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Biography Edit

JoeyBags79 is a 24 freak since Day 1. Other favorite shows include Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, all the Star Treks, The X-Files, Black Adder and countless other shows, proving that he does indeed have no life. Whenever he can't sleep, he regularly updates the 24 Wiki and adds new material and pages where needed. He's also an actor, and while he hasn't been on 24 (...yet), he has been in National Treasure and Annapolis. Once Day 6 has concluded, he intends to sleep, go outside, and read more books (mostly the 24 Novels). He looks up to Chloe O'Brian because of her anal-retentiveness and sociallly awkward persona.

Current To-Do ListEdit

  • Summarize the Jack Bauer on Day whatever pages and seriously trim the Jack Bauer entry.
  • Summarize Chloe O'Brian in similiar fashion.
  • Read the 24 Novels and Comics and add information where neccessary.
  • Get rid of as many RED pages as possible.
  • Correct grammer and spelling when come across (because most of it is badddd!)
  • Train himself to use the SHOW PREVIEW feature before re-editing a page 20 times.
  • Reformat Crew pages to match that of Jon Cassar and Anne Cofell.
  • Become a CTU agent and fake my own death when needed. (Doesn't really have anything to do with the wiki. Just statement of fact.)
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