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The unofficial 24 database that you can help create.
Wiki 24 started on September 30, 2005 and currently contains 9,378 articles and 17,059 images.

Anyone can edit an article. Just click on the edit button at the top of the page and start typing! You can also request a page or see what we're working on.

Although Wiki 24 contains SPOILERS on any and all episodes that have been broadcast, it is our current policy not to include information from any episodes that have not aired in the United States. Please do not add spoilers (plot, actor, or character details about Season 7) or any future episodes. See our Spoiler Policy for more information.

Quote of the Day

  • Jack Bauer: What are your terms?
  • Stephen Saunders: I have a private jet waiting at Van Nuys Airport. I need to be on it with a presidential guarantee of safe passage to North Africa.
  • Jack Bauer: Never gonna happen.

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