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| nowrap style="padding-right: 2em;"| '''Status'''
| nowrap style="padding-right: 2em;"| '''Status'''
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Rank Editor
First Seen 1990
Last Seen 2008
Status Active

Hi, I'm Samekh, formerly known as Steve Crossin. I've had a patchy past as of recent on the English Wikipedia, and while I started off quite well, where I did a lot of dispute resolution work, and even earned a triple crown, I was banned on the 24th August, 2008, by the Arbitration Committee, as a result of this discussion, and formally banned on the 27th September by arbitrator FloNight. My ban is set to expire on the 29th March, 2009.

I am mainly active on Simple English Wikipedia, and I edit the 24 Wikia, and Final Fantasy Wikia.

I have a blog, which I ramble in now and then. It's here.

My history

I've been a 24 fan, ever, since, er...I saw my first episode, which, from memory, was Day 5 11:00pm-12:00am. I've watched the seasons almost in reverse order, I saw Season 5, starting from ^that episode, and the rest of the season, then season 6. Since then, I've got all the seasons, but I watched them in reverse order, kinda odd, I know.


  • Develop bits of Season 7 stuff in my userspace (obviously there may be some spoliers).
  • Complete episode guides, as I get the chance. (I have every episode of every season. No, I do not have Season 7 :)
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