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Hello I'm a new one on this site and I hope I will enjoying it here. I watch several shows like Lost (finished), Fringe, FlashForward, Prison Break (finished) and 24 (finished). I'm the Administrator of the Prison Break Wiki. I also have a sister.

Station seven is mentioned by Chloe O'Brian in the episode in which Ryan Chappelle is shot by Jack Bauer. I want to mention that I don't have a screenshot button, so everyone knows it!

Hello, I have Autism (PDD-NOS), people can make mistakes. That's human being. All my edits are in good-faith.

I hate the death of Christopher Gerber from 24: Conspiracy, because it didn't felt like he died. It was so wrong that I laught about it. Zero points for his death.

I hope one day that I finally can be a page mover. It annoys me how many times I see things I can't move.


From a Lost lover to a more 24 lover[]

First I really loved Lost (I still do), but nowadays I'm more a fan of 24. 24 is now my favorite show and it replaced Lost. Lost is my second favorite show after 24. 24 has many stories and has many great action packed events. Therefor I love 24 more then Lost. Lost will always have a special place in my heart, but just nowadays I'm more a fan of 24.

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OK, not have a huge ego, but I'm sure Jon Cassar and his team look numerous times on the 24 Wiki for the characters Jack Bauer killed. I added numerous times the death cause to his victims: Andre Drazen, Scott, Chris, Raymond O'Hara, Peel, Dave Conlon, Vladimir Bierko, Benjamin Juma.

I will add more later, if there are more.


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Picture Episodes
S3ep11.jpg Favourite Season: Day 3
This was a brilliant season, I miss it already. David Palmer at the end falling down for president, Ryan Chappelle's death, the way Stephen Saunders was caught, Nina Myers come back, Chase Edmunds losing his hand, Julia Milliken and Sherry Palmer's storyline, Ramon and Hector Salazar, who worked with Gael Ortega and of course the Cordilla Virus.

Background information and notes[]

  • Jack Bauer has been more listed then any other character. He holds the record with 6 differences.
  • 24 is on the second place behind Star Wars with holding the record of the killer who kills another killer.
  • Darrell Maines as Darrell Maines. No joke. Look here.

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There appears a character named Durant in 24. This also the name of a Generation V Pokémon: Durant.

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Other things[]

  • GSW is a site used by Michael Amador to get his money from Nina Myers on his bank-account.
  • Holl-Rom (Jack passed this after escaping the FBI).
  • Larait Taxi is a taxi that appeared in the final of season 7 (at the start).
  • Zippy Taxi: Day 7: 5:00pm-6:00pm, A Zippy Taxi appeared when Jack and Renee were riding to Iké Dubaku. Another taxi appeared after the car crash.
  • Macys' Plaza: Day 7: 5:00pm-6:00pm, Macys' Plaza is a name of a company that briefly appears when Jack Bauer and Renee Walker are following Iké Dubaku.
  • Pam (character mentioned in Day 7: 4:00pm-5:00pm)
  • Dr. Burns (character mentioned when Allison Taylor came to her husband in Day 7: 4:00pm-5:00pm)

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