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How's it going, I'm Deege from San Diego, California.

My edits are usually based on grammar-and-style corrections, as well as doing some behind-the-scenes wikifications. I'm also an administrator on this site, so go ahead and leave a message on my talk page if you have any issues.

Just so you all know, my novel edits-- along with the fact that I'm actually friggin' reading them-- makes me feel like the biggest nerd in the history of ever.

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* coming soon!

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Logistics and self-assigned responsibilities Edit

Ideal values are in parentheses.

Pet Peeves Edit

  • Posting on talk pages without signing your posts.
  • It's/its distinction, especially since the search engine is unable to find this common term.
  • Super-specific character statuses ("In custody," "Killed by Jack Bauer's legs")- read the bloody article, dammit!
  • Failing to recognize the lack of canon in DVD deleted scenes.
  • Sandra Palmer. No explanation needed.

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