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Since I keep hearing that admins like knowing about users' backround, which is probably not true, I thought I'd put a little something: I was born in Montreal, Canada and currently reside in... Montreal, Canada. Wild, I know.

I've been a fan since January 2007 when I caught the Day 6 premiere... because I lost the remote. The remote has since been found, and subsequently lost. Since then, I have watched every season of 24 and bought all of the DVDs (Thanks Future Shop and Best Buy). Needless to say, or not, I'm just typing that to sound smart, I flipping love this show! It is, to me, the best series television has to offer.




  • Favorite Quotes:
                        --Right here, right now, you are going to face justice! -Jack B.
                        --Some people are more comfortable in hell. -Tony A.
                        --The only reason you're still conscious is because I don't wanna carry you. -Jack B.
                        --What you believe is irrelevant. -David P.
                        --I'm gonna need a hacksaw. -Jack B.
                        --Where do the rules of engagement end and the crimes begin? -Jack B.


Season RankingsEdit

  • DAY 5: 100
  • DAY 3: 96
  • DAY 4: 93
  • DAY 2: 93
  • DAY 6: 91
  • DAY 1: 90
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