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An Uzi was a type of submachine gun often used by terrorists.

In Vanishing Point, Francesco Rojas and another Colombian chollo used Uzis. In Storm Force, Paz had an Uzi-style machine pistol in his arsenal. During Collateral Damage, a waiter was armed with an Uzi, as well as a hostile with an eye patch.

In Day 1 several guards at the Gaines compound were armed with Uzis, and Rick Allen took one during his escape. Later in the day Craig used an Uzi as well as some of Andre Drazen's men. Several terrorists, as well as Jonathan Wallace and one of Peter Kingsley's men, were armed with Uzis during Day 2. In Day 3 the weapon was used by Hector Salazar's and Stephen Saunders's men, and during Day 4 it was by many of Habib Marwan's terrorists as well as by Marwan himself. Some of the Dawn Brigade terrorists who took over Ontario Airport used Uzis during Day 5. On Day 8 a Mini Uzi was among the weapons on Jim Ricker's computer. During Day 9 one of Aron Bashir's men had an Uzi, as did one of Cheng Zhi's men on the Letitcia.

The Uzi was seen numerous times on 24. For the full list of appearances, see Submachine guns on 24.

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