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Jack Bauer Reimagined

Jackson Phillip Bauer was born and raised in Santa Monica, California to industrialist Phillip Bauer and Kimberly Bauer (née Graem). Jack's mother died when he was a child and he was never close to his father, nor to his older brother Graem. He also lived an atypical life for an upper-class teenager. He shunned his family's wealthy background and rode motorcycles and often surfed for fun.

A couple of months before graduating from high school, Jack's girlfriend, Teri, became pregnant. A few days after Jack graduated, he and Teri were married. To support his new wife and soon to be born daughter, Kim, Jack enlisted in the Army shortly after the wedding.

Jack enlisted for the Infantry military occupational specialty. During weapons qualification training, he displayed a natural ability for handling all types of weapons, but he specifically excelled during rifle qualification, in which he scored perfectly by hitting all targets at all ranges. After graduating Basic, Advanced Individual, and Airborne Training, Jack was reassigned to Fort Bragg with the 82nd Airborne Division's 504th Infantry Regiment, where he lived a happy life with Teri and Kim. He honed his field skills as an Airborne Infantryman, then quickly worked his way up from an infantry platoon to joining the 313th Military Intelligence Battalion's Echo Company, a company that serves as the 82nd Airborne Division's Long Range Surveillance Detachment. After he was promoted to Sergeant, Jack became interested in joining Special Forces. With his wife's support, he applied and was accepted for the Special Forces Qualification Course at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg and was later selected for training as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.

Jack's dedication and finely tuned field skills led to his selection as Distinguished Honor Graduate of his course. As a Green Beret he was assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group, a unit whose area of operation is Europe and western Asia. Due to his natural skills and expert marksmanship, he was selected for training at the Special Operations Target Interdiction Course, the sniper school for Special Forces. Jack later distinguished himself in Bosnia conducting counter-sniper missions. He earned a Silver Star during one covert operation.

Upon retiring from the Army after eight years, Jack attended the John Jay College of Criminal Justice where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Security Management. Early in his senior year, he applied for employment with the Central Intelligence Agency. He spent his last few months of attending college classes while also going through background checks, an entrance exam and a series of interviews and psychological tests. Upon passing the entrance and psychological examinations, Jack was selected to serve in the Ground Branch of the Special Activities Division. After an orientation period following his graduation from John Jay College, Jack was sent to the CIA Special Training Center ("The Farm") for intensive operational training. There, he went through the Basic Operations Course, which trained him in various so-called "tradecraft" skills, including infiltration and exfiltration techniques. While at The Farm, Jack received exceptionally high marks for physical endurance, logic, and psychological ops exercises.

After training, Jack became a paramilitary operations officer. His clandestine duties during his two-year tenure with the CIA took him around the world. Jack's last assignment with the Agency was a joint CIA-MI6 mission to assassinate Serbian war criminal Viktor Drazen. Intelligence suggested that Drazen was plotting to develop a new international terrorist organization, using wealth acquired through his criminal activities. The strike team, led by Jack, destroyed the compound where Drazen was believed to be hiding. Unfortunately, Drazen was not in the building at the time, but his wife and daughter were killed. Jack's entire team was slaughtered by Drazen's men, who used the team's supposedly scrambled radio frequency to track them.

Out of a sense of survivor's guilt and worried about his marriage, Jack decided to leave the CIA after that incident. Immediately after leaving the Agency, Christopher Henderson, the Director of Field Operations for the Los Angeles Domestic Unit of the Counter Terrorist Unit contacted Jack with an offer of employment with CTU. The Counter Terrorist Unit is a U.S. government agency set up to relieve other American federal agencies of their scattered counter-terrorist programs by consolidating the U.S. civilian anti-terrorist effort into one organization. Although loosely affiliated with the CIA, CTU is an independent agency. Therefore, unlike the CIA, its operational jurisdiction is both foreign and domestic.

Jack accepted the job offer and joined the Los Angeles Domestic Unit as the Assistant Director of Field Operations. On Jack's first day at CTU Los Angeles, his first mission was to protect the recently-defected IRA member Moira O'Neal from attack by her former associates. Four agents died when Tim McGinnis' crew of hitmen attacked the safe house where O'Neal was being held. Jack managed to escape to safety with O'Neal, and later killed McGinnis' group before they could get to her. He later served as the Section Captain during the CTU response to the Hotel Los Angeles attack. Some time after that, Jack discovered evidence that Christopher Henderson was taking bribes by selling classified intelligence to defense contractors. Jack blew the whistle on his former mentor, along with two other corrupt CTU agents. Although there wasn't enough evidence to convict the three of anything, there was enough evidence that they were all fired.

After the wife of one of the disgraced agents committed suicide, Jack earned the scorn and distrust of many at CTU. However, Administrative Director Richard Walsh was so impressed with him that he promoted Jack to Senior Field Operations Agent at the CTU Division Command's Los Angeles Office. As a Senior Agent, Jack excelled and eventually served as the Team Leader during Operation Proteus. He even spent an assignment in Beirut, where to gain critical information he was forced to torture a terrorist responsible for a bombing of the U.S. embassy. Although the terrorist died during the torture, Jack got the information from him. After less than two and a half years with CTU, Jack was promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Domestic Unit. Just a few days after the promotion, Jack flew to New York City and teamed up with a civilian named Caitlin O'Connor to take down the imminent threat of an act of coordinated terrorism and an attempted influenza pandemic. Millions of Americans would have died, but Jack and CTU were able to thwart both plans as part of Operation Hell Gate.

Around this time, Jack and Teri were having marital problems. As a result they briefly separated. During this separation, Jack had a brief relationship with his second-in-command, Chief of Staff Nina Myers. Jack quickly ended the relationship and began patching things up with Teri. He then moved back in with her and Kim. Just a couple of weeks after Jack and Teri reconciled, the Democratic California presidential primary occurred. During that day, life altering events would happen to Jack and his family, Senator David Palmer and numerous other people.

And the rest is history...

Day 1 Profile


  • Team Leader - Operation Proteus
  • Section Captain - Hotel Los Angeles attack


  • CTU - Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
  • Division - Senior Field Operations Agent, Los Angeles Office
  • CTU - Assistant Director of Field Operations, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
  • CIA - Paramilitary Operations Officer, Special Activities Division (Ground Branch)
  • United States Army Special Forces - Special Forces Weapons Sergeant


  • CIA Basic Operations Course
  • Bachelor of Science, Security Management - John Jay College of Criminal Justice


  • U.S. Army Special Forces, 10th Special Forces Group
  • Special Operations Target Interdiction Course
  • John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center
  • U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division


  • Purple Heart
  • Silver Star (covert operations - record sealed)
  • Army Commendation Medal (covert operations - record sealed)
  • Combat Infantryman Badge
  • Expert Infantryman Badge
  • Distinguished Honor Graduate, John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center


  • Married - Teri Bauer
  • Daughter - Kimberly Bauer
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