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Hi guys, I am Deep Sky, but you may call me Marty. I've been watching 24 since 2005, when my mom first watched Season 1. I live in the Philippines (but I am American born) and watch the show through local channels, my dad's SlingBox, or, if I feel like it, the iTunes Store. My favorite character is Tony Almeida. I was shocked with his death but was extremely delighted when I found out in October 2007 that he was to come back for Season 7. Aside from watching 24, I watch Survivor, the NBA, MLB, NFL and a little bit of Community and Modern Family. I pledge allegiance to Bay Area teams for those three sports, though I often join bandwagons for teams and players whose greatness windows are closing. My favorite part of an episode guide, like almost everyone else, is the Background information and notes. It has a lot of interesting trivia about the episode and its characters. My goal here at Wiki 24 is to become an administrator.


"Okay, sweetie, let's take a look. Open wide, and say, 'AAHH.'"


There's only one simple reason why: I HATE SPOILERS. If ever I spoil something to someone without permission, I treat it as a cardinal sin. I was happy to know Tony was alive when someone told me about it, but it sort of wiped a bit of excitement in me. Spoilers don't just kill the joy, they kill the suspense. I'M A SPOILER VIGILANTE. If I spot a spoiler when I'm signed in, I will not hesitate to delete it. Let's face it, there are really sadists who like spoiling. After all, some people do like a sneak-peeking and killing suspense to those who want it, and that's not what we want here at Wiki 24.

My merchandise Edit

I own DVD compilations of the first six seasons (but not the original official DVDs), 24 Declassified: Trinity and 24: The Ultimate Guide. Digitally, I've purchased a few episodes here & there from iTunes. I know I may be a little low on 24 merchandise, but it's my dream to find 24 graphic novels, books and apparel.

Jack the Perfectionist Edit

Jack being a perfectionist to Tony...Hilarious!

  • Tony: Damn it, Jack, what the hell are you doing? Don't do it. You're going to turn this surveillance job into a firefight. It'll be two against ten, Jack.
  • Jack: Two against nine. (Day 7: 10:00pm-11:00pm)


Bests and worsts Edit

Bests Edit

Picture Category Best
JackAppearsonDay2 Best Season Day 2
Was thinking between Seasons 2 and 3 (because I watch Season 3 everytime I'm bored), but I picked Season 2 because it showed how Jack coped with Teri's death, Palmer as President, and every episode was suspenseful and emotional at the same time up till the finale.
Partners Best Premiere Day 3 Premiere
This premiere was the best because the music and the scenes of Jack on drugs and Salazar killing his attorney scared me out of my seat. There was really a lot of suspense. A good way to start a good season.
Jack HKG362 Best Finale Day 2 Finale
This was a thrilling season finale since it had Jack and Sherry meeting the dangerous Peter Kingsley, and Jack's heart problems affecting him one last crucial time. The Coliseum Finale also was really good background music for the epic scene. Still, the suspense lasted up till the end, when an assassination attempt was made on President Palmer. Always keeps me glued to my seat. And three years later, then came the start of Day 3 with my favorite premiere.
Almeidas5 Best Character Tony Almeida
He has been a prominent figure throughout the show. He eventually earned Jack's trust, after butting heads with him on Day 1. It touched me when he cared so much about Michelle Dessler, even comitting treason on Day 3 just to try to save her. He also cared about the innocent lives at stake on Day 7, the day of his ultimate comeback, and he chose to spare his long-time friend instead of Emerson, who wanted this conspiracy to continue. Also I liked him as Jack's sidekick when they were at the Port of Alexandria. Throughout the season, he has grown from someone who hated Jack to someone who helps Jack one way or another. However, it shocked me out of my seat when I saw him kill Larry Moss and turn against the FBI, and it touched me when he mentioned to Alan Wilson at the finale that Michelle died carrying their first child. But thinking about it, Tony did do the wrong thing by killing innocent people to eventually have a chance to avenge Michelle's death. Jack was right.
ImagePending Best Episode Unknown
It is undecided as of now. Who knows, maybe it could be the last episode of the last season, whenever that is. I mean, it's alive again, so I can't complain.

Worsts Edit

Picture Category Worst
Valenciamushroom2 Worst Season Day 6
It was Day 5 before, but then I realized that the major deaths didn't matter. Day 5 was still a good season, bottom line. It's no surprise 24 won a lot of Emmy awards in 2006. It is Season 6 now. Yes, there was Milo, and Audrey, and all, but somehow it didn't have what the other seasons did have.
Michelle'smurder Worst Premiere Day 5 Premiere
As mentioned in my thoughts on Day 5, Michelle Dessler and David Palmer, two really great characters, died too fast. It left me completely shocked and it made me feel sorry for Tony.
Explodeplatform Worst Finale Day 6 Finale
It was just a normal episode. Nothing exciting. No Tony being brought back. Cheng's fate? It wasn't that good. It would have been better if there were an ultimate final showdown between Jack and Cheng.
Larry-erika-lawyer Worst Character Erika
Erika wasn't really a good character, in my opinion. She didn't even do anything significant, just committing adultery with Sean Hillinger and working as a mole in the FBI with him. It wasn't really shocking when Sean killed her.
ImagePending Worst Episode Unknown
I don't know yet...maybe it'll be determined when the show ends.
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