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Vanessa Diaz was a Department of Justice attorney during Solitary.

After Day 7 Edit

At some point before Solitary, Diaz conspired with a man to deliver escape plans from solitary confinement to Tony Almeida. They produced a pair of glasses with the plans hidden inside, and her assignment was to deliver the glasses to Tony without being caught.

Solitary Edit

Diaz was in the room when Tony appealed to an administrator with regards to being released from solitary confinement. Tony pleaded that he could use his status to be an insider, to help track down gangs and cartels within the prison.

Vanessa Diaz

Diaz calls the handler

Diaz was shocked when it appeared that Tony was winning over the administrator with his plea. She revealed a file, classified two years ago to protect an ongoing investigation but declassified by the NSA for the purposes of Tony's request. It quoted Tony as wanting to kill a judge and his family if he were ever released. Given the evidence, the administrator decided to decline Tony's request. As Tony was about to be returned to his cell, he broke free and attacked Diaz, strangling her for a few seconds before two guards pulled him from her and tazed him.

Diaz went to the bathroom, checking her attack marks in the mirror. She makes a phone call and speaks to her handler, angry that Tony attacked her so roughly. The man reassured her that Tony had to make it look convincing, and asked if everything went to plan. She confirmed that it had, and that Tony had the package.

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