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Hey Everyone, I'm Marie from Nevada and I love 24! The name Cantanarazzo is an inside joke between me and my friend Ruth, who I managed to convince to watch 24 too.

I was looking on Wikipedia for Marie Warner because I look just like her except without the evil smile and I found the link to this. I've always been a guest but never wanted to join but now I have lol. I want to help with the upcoming season 6 because I'm sure it will be very busy for everyone here.


I started watching 24 in Season 3 and although I didn't like that season so much I still thought it was a great show with all the great elements. My Favorite character is Jack Bauer of course, and I wish that some day they could show Jack having ice cream with Kim, that would be the cutest scene don't you think? lol.

Besides Jack I think Chloe O'Brian is an awesome character and I really really hope she isn't killed off this season because she is just awesome! She really is necessary to Jack because she helps out with Everything.

Other InterestsEdit

My Favorite films and stuff after 24 have been:

  • Final Destination Series (Julie Christensen)
  • Poseidon
  • The Sheild
  • Alias
  • Lost
  • Die Hard
  • Authors: Amy Tan, John Grisham, Lemony Snicket, J.K.Rowling lol, others


Even though I am a very reserved girl, you'd be suprised how interesting I find action and disaster films. They are intriguing and keep you on the edge of your seat.

When I saw Aliens when I was younger and wanted to hide in my room while my Dad and older brother were watching it but I had to watch the next part 'cause I just had too, it's like a car crash: People don't want to look but they have too. I am not morbid, but anyone who likes 24 must agree, the action is just great isnt it?


WOw I can't believe how unpredictable the writers of 24 are. I love it! Puts you on the edge of your seat, You cant expect anything, nothing is predictable. When Teri Bauer died, I was so shocked and sad but at the same time felt it was a prefect movie element. Same with Chase's arm, Marie Warner killing Reza, President Logan being involved, Chinese kidnapping, Edgar's death, Paul Raines'S murder, and many many more. They need to have a scene where Jack must choose between two close people, then leave it as a cliffhanger.

I so thought that Christopher Henderson was gonna kill Audrey when Jack handed the tape over. When she screamed I covered my mouth and thought, Oh my God, he did it.' Same when I thought Nina Myers slashed Mahmud's throat with a gift card, genius. I thought for so long that James Heller was dead, and that Chloe was going to get killed when she left CTU. Instead she tazed that guy-twice! and survived. That is my favorite scene of all time.

Season 6!Edit

My Dad , brother and I have decided to record all the episodes but not watch them. When the season is over we will have a 24fest and watch the whole season, all day with pizza and no commercials!

It's like, torture not being able to watch it now. My friends Ruth and Julie promised not to give anything away but they can't keep a secret, I hope no one cool dies!

I'll try to make Terrorists Day 5. I think that's a better name for it.


Cantanarazzo speaks fluent German and did you know that Bauer means farmer in German? She also can do sign language and read lips.

  • I hope I can help out as much as I can!
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