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About MeEdit


  • Single camera sitcoms
  • The Cold War
  • World History
  • Democrats
  • Hillary and Obama
  • Fiji
  • Bikinis
  • Star Wars and Star Trek
  • Indian food
  • Alanis Morriset
  • Multiple camera sitcoms
  • World War One
  • Australian History
  • Republicans
  • Dubya and Dick
  • Switzerland
  • Wetsuits
  • Farscape and Babylon 5
  • Chinese food
  • Hillary Duff

DISCLAIMER: I got the idea for the above from Proudhug. I changed his things though, put in my own.

Bio Edit

Conspiracy Unit started watching 24 in Australia when he was 10; the first season blew him (me) away, but because the second season aired at 8:30, and that just happened to be my bedtime (awwwww!), he couldn't be bothered taping it every week.

And so, gradually, he forgot about Jack Bauer, CTU Los Angeles, President Palmer and even that cute chick who stood up to George Mason (YES!!!!!).

Aside from one night during the school holidays when he saw his dad watching the third season and being shocked that Kim Bauer was working at CTU, he lost contact with the 24 world....

Until one night, when he was visitting his grandparents in Melbourne in 2005, he saw a television advertisment for the fourth season, and was surprised. (I didn't know "they" still made "that 24-hour show").

After much cajoling, his grandparents agreed to let him watch it. And, once again he was obsessed. He found people at school when he returned to his home town and his parents. When it ended, and Jack walked off into the sunset, he was overjoyed, because...

a)The last 11 weeks of television had been BRILLIANT! The ending had been UNEXPECTED! And the new prez was a JACKASS!

b)Jack's little covenant of people that knew he was alive consisted of Chloe O'Brian and MICHELLE!, who was an awesome actress and a great character, not just physically attractive.

Many of those with whom I had been watching the show with lost faith, and believed that there would be no more.

Oh, were they ever wrong.

Season 5 burst onto the screen, and once again I was in love.

And I was horrified, when, in the first (what?) twenty minutes of the first episode, two of my favourites were killed, and a third was placed in mortal danger. Michelle was gone, David Palmer was gone and Chloe, that awesome Chloe, was in mortal danger! MORTAL DANGER!!!!!

While it was on, however, I rented the third season from one of the local video stores. Why? Because I noticed Michelle was in the main cast. And, I was, of course shocked when one of my other favourite characters, (Chloe), was in every episode.

Then I saw the second.

Rented the first again.

Then I bought the fourth.

The rest is history.

Origins of Name Edit

Being the nerd that he (I) am, Conspiracy Unit is named after a story he has taken upon himself to write. It is based upon 24, only in that it is set at a place called MCU, the Merewether Conspiracy Unit.

Articles Started Edit

Danny (Day 3)

Rachel Forrester

Karima Naiyeer

Hassan Naiyeer

Gillian Wallace

Ray Wallace

Scott Wallace

Stan (Day 6)

Ahmed Amar

Abu Fayed

Rita Brady


Walid Al-Rezani


Hamri Al-Assad

Special Guest StarsEdit

Green Day

Salt Lake City


New York

Cause Edit

Previously on 24

Articles Updated Edit

Curtis Manning

Chandler Plaza Hotel

Sunny Macer

Jenny Dodge

Lynne Kresge

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