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Protocol Red
Birthplace New York
Profession Student
Best Male Characters Aaron Pierce
Tony Almeida
Best Female Character Chloe O'Brian
Best Villains Abu Fayed
Worst Male Character Ryan Chappelle
Worst Female Character Kimberly Bauer
Worst Villain Dana Walsh
Best Season Day 3
Worst Season Day 6
Best Moment Jack vs. Fayed
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My Work on the 24 Wiki Edit

I began work on the wiki on April 20, 2007 under my IP Addresses,,,,, and June 15, 2007 under the name Protocol Red. My specific area of 24 expertise is in the 24: Declassified novels.

These are the main points of my work on the 24 wiki:

  • 24: Declassified novels' pages
  • Making novel character pages
  • Making Detailed plot analysis of 24: Declassified novels
  • Making Detailed character pages for ALL 24: Declassfied characters
  • Updating TV show character pages to include actions in 24: Declassified novels
  • Making Quote:Page pages
Jack HKG362 Blue Rook's Dead-On Award!

I have recieved the great honor of recieving the Dead-On Award from Blue Rook.

My 24 Collection Edit

My Views on 24 Edit

  • Aaron Pierce is the best character, excluding Jack
  • Kim Bauer is the most truly aggravating character on the show, followed by Teri Bauer

Ranking an Antagonist Edit

Kudos to Blue Rook for the inspiration

RAA Rank 1 Edit


Christopher Henderson

This is where most terrorists wind up, killed by Jack. These are your average terrorists. They think that they have their master plan until Jack comes in and...! Then they find a grave in the crowded Bauer cemetary.

RAA Rank 2 Edit


Martha Logan killed him. Enough said.

These guys are shot by somebody else. These guys are almost as bad as the #1's. These guys just get more room in the cemetary, but are just as dead. (Justin Adams)

RAA Rank 3 Edit



These antagonists commit suicide. These guys at least choose when they die. They carry little bits of cyanide in their mouths and bite down when they see Jack. (Chevensky)

RAA Rank 4 Edit

They're realists, so they don't go with option #3 but wind up in custody, and hopefully get bumped up to #5. If they get there is another matter, as in Syed Ali. But some do make it, and they go here. (Marie Warner)

RAA Rank 5 Edit

Mandy S4

Mandy got immunity.

These terrorists get captured but then get immunity. They can resist interrogation, throw a few punches, but are mainly just freelance mercs. (Mandy)

RAA Rank 6 Edit


Dar: 1 bombed train. 1 Dobson Override. Job well done.

These guys never get found by CTU. They just ride away on their motorcycle and then wind up in Mexico until the next season comes around.(Dar)

RAA Rank 7 Edit


Two episodes. Launched nuke. FOR MONEY!

CTU never even KNEW about these guys. They just did the job, disappeared, and killed loads of people and left someone else to be a scapegoat. (Robert Morrison)

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