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"Son of a Bitch"

Day 1: 6am-7am: Jack Bauer calls Ira Teri Bauer calls Kevin Carroll Tony Almeida calls Jack 10am-11am: Jack calls Ted Cofell 12pm-1pm: David Palmer calls Carl Webb 4pm-5pm: Elizabeth Nash calls Alexis Drazen 5pm-6pm: Jack calls Teddy Hanlin 7pm-8pm: Jack calls Victor Drazen 8pm-9pm: Mark DeSalvo calls Victor 9pm-10pm: Jack calls Victor

Day 2: 11am-12pm Chris calls Jack Jack calls Joe Wald twice 2pm-3pm: John Mason calls George Mason Jack calls Mamud 6pm-7pm: Jack calls Syed Ali 10pm-11pm: Jack calls George 1am-2am: Jack calls Jonathan Wallace 7am-8am: Jack calls Ryan Chappelle

Day 3: 1pm-2pm: Jack calls Ramon Salazar Chase Edmunds calls Ramon 3pm-4pm: Luis Annicon calls Ramon 4pm-5pm: Jack calls Chase Jack says to Warden Kevin Mitchell 7pm-8pm: Ryan calls Gael Ortega 8pm-9pm: Hector Salazar calls Michael Amador 12am-1am: Jack calls Amador 1am-2am: Nina says to Chase 3am-4am: Jack calls Amador 5am-6am: Jack calls Stephen Saunders 6am-7am: Tony calls William Cole (spoken to Michelle) 8am-9am: Tony calls Saunders 9am-10am: Jack calls Tony 10am-11am: Tony says at traffic light Tony calls Jack 11am-12pm: Jack calls Arthur Rabens 12pm-1pm Jack says after Saunders dies

Day 4: 8am-9am: James Heller calls Omar Jack calls Kalil Hasan 9am-10am: Heller calls Omar 10am-11am: Jack says at roadblock 2pm-3pm: Jack says to Marcy 5pm-6pm Jack says when finds dead guard 6pm-7pm: Jack says at the encrypted page 11pm-12am: Jack says to Jason Girard 2am-3am Audrey Raines calls Jack 2x 6am-7am: Tony calls Dale Spalding

Day 5: 8am-9am: Wayne Palmer calls Jack 9am-10am: Jack says while waiting for vest arming code. 12pm-1pm: Jack calls Mike Novick 5am-6am Christopher Henderson calls Jack twice Jack calls Henderson 12am-1am Jack says to Doug Masters 2am-3am: Jack calls Stan Cotter 4am-5am: Jack calls Miles Papazian

Day 6: 6am-7am: Bill Buchanan calls Abu Fayed 8am-9am: Marcus calls Ray Wallace Jack says when Hasan Numair is identified 11am-12pm: Karen Hayes calls Tom Lennox Heydar calls Walid Al-Rezani Jack calls Graem Bauer 12pm-1pm: Phillip Bauer calls Irv Jack calls Graem 2x 4pm-5pm: Bruce Carson calls Lennox 5pm-6pm: Jack calls Anatoly Markov 7pm-8pm: Milo Pressman calls Mike Doyle 8pm-9pm: Milo calls Doyle 3am-4am: Lisa Miller calls Mark Bishop 5am-6am: Jack calls Heller


3pm-4pm: Jack calls Charles Solenz 4pm-5pm: Jack calls Frank Trammell

Day 7: 10am-11am: Larry Moss calls Jack 11am-12pm: Renee Walker calls Jack 12pm-1pm: Renee calls Jack 2x 1pm-2pm: Allison Taylor calls Ike Dubaku 2pm-3pm: John Brunner says when primary tank pressure won't respond 3pm-4pm: Henry Taylor calls Dubaku Edward Vossler calls Jack 4pm-5pm: Allison calls Dubaku 6pm-7pm: Blaine Mayer calls Jack 8pm-9pm: Allison calls Benjamin Juma 11pm-12am: Tony calls Greg Seaton 12am-1am: Olivia Taylor calls Ken Dellao 2am-3am: Allison calls Jonas Hodges 6am-7am: Renee Calls Tony Ethan Kanin calls himself a paranoid SOB 7am-8am: Renee calls Alan Wilson

Day 8: 4pm-5pm: Jack calls Victor Aruz twice 5pm-6pm: NYPD Officer Jim Koernig calls Davros 6pm-7pm: Koernig calls Davros NYPD Officer John Mazoni calls Jack twice 9pm-10pm: Renee calls Vladimir Laitanan 2am-3am: Marcos calls Jack 5am-6am: Jack calls Rob Weiss 8am-9am: Ethan calls himself a tough SOB 11am-12pm: Cole calls Jack

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