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I'm a fairly recent fan of 24. I knew I would like it, but I knew I would want to catch up first before watching later episodes. Quite by accident, I watched an episode in the middle of Season 5 and the cliffhanger ending had me hooked and wanting to watch the next one or two episodes. After hearing Jack say "We're talking about taking down the President of the United States!" at 23:59, I knew I had to catch up. It took me a while (and I know I overpaid for the Season 1 DVD!), but I eventually caught up.

I plan to make very minor changes here, as most of my activities involve reading.

Favourites and least favouritesEdit

Most of what I like and dislike about characters had less to do with whether I personally liked the characters and more about whether I thought they were realistic.

  • Favourite protagonist: Not sure about this one. Probably Tony Almeida, though I'd have to think on this some more.
  • Least favourite protagonist: Kim Bauer. I'm sure many fans of the show can sympathise with me, due to some of the obvious annoying characteristics of this character. In addition, how the heck does one go from being a high school dropout and nanny to getting a post-secondary degree (even an associate's degree), being an analyst for CTU (even with her father pulling strings... never mind, that answers it), and developing hacking skills to rival Adam Kaufman's, all in less than three years?
  • Favourite antagonist: Ira Gaines. He was an ex-military mercenary with a realistic set of skills, a good sense of strategy and tactics, has some code of honour, and wasn't near-perfect like my least favourite antagonist.
  • Least favourite antagonist: Habib Marwan. This was a tough one, as I generally liked most of the main antagonists. Apart from his dreadfully stereotypical first name, there were a few reasons why I didn't like this antagonist as much as I liked the others. I didn't think this character was too realisic. I thought Arnold Vosloo did a great job playing him, but the character was a little too over-the-top for me. He was an engineer who became fanatical in his beliefs and wanted to strike out against his enemies. That's fine. But in a relatively short period of time, he gains his near-perfect strategic and tactical planning skills? He becomes an expert in guerrilla warfare? These are a few reasons why I felt this character wasn't too realistic.

Season 6 non-speculationEdit

I found this thread on what will definitely happen in Season 6 to be hilarious. My favourite two have got to be the first two that end with Jack shouting "dammit!"

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