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Vicki Goggin was the casting director for the 24 web-based spin-off The Rookie.

Biography and career Edit

Vicki Goggin was born in the entertainment business. Her father was Chairman of NYU's School of Film and Television and ABC's Direcot or Programming. Goggin studied at Hawley School and Newtown High School in Connecticut. She also studied at École Princesse Paola in Brussels, Belgium. After high school, Goggin completed a Bachelor's degree in Drama from New York University.

Goggin has worked in casting since 1990. She was casting director for Saatchi & Saatchi and then Jordan McGrath. Since 1995, Goggin started Vicki Goggin & Associates Casting in Los Angeles. They specialize in casting for commercials, webisodies, industrial and theatrical prints. Goggin has also worked on the 2007 TV series The Motherhood, along with Kevin Townsend and Jack Kelly.

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