand-basket at any second. And he can run from authority faster than Nikola Tesla could run from a woman: Jonathan escaped from a building chock-full of Secret Service and security agents without a hitch.

2.5: Garroter of Robert Ellis

A freakishly huge hitter who brought down heavyweight Robert Ellis with piano wire and nonchalantly strolled away. Very impressive, and very evil.

2.7 Russian agent

2.6: Audrey's killer

Just after Audrey Boudreau survives her harrowing situation pinned down by Cheng's sniper: boom, she's dead... and her killer gets away!

2.7: Russian agent

This dirtbag orchestrates the kidnapping of Chloe, and then gives Jack the Hobson's Choice of surrendering himself or letting Chloe remain in captivity. He is honorable, however, and frees Chloe as promised. While I'd still call him a villain, he's not a terrorist: he's trying to right what he perceives as a wrong done to Russia by Jack.

Villain Factor 3: Slippery

Though my favorite character in this ranking is at the very end of this list, my favorite category is right here at villain factor 3. This space is reserved for conspirators who had all the tangibility of a puff of smoke: they are never verifiably seen or implicated by the good guys, and may possibly never get caught because of it. So wise are they that in nearly each case, they confined themselves exclusively to safe places and cell phones; if field work was ever done by them, it was never gritty or risky. Cowards, you say? Of course... we're talking about villains. Cowards, yes... but smart ones.

"...and that's the last time I showered with my da..."

3.1: Abat

Abat's name was dropped just once in a throwaway line from Hikmat Palpatine to Habib Marwan. He's quite possibly still over in New York, scheming away. Or eating twinkies.

3.2: Alexander Trepkos & his unnamed buddy

Alex and the man who always appeared with him managed to keep their heads despite the fact that their co-conspirator and their man in the field got bagged. Alex doesn't make the top grade, however, because he simply wasn't in the loop for Plan B, which seemed to be business strictly between Max and Mandy. (see right, on cell phone)

3.4: Ghost employers of Nina Myers

During Day 1, Nina was employed by mystery Drazen supporters, not the Drazens themselves, who may / may not have been the ghost Germans she contacted while she tried to flee. (Max was a German seen with her in a deleted scene for Day 2, but that doesn't guarantee anything.) Then in Day 3, she showed up working for god-knows-who when she bids on and wins the Cordilla virus.

Masterminds on the lam... ?

3.5: Ron (Day 5), Robert Joseph, and their colleague

Co-conspirators with Graem Bauer. Ron had the cojones to openly doubt their plan. The other two were so shadowy that even we the viewers didn't get to hear their names (Robert has been identified in the 24 Trading Card Game). Both Charles Logan and Graem trusted them with their lives and reputations. (see right)

3.6: Bryce Moore

We'll never know who this is: Phillip and Graem, his only known accomplices, are both dead.

Villain Factor 4: Diabolical

You just might get some action... before she kills you

What are a fan favorite and a near non-entity doing in the superlative category? Read on...

4.1: Mandy

An obvious choice for any real 24 fan. She has the highest seniority, too, qualifying for my list since the first hour of day one. She has the third highest villain's body count as well, with 257 dead after blowing up Flight 221 plus a boatload of other unfortunate folks (after only Abu Fayed who managed to nuke more than 12,000 Americans and bomb hundreds of others beforehand; and Cheng Zhi's sinking a ship carrying over 1000).

If you're lucky, you won't hear the nuke coming

4.2: Robert Morrison

Nobody remembers Robert Morrison. I even had to make the page for him. Why does he get the highest Villain Factor, then? For giggles, start with the small stuff: he has enough roots to have access to at least one professional hitman who does emergency house calls without question. Now let's see what Morrison really did: he launched a modern hydrogen bomb on a stealth missile at LA. in exchange for money. Not for religious beliefs, or anything. For dollars. It was in the air, and was only shot down by good fortune. Think about that for a good long while. Get back to me if you still think Mandy is better. Unlike Mandy, he was never caught, and although Marwan probably never got to pay that last installment, Morrison still walked away with a few cool million for his villainy.
I'm creating a separate category for him (Villain Factor 5: God cowers in fear) if Morrison turns out to be Canadian.

Where the hell is . . . Dead? alive? persistent vegemite state?

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