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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Valerie Harris was an agent from the Department of Homeland Security. She served under Karen Hayes, Miles Papazian, and Jim Hill. She worked out of the CTU Los Angeles office during Day 5.

Day 5[]

Valerie Harris was brought into CTU Los Angeles to replace Senior Analyst Chloe O'Brian, as Vice President Hal Gardner felt it would be best if Homeland Security absorbed CTU. When Audrey Raines signed a document about CTU's inconsistent performance, she asked for Chloe to stay on board in return. With Karen Hayes and Miles Papazian accepting Audrey's terms, Valerie was assigned another station.


Valerie Harris calls Karen Hayes to inform her that they have lost track of Audrey Raines.

When Karen and Miles began searching for Jack Bauer, under the orders of President Charles Logan, they had Valerie follow Audrey in hopes she would lead them to Jack. Valerie had a transponder device placed on Audrey's car, but with help from Chloe, Audrey was able to dump it on a DWP truck at a gas station. Valerie later discovered that they had lost Audrey and reported it to Karen.

When it was proven Chloe had been aiding and abetting Bauer, she was escorted to a holding room. After swiping Miles' key card, Chloe managed to escape from the premises. Valerie discovered Chloe leaving the holding room through surveillance footage. She also discovered Chloe talking to Shari Rothenberg before leaving. Under the instructions of Hayes, Valerie has Shari brought into custody.

After Bill Buchanan was brought to CTU for helping Chloe, Valerie became suspicious when Karen let him out of his holding cell. She became more suspicious when she interrupted a conversation between Karen and Miles, concerning President Logan.

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