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My Name is Sean...I'm Back! I've been gone for two months to focus my Wiki reserved attention to the Monk Wiki. I have written many articles on that wiki, and have obtained Admin status. After getting the better at Wiki, I am now back, hoping to expand on the Redemption pages and creating them for Season 7, as I predict we will get overwhelmed. Anyway, i'm still a little new to wiki so if I make any mistakes, please be patient with me and I'm sorry in advanced :).

My main priority right now is to update the Previously on 24 pages for Season 7.

Favorites Edit


  • Carl Benton (New Character, I don't think he's dead and he made a very good impression on me.)
  • Michelle Dessler (Incredible Character)
  • Audrey Raines ("Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop Talking!")
  • Martha Logan ("No that is not it that is not what he said!")
  • Aaron Pierce (Whoever disagrees with me just needs to be thrown away)
  • Karen Hayes (Not so much in season 6 but a pretty great character in Season 5)
  • Erin Driscoll (Why did they have to cut her off so early?)


  • Sherry Palmer (She lowered the charisma of David Palmer a lot, which was needed)
  • Phillip Bauer (Very Complex and Misguided)
  • Habib Marwan (Best Terrorist. Period.)
  • Dina Araz (#1 on the Minor Antagonists)
  • Vladimir Bierko (Julian Sands played this part great)


  • Marilyn Bauer (Poor Marilyn, had no say in what happened to her son, at all.)
  • Evelyn Martin (And Evelyn, probably killed by Henderson, just got her daughter back to be killed. pitiful)


  • Season 5 (This season had it all, Conspiracies, However, it did kill off my second favorite character)
  • Season 6 (Amazing, Bombs, Assassinations, Conspiracies, Action packed)
  • Season 4 (Third best to finish.)

Least FavoritesEdit


  • Kim Bauer (Super Annoying and Pointless)
  • Adam Kaufman (Jerk)
  • Sarah Gavin (Inept)
  • Nadia Yassir (Idiot/Mindless Puppet)
  • James Heller (View on him really changed, used to be a favorite but after S6, now an A-Hole)
  • Tony Almeida (Ugh . Super Annoying. Why does he have to come back for S7?)


  • Graem Bauer (Dumb as a stump)
  • Ira Gaines (Wow. What a pointless guy)
  • Charles Logan (Jerk to one of my favorites)
  • Mandy (Annoying and Ruthless way overexposed)
  • Conrad Haas (Killed of one of my favorites and almost killed my favorite.)
  • Cheng Zhi (Ugh)


  • Julia Milliken
  • Kate Warner
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