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Here are any kills that were partially obscured and/or were confirmed later on but not directly seen on-screen.


Second Drazen Guard

1x24 Fleeing Drazen Minion 2

This man was armed with an Uzi and likely died from the impact of Bauer's van hitting the booth he was in.



This man was later confirmed by the roster seen at the beginning of Day 9 and was likely killed during the brief scene where Bauer shoots at some men off-screen prior to going after both Andre and Victor Drazen.


Cheng's oil rig guard

6x24 Lin Oeding on oil rig

This man was one of the men who went and attacked Bauer prior to being either shot or blown up by the explosions Bauer caused.


Cheng Zhi's six unnamed mercenaries

9x12 thermal

In-between the dock raids and jump to Audrey Raines' murder segment, there were six men killed by Bauer and/or shared with Belcheck. They were seen on Cheng's thermal satellite imaging feed of his departing ship. I'm also pretty sure that Cheng's thug who Chloe hit with a pipe earlier was one of these guys unless he randomly decided to take a pay cut and walk out of the picture earlier than expected (unlikely).

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