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The Vice President of the United States was the second-highest official in the Executive Branch of the United States government. The Vice President was first in the presidential line of succession, and became President of the United States if the current president died, resigned, or was in some other way unable to serve as President.

Role and responsibility[]

The VP was a chief advisor to the president. In circumstances of assassination or death, the vice president becomes President in his own right. In cases of incapacity, the Vice-President becomes 'Acting President', in this case the VP has the presidents powers but the President remains 'President'.

The level of a vice president's involvement in policy- and decision-making processes was up to each individual president.

Notable Vice Presidents[]

Picture Name Served during Status
John Adams Deceased
Mentioned by Allison Taylor during Day 7.
LBJ Deceased
Elizabeth Nash was reading a biography of LBJ prior to Day 1.
Prescott James Prescott Day 2
Day 3
James Prescott was the Vice President under President David Palmer. When Prescott had the 25th Amendment evoked, he temporarily became Acting President. However, Palmer later got his position back and Prescott offered his resignation. Palmer refused to accept it and Prescott continued to serve as the vice president. Ironically, an assassination attempt was made on Palmer soon after, allowing Prescott to once again become Acting President.
8x17 Charles Logan Charles Logan Day 4 Alive
Charles Logan was the Vice President in Day 4, serving under President John Keeler. When an attack was made on Air Force One and Keeler was no longer able to remain in office, Logan was sworn in.
Halgardner2 Hal Gardner Day 5 Alive
When Charles Logan was sworn in office, due to President Keeler being incapacitated, Hal Gardner was picked to serve as the Vice President. Holding the position throughout Day 5, Gardner was sworn in as President when Logan was arrested for treason.
NoahDaniels Noah Daniels Day 6 Alive
Noah Daniels was the vice president as of Day 6, serving under the recently elected President Wayne Palmer. Associates of Reed Pollock in Washington were working to remove Palmer from office and have Daniels sworn in. When an assassination attempt took its toll on Palmer, Daniels became the Acting President. Daniels lost his election bid to a full four-year term as President and left office during Redemption.
MitchellHayworth Mitchell Hayworth Day 7
Day 8
Mitchell Hayworth was the Vice President during Day 7. He was asked by his assistant, as well as Larry Moss and Renee Walker, whether or not they should enter the White House and save President Taylor. Following Taylor's resignation for her involvement in the cover-up in the assassination of IRK President Omar Hassan in Day 8, Hayworth ascended to the Presidency, finished out the remainder of her term.