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I'm crazy about geography and maps, and am pleased that for all of us, 24 still holds up to its greatness. I'm thinking about creating maps for various locations, and maybe articles for cities and neighborhoods (The Valley and Santa Clarita are real hotspots in season 1), and I'm looking for any Angelenos or otherwise to help me.

Personal ThoughtsEdit

I've read a lot about Joel Surnow's politics. I've noticed some changes in the mood of the show. Day 1 is safe, self-explanatory. A-political. Much of Day 2, however, parallels the events during which it aired, and I feel there was a distinctive opposition to the war in Iraq. I don't know where Day 3 was coming from, though. I think the creators had it in mind for season 2 before the show started. It's one of my favorites, though. Everything changes in Day 4, and there's suddenly a big...well, not a bent, but certainly a conservative perspective. Day 5 seems to combine all of these traits. Day 6, well, it's a mixed message. We are certainly compelled to sympathize with Wayne Palmer and Karen Hayes and whatnot, but we still question's his effectiveness. Either way, It's a great show; unfortunately some people take it seriously. My father works with homeland security, for the HUD, and some of these people were honestly talking about evacuation plans for a suitcase nuke. All of the HUDs and LAPDs enjoyed a hearty laugh. Long story short, I don't care about Joel Surnow's politics.

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