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Hi! The name's Mike, and I'm just another 24 fan like you guys. I stumbled on this website amidst Season 6, and have been making edits on and off since then.

I became a fan of 24 in general during the 5th season. Ever since then, I've been pretty much obsessed with it. The 7th season so far is pretty good, but I hope that the best is yet to come.

Seasons I OwnEdit

Other 24-related mediaEdit

Both Sean Callery albums from Seasons 1-5

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About MeEdit

Well, right now I'm in college, going for my Mass Comm degree. Just 1 year left! Other than that, I'm a pretty easy going guy who just likes to hang out and have fun. When I'm not at school, I still live at home with my parents. Hopefully after graduation, I'll be able to move out.

Anyway, enough about me. See you guys around the site!

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