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This is a fun page. Any comments can be left on the talk page. The Cofell joke is not meant to be hard, and it isn't. you just have to understand the joke.

Liam NeesonEdit


Liam Neeson in his guest role.

Liam Neeson also had a role as hostage who got shot dead in season 5.

Benjamin JumaEdit

Benjamin Juma was angry when Bill Buchanan caused an explosion. But it was not because of Jack Bauer. But because he head was blown away. No literally, but his face looked bad and that's why he mostly did kill Bauer.

Benjamin Juma is looking angry after Jack made his head with dirt

Secret Service agentEdit

This Secret Service agent looked seriously at Jack Bauer, if they haven't even met before. That could being true, he did met him first as either Pach or Young, one of his aliases. Then they met again in season 4, under the alias of Rasheed. Many years later, he was killed by Jack Bauer during a meeting with Nichols.

Damn it! We have met before, thinks the agent! He's going to kill me!!

Holding Room and Jack BauerEdit

Not only Jack Bauer appeared every season, but also the Holding room. It was his best friend during every season, except in season 1, when he was himself in a holding room.
Jack in holding room.

Jack Bauer with his friend - The Holding Room. I love you holding Room, screams Jack

Ted CofellEdit

When Jack Bauer attacked Ted Cofell, Ted was trying to sleep. However, the punch was so hard that Cofell died.

Ted wants to sleep, but Jack Bauer doesn't want that

Jack Bauer and Tony AlmeidaEdit


Tony drinking beer, and Jack and Audrey behind a computer, while terrorist attacks are going on. Not a very good job!

At the middle of Day 4, Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida tried to find out who was behind the attacks. However, when terrorist attacks were going on...Jack Bauer was behind a computer with Audrey Raines. A love couple (note that). And Tony was just drinking beer in his cubby. ...It's not a party, fight to the terrorists on Day 4, Jack Bauer.

Audrey Raines faceEdit

When James Heller did need to sign his papers, Audrey Raines, his daughter made a really weird face. It was revealed in a podcast if this was for too scare Omar and his man. At least Heller was scared - he did sign the papers.
403 Omar threatens Audrey

Audrey with rare face



Michelle Dessler watch at Tony (who's gong through his hair), while Chloe is calling someone to do something for his hair

During the Air Force One terrorist attack, Chloe O'Brian was calling someone to do the hair from Tony Almeida. Michelle looked at Tony, while Chloe called a hairdresser.

Curtis is angry!Edit


Curtis got shot

Curtis was the first time starting angry when he got shot in his hand by Joseph Malina, which caused that he couldn't help to get Charles Logan and Vladimir Bierko. This effected him during Day 6, in which he helped Jack Bauer with finding Hamri Al-Assad. However he hated Assad so much, that Jack later was forced to kill him. Poor Curtis.

Curtis and the animalEdit


Curtis attempts to kill an animal

Curtis thought when he attempted to kill Hamri Al-Assad, that he was an animal. Instead of director of field operations, he became an animal hunter. Since Jack Bauer didn't want that, he shot Curtis dead.

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