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Hello all, my name is Matthew, I hail from North Wales and I am a 24 fan (obviously, why else contribute here?). I've been watching the show since Day 2: 3:00am-4:00am. After Season 3 and Season 4, I caught up on Season 1 and the remainder of 2 by purchasing the first three seasons on DVD. My favourite season is either 4 or 5.




I mainly go and correct stuff, but often taken part in expanding the wiki as well. At one point I was a recipient of the admin Blue Rook's "Dead-on" barnstar.

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Below are images of some of the 24 characters, with names of major characters from other films and TV shows that I know them from.

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Kiefer Sutherland's interview in Friday Night with Jonathan Ross[]

On 16 April 2010, Kiefer Sutherland was interviewed by Jonathan Ross in his BBC talk show. Here are some of the highlights from what I remember;

  • He has a few tattoos, last one was 2007. Ross request the next one he gets should be a picture of Ross on one of his breasts.
  • He was in London for a few days because he has some friends and a son-in-law there.
  • 24 now over, leaving room for a movie to hopefully develop. He joked that there is going to be a whole minute towards the end dedictated to Jack using the bathroom.
  • Since he worked on 24 for so long, people now keep calling him Jack, and he started to answer to them. He is also tempted to act like Jack for real at times.
  • Season 8 filming has ended on 11 April (he said five days ago on 16 April, assuming the interview was live)
  • The writers have set in motion a series of events that will "piss Jack off" in the final episodes. Ross joked that if getting tortured by the Chinese, cutting a colleague's hand off, and dying (TWICE!) didn't piss him off, what would? Sutherland said to stay tuned. The interview aired before Renee's death episode in the UK, maybe this was the indicator?
  • Scotch is his favourite alcoholic drink; all he drinks when going out.
  • Something about Scotland (I think it was relating to his grandson's name or something).
  • Admits he did something stupid relating to a DUI arrest. He willingly served a three month sentence, bacause of the break from the Writers Strike. He was placed in solitary for the majority of it out of concern for his safety from the fellow inmates. Ross joked that the inmates thought "oh, cool, Bauer's here, we could break out in under an hour."
  • Because Sutherland got to use just about every type of gun whilst acting, machine guns are his favourite to shoot, since it gets your heart racing; 50 callibres can shake your bones.
  • He knows that guns don't work properly if you carry a gun sideways (you know, the way gangs carry them), and also, the casings can fly upward and can get someone hurt. He also does not advocate use of guns much.
  • During his last break from acting before 24, he became a rodeo in Montana. He originally went there to ski, but since the snow went for the summer, he found a way to become a rodeo for the summer. Now he may get another break, he is planning to do something else.
  • He can lasso, apparently it's a great way to get a girl. (note to self, I should try that sometime)

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