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I'm appealing here for help from you awesome fellow Wiki 24 editors to try and help me identify a cell phone used by Andre Drazen on the show. Identifying phones is a personal project I am doing that I hope one day to make into a proper page, but this one phone I have put countless hours into identifying and still cannot.

1x16 Andre phone

front of phone

It is a grey flip phone that has MP3 capabilities and Mp3 music controls on the flippy down bit on the front. The speaker where you listen seems to have the Motorola "M" logo on it, but I actually think it may be an as-yet unidentified "N" logo, as that is what it has on its back speaker. I am unable to read the text just below the screen - it looks like it may say "Audio-" something or "digital" or something.
1x16 Andre phone 2

back with "N" logo

If anybody has the Season 1 special edition DVD, there is a deleted scene from episode 17 ("Jovan Calls Andre to Tell Him the Women Escaped") which has a great shot of the phone and it may be possible to make out the text on it - the online version is just too blurry but the DVD may have the text readable.

If anyone is able to help identify this phone I would be eternally grateful!

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