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Wiki 24
This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

This is a listing of 24 VHS sets. They were originally sold in the United Kingdom.

Region 2[]

Box art Title # of Tapes Release Date Season
24S1VHS.jpg 24: Season One VHS Collection 5 August 19, 2002 Season 1
Jack Bauer, director of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit, was called in at midnight to respond to a threat on the life of Senator David Palmer, who was visiting the city on the day of the California Presidential Primary. Jack was also warned of a possible mole inside CTU.

Jack's wife, Teri, and his daughter, Kim, were kidnapped during the day by terrorists. Meanwhile, David Palmer must deal with a scandal in his administration.

24S2VHS.jpg 24: Season Two VHS Collection 5 August 11, 2003 Season 2
When a Middle-Eastern Terrorist group is discovered to be planning the detonation of a nuclear weapon inside Los Angeles, Jack Bauer is called back to the Counter Terrorist Unit to help track down the terrorists.

In the meantime, President David Palmer discovers a traitor in his administration and Kim Bauer, who is working as an au pair, must escape with the child she is caring for from the child's abusive father.

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