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  • Pyramidhead

    Random 24 Review Thread

    November 30, 2017 by Pyramidhead

    Was writing a response to Blue Rook about 24: Legacy on my talk page and it spiraled into a full review/rant about the current state of 24 as a whole. I never really blog on here but I figured I'd post it separately, feel free to weigh in or vent as well if you like:

    Weird enough, as I was watching the first five or six I actually enjoyed Legacy for the most part. I thought the pilot and the initial premise was a strong start and different enough to overlook the simple fact that it's basically just retreading the same few plot devices that 24 always has. That's not even a bad thing, necessarily. In my opinion the show lives or dies by its character writing, the plot has a certain level of repetition that seems to be part of the deal at this point. B…
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