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I am Penelope. I started watching 24 during the first Season and got hooked fast. My favorite characters so far have been: Nina Myers, Tony Almeida, George Mason, Marie Warner, Chloe O'Brien and Audrey Raines. I also enjoyed seeing Arnold Vosloo as Habib Marwan and Julian Sands as Vladimir Bierko.

Hi. I have already read the manual, and visit this site quite often, and make some changes. I know how to do it already, and want to help expand the already near-perfect 24 Wiki.

Vichy Edit

Well I'll tell you a little about myself. I like horses and I ride them as a hobby. I actually know how to play chess and my Grandma taught me a lot of words in French. I hope to go there someday and see all the sites and cities, like Paris, Vichy , Nice, Beuanne and Marsailles.

I hope to help as much as I can to help everyone here! I saw Season 6 come out and I just had to help. I am thinking about writing a Femme Fatale page, for those great female antagonists.

Femme Fatale Edit

I constructed the Femme Fatale page today, I think it is a great page but hopefully will be added to in Season 6. Vichy101 12:08, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

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